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May 12, 2014 [Monday]

Issue #1302


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THE VOICE OF ELKHART FADES AWAY Bill Darwin is born William Vilmure on January 10, 1934. He arrives in Elkhart in 1967. For more than 40 years, Darwin is the voice of morning radio in Northern Indiana. He also hosts Good Morning Michiana on WSJV TV Fox CH 28. Bill is the long-time host of the M-D-A Telethon. Vince Turner, who works with him on WTRC-1340 remembers: the M-D-A telethon helps combine three of Darwin’s loves: being on the air, meeting people and helping people. In 2009, Darwin retires from WTRC-1340 when it flips its format from Newstalk to 1960’s & 1970’s music as Hippie Radio 1340. According to The Elkhart Truth, longtime golden voice of Elkhart, IN radio airwaves Bill Darwin who spends 42 years on WTRC-1340 passes away at 80 on Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

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BIONIC WOMAN IS NO MORE Born on March 19, 1935 in Queens Village, Long Island, NY Nancy Malone begins her career at 7 as a model in Kellogg’s Cereal ads all the way to Ford cars and Macy’s. At 10 she appears on the cover of Life magazine’s 10th anniversary issue as The Typical American Girl. Her acting career begins when William Morris signs her in a show broadcast live on the DuMont TV Network. She stars in the TV series Naked City where she receives an Emmy nomination for best actress. She has guest roles on Bonanza, The Fugitive, The Partridge Family, Big Valley, The Rockford Files, The Andy Griffith Show and Hawaii Five-O among others. She is a producer of the 1970’s series The Bionic Woman. Nancy Malone’s representative, Harlan Boll, says she dies on Thursday, ‎May ‎8, ‎2014 from leukemia in Los Angeles, CA.

TV STATIONS AIR PICTURES OF 15′ JAWS LIKE SHARK Two San Diego, CA TV stations warn viewers about a great white shark that swims close to shore. Both ABC affiliate KGTV TV and CBS affiliate KFMB TV use a photo that appears to show a 15 foot shark with its dorsal fin out of the water that swims near Point Loma. But there is one tiny problem. The photo is fake. KGTV TV talks with Will Phillips who says that he takes a picture of a dolphin. His friend turns it into a shark. iMediaEthics reports the Shark Research Committee publishes the photo. After the TV stations air the fake Jaws like shark photo, Phillips tells them that it is fake. Both KGTV TV and KFMB TV air retractions and post stories about the hoax on their websites.

WILLIE NELSON’S TOUR BUS BRING BIG BUCKS When Country music Superstar Willie Nelson goes on the road he brings along four giant busses. Rolling Stone reports Tom O’Leary buys Willie’s 1983 bus in 2010 on a whim and uses it to travel to NASCAR races and hunting trips. Over the weekend Dallas-area owner O’Leary places Willie’s longtime drummer Paul English’s former tour bus on Craigslist for $29,000. But news travels fast that this is no ordinary bus. It is one of Willie Nelson’s tour busses. A fan grabs Nelson’s former tour bus for $80,000. O’Leary says: I mainly just thought it looked cool. It needed quite a bit of work when I got it and I did it all myself: fuel systems, electrical, floors, plumbing. Willie’s tour bus, Scout, only gets seven miles per gallon of eco-friendly fuel.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who are the members of late 1950s Pop duo Skip and Flip? The answer appears below.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bob Hamilton on Thursday, May 8, 2014. •JOHNNY MANZIEL’s place in first round of 2014 NFL’s Draft coverage draws in a record 9.9M viewers which is the most-ever for a first round in ESPN history. •JENNIFER PERRY former WGST-920 Atlanta afternoon news anchor exits News Director post at Cumulus All-News WYAY FM (106.7) Atlanta, GA. •JOHNNY MARS longtime DJ on WXRT FM (93.1) Chicago, IL is now a licensed realtor. Johnny continues as part-time/fill-in DJ on 93XRT. •NIELSEN research company shutters three call-out workforce locations by the end of August & September 2014 in Sarasota, FL; Radcliffe, KY and Columbia, MD.


•1953 KUHT TV PBS CH 8 in Houston, TX begins broadcasting on May 12th. •1964 BOBBY BARE’s single Detroit City scores Best Country & Western Recording in the sixth annual Grammy Awards on May 12th. •1971 ROLLING STONE’s Mick Jagger weds 26 year old Blanca Rosa Perez-Mora on May 12th in St. Tropez, France Town Hall. •1986 THE JUDDS’s single Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days) grand slams #1 in Billboard Country on May 10th. •1995 ARTHUR LUBIN film director and producer of several Abbott & Costello films plus creates TV series Mister Ed dies at 95 on May 12th. •2007 RASCAL FLATTS’ single Stand takes #1 in Billboard Country on May 12th.


DAVE MICHAELS (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: Ricci Ware & Judd Ashmore. I followed them on the air 9am – Noon KBUC FM 1980-81 and they were still there when I left! I remember being introduced to Ricci’s son Trey Allen Ware (young guy getting into radio at the time). Judd was a crusty Character and told me Ricci had been in some John Wayne movies filmed outside San Antone. Mark Jon Holiday

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RONALD HESDORFF (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Judd Ashmore and Ricci Ware on KBUC. Hi Jim I found your email searching for information on Ricci and Judd. I was trying to figure out when they were on KBUC. I guess I remembered it wrong. I was born in 1963 and remember my Mother always listening to their shows every morning on KBUC when she listened to her country music in the morning. Thank you again for the info. Ron Hesdorff

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ROBERT REYES [Bobby] (San Antonio, TX) Subject: robert miller. Hello Jim…hope you and Lacy are doing well! …was wondering if there is any way to get in contact with Robert Miller? he was in Issue #1296, April 21st, talking about his days at KONO-TV. he said he was a booth announcer, a camera operator for Tom Ellis on the old Twelve Star Final newscasts. I simply want to share with him some classic archive photos of the early days of channel 12 that I have. if it is possible to have contact with him, you may pass along my e-mail address! many changes have occurred at channel 12 with regards to their old building structure for brand new facilities for the news department. always enjoy reading your news letters and have a great upcoming week! Bobby Reyes

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DUKE GILLELAND (Belton, TX) Subject: Local Live DJs… Where is the local radio announcer? Amen!!! Duke Gilleland Belton Texas

TRIVIA ANSWER: Gary S. [Sanford] Paxton (Flip) Grammy Award and Dove Award winning songwriter and recording artist co-writer of Alley-Oop (The Hollywood Argyles) and Monster Mash (Bobby Boris Pickett) and Clyde Battin (Skip) meet while attending the University of Arizona in the late 1950s. As a duo Skip & Flip score a pair of Billboard hits with It Was I (#11-1959) and Cherry Pie (#11-1960). Gary also writes and records some fine Contemporary Christian tunes such as one of my favorites He Was There All The Time, Free At Last and Lord I Need You Right Now. On July 6th, 2003 Clyde (Skip) Batton of Skip and Flip dies of Alzheimer’s disease at 69.

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