Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Dec 05, 2016


December 05, 2016 [Monday] Issue #1570


MORGAN IN THE MORNING DEPARTS For almost nine years, Jeff Morgan hosts The Morgan in the Morning Show on Cromwell Rock WXCM FM (97X Rocks) Owensboro-Whitesville, KY. Jeff Morgan passes away from a massive heart attack at 54. Melissa [Spiff] Goodall of 97X remembers: On-air, he was like this larger than life, Rock and Roll guy, who knew everything about any sort of Rock question you can think of. Rob Nichols also of 97X reflects: He’d go out of his way to help anyone.

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DUFFY IS ANOTHER VICTIM OF NEWS CUTS After nearly three decades with CBS Radio Pittsburgh, PA, Shelley Duffy exits CBS Radio News/Talk KDKA-1020. Since April 2015 Duffy co-hosts the Afternoon News with Robert Mangino on News-Talk KDKA-1020. Before that, she lasts six years as co-host of The Bubba Show on Hot AC sister WBZZ FM (100.7 Star). Michael Young, CBS Radio Pittsburgh SVP/Market Manager, says: KDKA-AM recently reduced our afternoon news show from two hosts to one.

ESPN RATINGS STRIKE OUT Remember when ESPN is the premiere sports-only network on television? ESPN gradually shifts to what many believe to be a left-leaning political commentary. NFL player protests during the National Anthem have an epic impact on ESPN’s ratings, too. Nielsen reports ESPN November 2016 subscriber numbers are the worst in the history of ESPN’s existence with a loss of 621,000 cable subscribers. ESPN Ombudsman Jim Brady, admits: the network slips way too far to the left in recent years.

BEE GEES SIGN NEW RECORD DEAL During the 1960s we enjoy The Bee Gees wonderful tunes: To Love Somebody and I Started a Joke. In the 1970s the Bee Gees become even more popular when they go Disco with their massive-selling Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The Bee Gees, one of the most successful and popular Rock bands in the history of popular music, sign a long-term worldwide agreement with Capitol Records for their entire catalogue of recorded music.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Which Wings tune does the BBC ban? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gary Richards November 29th. Moses Druxman December 7, 2016. •WREW FM Hubbard Radio AC (Mix 94.9) Cincinnati, OH adds veteran wake-up artist Sandy McIlree to the Mix 94.9 morning team to join Ray Anderson and Karen Van Zant to create the newest trio in Cincinnati radio. •ANDY WINFORD returns to California’s Central Valley as new PD of Cumulus Media KATM FM (Kat Country 103) Modesto-Stockton, CA to replace Nikki Thomas who is new PD of Country WIVK FM (107.7) Knoxville, TN.


•1951 DRAGNET premieres on December 5th. •1968 MERLE HAGGARD records Hungry Eyes & Silver Wings on December 9th in Hollywood, CA at the Capitol Recording Studios. •1974 NFL’s Seattle Seahawks form on December 5th. •1982 MARTY ROBBINS dies in Nashville, TN of a heart attack on December 8th just two months after he inducts into the Country Music Hall of Fame. •1997 STS-87 Space Shuttle Columbia 24 lands on December 5th. ‎•2005 BLAINE LARSEN marries Sammi on December 4th in Seattle, WA.


TOI WASHINGTON [daughter of radio legend Reuben T [Mad Lad] Washington] (Houston-Missouri City, TX) Subject: Reuben T Mad Lad Washington. Hi Jim, Yes, I will have Pops email you! I’m sure he will be happy to hear from you! My Mom, Sam, said he will be happy to hear from you. She remembers you and ‘Squirrely Shirley”! Look to hear from them. Toi

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SAMANTHA WASHINGTON [wife of radio legend Reuben T “Mad Lad” Washington] (Houston-Missouri City, TX) Subject: The Mad Lad. Hi jim Can’t believe my daughter found you & could not be more thrilled! Reuben is sleeping right now, he had 2 doctors appointments today, both involving lengthy test. I can’t wait to tell him the good news. We are still in Missouri city. Looking forward to hearing from you*:) happy, Sam Soooooo much to catch up on!!!

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JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/40 Plus Years In Radio] (Ft. Worth-Hurst) Subject: Stars in their eyes… Jim You know how many times AC has been introduced to Dallas? There’s only one station that ever pulled numbers with the format, Ron Chapman’s KVIL and they were dominate. Since the KVIL glory days, there’s been at least one incarnation of “Star” back when Westinghouse owned 105.3 dabbled in AC, then there when they killed KZEW as KLRX they gave it a try and recently the MASTER of AC radio Ron Champman even launched the format for Clueless, err. Cumulus on 96.7. Now if Ron didn’t get the required results, how in the H**** does the clown show that is iHeart think they can make this worn out format fly? Heck iHeart tried the format for years on their own Magic 102.9 in Dallas. A Forest Gump quote seems appropriate about now… Take care and stay warm, Jay

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DUCKIE MASSEY [ex KIKK FM/KIKK-650, KITE-930, KXOL-1360, KBUC, KSMG FM, KONO-860] (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Today’s Radio. They took the personality out of radio. Everything is mostly automated were it does not sound like your radio any more. The subtle or not so subtle name dropping of local people in the neibourhood. Little surprises on the air and audience participation that was the key to a good fun shift. One of my favorite radio stations in San Antonio, TX is live morning and afternoon drive and some of the weekend. The rest of the time it is automated and dull. There is no pep or excitement anymore. It’s so sad to hear such a waist. Anyway, that’s my two pence worth. Duckie, Director of Sports Sales Baywood Hotels

TRIVIA ANSWER: On December 1, 1972 Wings release Hi, Hi, Hi. The BBC bans it for its suggestive lyrics because the title phrase We’re gonna get hi, hi, hi is a drug reference.
BRAD WILSON [Power Blues Guitar] (Hollywood, CA) Happy Birthday Jim!!
KENNETH M JOHNSON [ex News Director WTID and WSKX] (Virginia Beach, VA) Happy Birthday Jim!
GARY RICHARDS [KCSN FM 88.5] (Los Angeles-Chatsworth, CA) Happy birthday!
JEANELLE KEY [Metro Traffic & Shadow Traffic, KTRH-740, KLOL FM, KTEK-1110, KHMX FM, KRBE FM, KBXX FM, KTJM FM] (West Columbia, TX) Happy Birthday Jim!

LEONARDI DA VINCI (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519) Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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