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May 09, 2014 [Friday]

Issue #1301


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RADIO NEWS PIONEER’S TIME RUNS OUT In 1960, Talk radio pioneer Ben Hoberman turns KABC-790 Los Angeles, CA into the very first all-talk radio station, plus he serves as President of ABC Radio during his 35 plus year career there. Ben’s sons are producer David Hoberman and entertainment lawyer Tom Hoberman. In September 1960 when Ben arrives as GM of KABC-790, he flips it from mostly middle-of-the-road (MOR) music to all-talk. One of Hoberman’s two sons, Mandeville Films founder David Hoberman,  tells The Hollywood Reporter that his father dies of complications from cancer at 92 in a West Los Angeles retirement facility on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

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TV REPORTER GETS STUCK IN THE MUD A Texas television reporter has a run in with Mother Nature as he attempts to file a story on a local drought. This past weekend as KXAS TV NBC O&O CH 5 Fort Worth, TX reporter Jeff Smith reports on low lake levels at Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas he gets stuck in mud. When he jumps into the lake feet first, a thick, gooey mud traps him. Smith says: I knew the mud was deep. I had mud boots on. I knew it was probably pretty thick, but I had no idea it was that deep and that thick. I got stuck the moment I jumped off. Eventually, Smith’s photographer, Kevin Williams, rescues him but not before he files a live report knee-deep in mud.

NEWSPAPER EDITOR SAVES WOMAN WHO LEAPS FROM A BRIDGE Late Thursday night/early Friday morning, May 2, 2014 Ken Fryer, copy editor of the Sun-Times Media-owned SouthtownStar, helps save a woman from the Chicago River just before 1 am near the Orleans Street bridge. After he exits the Sun-Times Building, he crosses the bridge and hears yells for help. In an attempt to take her own life, a 79-year-old woman leaps off the bridge. Fryer tosses a life preserver into the water toward the woman. But she rejects it. Chicago’s fire department rescue diver, Jaime Delgado, pulls the woman to safety. The unidentified woman is in Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition.

THREE EAGLES FLY INTO GOODMAN’S COOP In 1996, Rolland Johnson starts Three Eagles Communications with 11 radio stations and grows his company into 51 stations that span Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. This week, Dean Goodman’s Digity Media buys 48 of those stations. Goodman founds Digity as its CEO, through Palm Beach Broadcasting merger with GoodRadio.TV in Palm Beach County, FL. Once the sale closes Digity Media contains 113 radio stations. Rolland does not retire from radio. He wants to grow another radio empire. He keeps three of his radio stations, KWUZ FM, KBVC FM and KVRH FM in Salida/Buena Vista, CO and he says that he will start all over again.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What recording artist shoots himself to death backstage in Houston, TX? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Steve Martin on Tuesday, May 6th. Reverend Alex Alvarez on May 7th. Jim [Catfish] Prewitt on Thursday, May 8th. Henry LaRocca on Friday, May 9, 2014. •DICK BIONDI [77] WLS-890 legend on the air on WLS FM celebrates the 54th anniversary of his first broadcast on WLS-890 in Chicago, IL. •THE WORD Christian Preaching format Austin, TX moves from KLGO-1490 to what is now Bustos Media Regional Mexican La Z KTXW-1120 Manor. •JAY MICHAELS exits Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel as new morning host on WEBE FM (107.9) Bridgeport, CT.


•1958 BILL GOODWIN veteran radio host, TV announcer on The Burns and Allen Show dies of a heart attack at 47 in Palm Springs, CA on May 9th. •1968 MERLE HAGGARD records Mama Tried on May 9th at the Capitol Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. •1977 JAMES JONES writer of the movie From Here to Eternity (1953) dies at 55 on May 9th in Southampton, NY. •1989 KEITH WHITLEY husband of Lorrie Morgan (Don’t Close Your Eyes #1-1988) dies at 33 on May 9th in his home in Nashville, TN. •1998 ALICE FAYE actress/singer Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1938) dies at 83 on May 9th. •2005 DIERKS BENTLEY’s album Modern Day Drifter releases on Capitol records on May 10th.


MARY LYNN KNOCHELMAN [ex WCKY-1530] (Cincinnati, OH) Subject: Cincinnati Veteran Radio Newscaster Has Died. Hi Jim… With sadness I announce the death of my former WCKY-AM 1530 co-worker Newscaster Don Herman. Don, who broadcast the news for WCKY for 41 years, died at his Cincinnati residence Sunday May 27. He was 86 years old. His funeral was Thursday May 1 at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Cincinnati, he had been a member and a lector. During his funeral one of his daughters Becky Hartglass recalled that when he read the church readings it was like “hearing the voice of God”. Her father had a deep authorative and smooth voice. A former Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Tom Brinkmoeller said Don was “Cincinnati’s Walter Cronkite” [CBS Evening News TV Anchor and Legend]. Don came to WCKY in 1961 from Ann Arbor Michigan, where he broadcast news on WPAG-AM. I was co-worker of Don Herman in the early 80’s when WCKY had a NewsTalk Format. While Don broadcast the morning news, I coordinated their traffic reporter Ted Florko (died 2004) and produced the shows for their Talk Show Hosts.

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CHUCK DUNAWAY [former DJ on WABC-770, KLIF-1190, KBOX-1480 & KILT-610] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: status. Just in case you haven’t heard…a few weeks after heart surgery, I developed a bleeding ulcer and waited too long to get myself to the hospital. My youngest daughter (bless her sweet heart) was with me at home and drove me to the emergency room. I was too weak to walk or talk and she wheeled me into the emergency room where I was rushed into an ICU unit. I took five blood transfusions and spent eight days in the hospital. I’m still very weak and have little strength to walk, but will force that issue the best I can over the next few days. I have arthritis which makes lying in one position for any length of time extremely uncomfortable…I was left on a gurney in the emergency room for over nine hours while receiving blood and care…the last six hours was waiting for a room in ICU. Kendall (my angel) flew back from Missouri to be with me in the hospital continuously for the remaining seven days. The cardiologist told us the I was about nine hours from bleeding to death when I arrived at the hospital. It’s lucky (for me) that we got there when we did. I guess you could say that Christi saved her old dads life. I’m a lucky man. ME

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CASEY JAMES PUTNAM (Houston, TX) Subject: 79 KULF. Well Jim, I have been meaning to tell you I have gone mad and started a Facebook 79 Kulf memories page. It’s up and running with pictures and commentaries about The air talent and the people that used to grace the old cork club. I have mentioned your industry news letter and linked your logo on the page. Your picture and every one else I can find is up. I welcome all stories, pictures, flyers air checks and related subject matter all 79 KULF. Would love to see some Jim Rose stories on there as well. I hope I have your blessing in this crazy endeavor, Your friend, Casey James Putnam

RONALD HESDORFF (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Judd Ashmore and Ricci Ware on KBUC. Hello, Do you know what years Judd Ashmore and Ricci Ware was on KBUC radio? Thank you, Ron Hesdorff

TRIVIA ANSWER: On June 29, 1929 John Marshall Alexander, Jr. is born in Memphis, TN. The son of strict, religious parents, John is a shy kid who starts playing piano when he is five years old. He especially loves the Blues, but his father, who is a pastor, forbids him to play that music. Before he goes solo, he hits the Memphis club scene playing in the Beale Streeters, a group that includes future legends B.B. King and Bobby [Blue] Bland. In 1952, with the help of a local disc jockey and record label owner, David Mattis, Alexander records his first solo record with his new stage name Johnny Ace. My Song shoots straight to #1 on the R&B charts. On Christmas Eve 1954, while playing Russian Roulette backstage at the City Auditorium in Houston, TX Johnny Ace accidently kills himself while on tour. In 1955, Johnny’s single Pledging My Love becomes a Classic on Top 40 radio at #17.

JOAN PATE-DAY [late Sam Pate’s sister] (Cedar Creek Lake, TX) Subject: how does this sound? meatloaf, fried taters, cornbread, turnip greens, fresh garden onion, pinto beans flavored with ham hock. Peach cobbler. That is what I am having today along with fried okra. Don’t you wish you were here? Hang in there Jim.

PAULA DEEN (January 19, 1947 – p) Down South, even our vegetables have some pig hidden somewhere in it. A vegetable isn’t a vegetable without a little ham hock.


Jim Rose and Lacy

Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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