Will Justin Moore Ever Win At The CMA’s

Will Justin Moore Ever Win At The CMA’s

Moore’s Hit Single,”Why We Drink” Nothing to do with being off the CMA Awards List

Justin Moore never seems to hear his name called at any awards show. He shares this honor with fellow artists Chris Young, Jake Owen, Billy Currington, and even Kane Brown. Justin now 26, is on track to claim his 8th Billboard Country Airplay Number One for “Why We Drink” and still Moore gets no invitation to the Country Music Association (CMA) awards. Justin admits in a news article, that it used to bother him but has come to accept the situation.

It seems to most that when it comes to award shows, choices are made as to who wins and who does not. Now there are some who would strongly oppose that statement however no one can ever prove it is so or not so. What do you think? Any chance you may have the time to comment on that?

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