Laine Hardy Feels Loss of Small-Town In Tiny Town

Everybody Loves “Tiny Town’ by Laine Hardy the 2019 American Idols Winner

It is said that Laine Hardy draws his musical inspiration from his hometown in Louisiana. Lain has recorded a few songs since his American Idol victory back in 2019 which includes hits like “Let There Be Country” and “Ground I Grew Up On” with a small-town feel about them. Now his latest “Tiny Town” continues this trend adding a sentimental twist to the song as he sings about being far away from his place of birth and how at times he wishes he was back home again. Laine went from a small-town kid to an Idols Winner and a major Nashville label recording and touring artist. No one could blame him for feeling somewhat homesick for the town and friends he left behind, while some say you can hear that feeling in his new ballade, and let’s not forget he is only 19 years old. The music business is tough for a young man from a small town and having your dreams come true may or may not be exactly what ‘Laine’ thought they would be. But hey that’s just my opinion I am sure he will do just fine as we are all rooting for him.

 – WHISNews21


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