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March 27, 2017 [Monday] Issue #1602


BARRIS STRIKES THE FINAL GONG Do you remember The Gong Show on daytime NBC TV from June 14, 1976 to September 15, 1989? Chuck Barris hosts the talent contest between amateur performers of questionable talent where one of the celebrity judges forces the act to stop by striking a large gong. Charles Hirsch [Chuck] Barris also creates The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. He writes Freddy Cannon’s hit tune Palisades Park. On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Chuck Barris passes away at 87 in his home in Palisades, NY.

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CBS NEWS FIRES ANCHOR Josh Elliott now has the dubious honor of leaving three networks. As ABC’s Good Morning America host, Josh quits in 2014 to go to NBC sports. Upset with his lack of air time, Elliott leaves NBC in 2015. He joins CBSN in 2016. CBS News dramatically fires Josh Elliott after he makes an on-air announcement that he steps down from CBS’ digital channel for larger role at the network which takes his boss David Rhodes by surprise. CBS still pays Josh the remainder of his $5.5 million-a-year contract.

CBS ENTERCOM MIX SPINS 14 RADIO STATIONS In a Monday, March 20, 2017 SEC filing, CBS Corporation and Entercom Communications seek FCC’s approval to combine their radio enterprizes into a merger. Entercom intends to divest 14 radio stations in these markets: Boston (2 FMs), Los Angeles (1 FM), Sacramento (3 FMs), San Diego (1 FM), San Francisco (4 FMs), Seattle (2 FMs) and Wilkes Barre-Scranton (1 FM). In Los Angeles, the choice may be either Entercom Classic Rock KSWD FM or CBS Adult Hits KCBS FM.

DALLAS FT. WORTH RADIO WINS MAJOR TAPB AWARDS According to Media Confidential, forty-seven radio stations submit 788 entries in the annual TAPB Awards contest. WBAP-820 captures 1st Place for Spot News for its coverage of the July 7th Police Ambush. WBAP-820 also scores Honorable Mention for Continuing Coverage. For third consecutive year, KLIF-570’s Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff win 1st Place for News Anchor/Anchor Team. WBAP-820’s Brian Estridge earns 1st Place for Sports Play-by-Play.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who are KLIF-1190 Dallas, TX first Charlie & Harrigan? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Waltraud Hofmeister March 25th. Jay Noble March 26th. J.D. Adams March 26th. Kelly McClain March 27, 2017. •AUGUSTA RADIO FELLOWSHIP buys Conservative Talk WNNG FM (99.9 The Patriot) Unadilla, GA from Georgia Eagle Media for $313,000. •JOHNNY BURKE returns after 14 months out of action to Krol Classic Rock WRSR FM (103.9 The Fox) Flint, MI on Monday, March 27, 2017. •ETHAN COLE is new evening personality on CHR KHTS FM [Channel 93.3] San Diego, CA.


•1955 STEVE MCQUEEN’S network TV debut on March 27th on Goodyear Playhouse. •1961 MARTY ROBBINS’ single Don’t Worry with signature fuzz guitar solo is #1 in Billboard Country on February 27th. •1976 WASHINGTON D.C. underground Metro opens on March 27th. •1981 HANK WILLIAMS JR.’s single Texas Women is #1 in Billboard Country on March 28th. •1995 ALBERT DRACH Austrian-Jewish writer dies on March 27th. •2007 TIM MCGRAW’s album Let It Go releases on Curb records on March 27th.


JACK PARNELL [ex PD/DJ WHBQ-560] (Memphis, TN) Hello Jim: When I did get into radio/tv, I airchecked myself a lot, and as I went over them, I taught myself how NOT to talk, but to be very articulate, but sounding like it was natural. Also, when I came to WHBQ, Wink Martindale went over my airchecks that i had recorded and gave me some great pointers on how to “sound like a pro”. I’ve remembered those teachings, and now when somebody wants me to give them pointers on mostly doing commercials, my first words to them are: “First of all you have to work at it so hard that it becomes an obsession…otherwise you’ll never accomplish your goals in the business”. I was a fan of Wink’s from the very beginning and since my voice quality was almost identical to his, I was proud of myself. He told me though that it isn’t good to try and sound like someone else, but rather to pick lots of good sound from others, and from the best of those, develop my own style. That’s what has kept me listening and developing for 60 years now. BTW, the radio school I mentioned was Keegan’s School of Broadcasting here in Memphis, but I didn’t mention that Johnny Cash was one of their students. I had some friends who knew him from there.

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CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, KILT-610, KLIF-1190, KBOX-1480] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1600) March 20, 2017 [Monday]. I do not remember Bobby Brock. I seem to recall late 50’s and early 60’s as my time at KBOX (1480)…could be wrong though…Chuck (www.chuckdunawaydj.com/)

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KEN DOWE [CEO Service Broadcasting #1 KKDA FM (104.5) / EVP McLendon Corp. #1 KLIF-1190] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Lucky Day! March 22, 2017! Today is the 55th anniversary of the day a lucky guy in San Diego was hired by a Hall of Fame broadcaster to join him in Dallas. Chuck Dunaway (now in Houston) a patient and kind employer in taking that kind of risk with a green kid. Still my great friend! I was…that “lucky guy.” Thanks, Chucky!! Ken

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JIM SHANNON [ex KULF-790, WIL-1430] (Slota) (Ellisville-St. Louis, MO) Subject: KULF-790 turnaround. Wow! Maybe it was a good thing I left (KULF-790) when I did. I did 12 years at WIL. Jim Shannon

TRIVIA ANSWER: Veteran radio personality National Radio Hall of Fame member Jack Woods, who in 1962 uses the name Charlie Brown, 1962 founding member of the popular Charlie & Harrigan morning show on KLIF-1190 Dallas, TX with his first on-air partner Ron [Irving Harrigan] Chapman, succeeded in 1965 by Paul Menard. On March 17, 2015, Jack Woods passes away in a San Diego, CA hospital at 80.

CHARLES GEORGE [ex KCHU FM-KC5RAI] (Dallas, TX) Lately have been getting a station from Biloxi, Ms. I have not heard the call, and I think it was on 1640 but it was, when I should java been sleeping that I heard it. They have ESPN Sports. Interesting since has different ESPN programs from those on the 103.3 from Allen. Not sure how much programming is required by a Network to be part of a Network. I recently got me an MFJ-934, artificial ground and tuner for HF. But for now waiting on some help from another local amateur. I like to check things out even though I am licensed when in doubt. 73, Charles, KC5RAI

URGENT HAM RADIO EMERGENCY An elderly ham driver motors down the interstate when suddenly his 2 meter rig crackles his call. Answering…he hears a fellow ham’s urgent warning: ‘Hey Elmer, just heard on the news that there’s a car going down I-40 the wrong way, please be careful!‘ Elmer replies, ‘It’s not just one…there’s hundreds of them!

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