Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Nov 18, 2016


November 18, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1565


LEON FALLS OFF THE TIGHT ROPE On April 2, 1942, Claude Russell Bridges is born in Lawton, OK. As Leon Russell, he moves to Los Angeles, CA. He plays piano in producer Phil Spector’s trademark Wall of Sound on The Beach Boys’ California Girls. Leon’s biggest hits are Tight Rope and Lady Blue which in Fall 1975, we spin on Top 40 KXOL-1360 in Ft. Worth, TX. On Saturday night, ‎November ‎12, ‎2016 Rock legend Leon Russell passes away in his sleep at 74 at home in Nashville, TN.

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ONE IN A MILLION GUITARIST PICKS LAST LICK Skylark guitarist Doug Edwards writes one our favorite mega-hit Rock tunes, Wildflower. Former Skylark bandmate David Foster remembers Edwards: …he was, always has been and probably always will be the best ‘pop’ musician Victoria has ever produced – a one in a million. Doug Edwards born in Edmonton in 1946, tours with the Fifth Dimension as their guitarist, appears on The Ed Sullivan Show and opens for Frank Sinatra passes away at 71 on Sunday, ‎November ‎14, ‎2016.

CLINTON NETWORK NEWS RATINGS DROP At one time, CNN is the giant in cable TV news. CNN viewers leave in swarms after election coverage. CNN’s ratings fall like rain when its viewers turn elsewhere after their biased coverage of the 2016 Presidential election. MSNBC finishes #6 in primetime and #8 in total day, while CNN finishes #9 in primetime and #10 in total day. Fox News regales as highest-rated network during primetime in eight of the past nine weeks, plus, it wins total-day apex for six straight weeks.

HONCHO EXITS CBS RADIO NEWS After 50 years in radio and 18 years at CBS Radio News, Harvey Nagler tells his staff ‎on Monday, ‎November ‎14, ‎2016 that he retires from his Vice President post on January 6, ‎2017. In 2015, Nagler, receives the Talkers Lifetime Achievement Award. Harvey remembers: the more than 50 Edward R. Murrow Awards CBS Radio News receives over the past 10 years for covering some of the biggest stories in recent American and world history.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who is the only person with five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert Poer November 20, 2016. •ENTERCOM acquires News/Talk WBT-1110/WBT FM, Hot AC WLNK FM (107.9) and Sports Talk WFNC-640 in Charlotte, NC from Beasley for $24 million cash. •CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE and KMG Networks announce annual winners of U.S. Best Classic Rock Station Large Market: WAXQ FM (Q104.3) New York; Best U.S. Classic Rock Station Medium Market: WDVE FM (102.5) Pittsburgh and Best U.S. Classic Rock Station, Small Market: WTUE FM (104.7) Dayton, OH.


•1951 SEE IT NOW premieres on TV on November 18th. •1962 LINDA DAVIS [1993 duet with Reba McEntire Does He Love You] born November 26th in Dodson, TX. •1971 JUNIOR PARKER Blues singer dies during brain operation at 44 on November 18th. •1981 HANK WILLIAMS JR.’s All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)grabs #1 in Billboard Country on November 21st. •1994 STAR TREK VII – GENERATIONS premieres on November 18th. ‎•2005 JASON ALDEAN’s video Why debuts on CMT on November 17th. ‎


MICHAEL O’SHEA [KLIF-1190 Dallas, TX/WLW-700/KMPC-1540 Los Angeles, CA] (Santa Rosa, CA) Subject: KLIF (1190) and KNUS FM. Hi Jim…Gordon’s (McLendon) brilliance was augmented by Ken’s (Dowe) genius, when that “what do we do with it now” moment came. KLIF had an inexperienced PD (me) and Ken knew all the “secrets” of KLIF’s success and could see past the horizon to the emerging crystal clear fidelity of the FM band. He just had to get new FM radios into the hands (or cars) of potential listeners. THAT was where the brilliance of Gordon and Ken came to blossom. They cut promotional deals with Marantz Stereo, a new, burgeoning audio store, that sold little FM conversion modules that could be retrofitted onto your car AM radio to pick up (magically) the FM dial…and KNUS at 98.7. Every Saturday KNUS and various audio stores would have technicians on site and for just $20 would install an FM converter “on the spot”. No stereo…FM monaural, right through your regular car AM radio. The(n) the fuse was lit. It took about a year of those kind of street promotions until the tipping point of FM growth in Dallas, which was the very first market in America to register over 50% FM usage (over AM) in about ’74 or so. Sincerely, Michael O’Shea; President, Sonoma Media Group; Santa Rosa, CA

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MIKE SIMPSON [ex KLIF, KRLD-AM/FM/TV, WFAA-AM, KDSX-Sherman/Denison, KIKN-Corpus Christi, KVET-Austin, KFJZ/Texas State Network, and KVIL-FM 3 separate times] (Sacramento, CA) Subject: “My father and I are selling KLIF…” On the other side of the glass sat iconic radio legends like Ken (and Granny!), Michael O’Shea, Dave Ambrose, Charlie Van Dyke, Hal Martin (Michael Spears), and Cousin Lenny (I think I actually named those in air shift order!) While I doubt any of them would even remember that fat kid from Bryan Adams with his nose pressed up against the glass, being able to rub elbows and exchange an occasional hello in the break room, or at Chez Sam’s (the BBQ place across Jackson St.), the fact of being in their presence planted the seeds that led me down a semi-respectable radio career lasting off and on through the early 80’s Mike Simpson

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TRIVIA ANSWER: The Singing Cowboy, Gene Autry, who passes away on October 2, 1998, is the only person who has five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he earns for motion pictures, radio, music recording, television and live theater.

CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: Why You Should Make an “Angie’s List” of Friends. what would an “Angie’s List” of friends look like. Who is the best person for advice? Who is the best listener? Best with money and financial? Who is the most fun to be with? Who is best at always being there for me? Who is best to help in an emergency? Things like that. This could get interesting. For the things that matter most, do we show enough appreciation for friends like these? And what if you have friends – even spend lots of time with them – and they don’t fall in any meaningful category that you hold important? Perhaps you might want to spend more time with the people you value most. (www.chuckdunawaydj.com/)

JIM STAGG [ex WCFL-1000 Chicago, IL DJ] Music is my business. I hope my business was your pleasure.

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