Jim Rose Remembers Radio On March 3, 2014

March 03, 2014 [Monday]

Issue #1282

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SWAT TEAM SURROUNDS TULSA RADIO STATION Someone places a call to Tulsa, OK cops switchboard that there is a masked gunman with hostages at KVOO FM. Thirty members of Tulsa’s finest deputies race to KVOO FM’s scene of the crime with their pistols drawn ready for action. Pow! Boom! Pow! But the phone call to the Keystone cops turns out to be a hoax. KVOO FM programming holds up their right hands and swears to the county Mounties that this is not a station promotion. During the thrilling ordeal, cops fire no shots. No one receives injuries. KVOO FM employees inside the studio say they have no earthly idea what the heck is going on outside their building. Tulsa police patrol returns to the hoosegow empty handed but anxious and ready for their next exciting day on the job.

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GUN SHOTS FIRED AT HOUSTON TV STATION Early Thursday morning around 5:40am, February 20, 2014 a Houston Police Department spokesperson reports gun shots fired in the parking lot of KTRK TV ABC O&O CH 13 at 3310 Bissonnet in Houston, TX. Police say a witness sees a person point and fire a weapon into the television station’s parking lot. KTRK TV surveillance cameras capture some of the action on film. Five vehicles in the parking lot receive damage from gun shots with several windows shot out. Police investigators document no injuries. This incident comes just a week after a man points a gun at a KTRK TV crew and demands that they get off his property. Houston cops charge the rabble-rouser with aggravated assault.

YOUNG PEOPLE LOVE THEIR COUNTRY Rumors of the day are that young people no longer listen to the radio anymore. Maybe so but according to new data from Edison Research when it comes to Country radio that is not the case: 12-to-24-year-olds who say they listen frequently to Country music are significantly more likely to have listened to FM radio in the last week than the 12-to-24 demo overall. Edison Research’s “Understanding Country Radio’s Next Generation of Listeners” is a new topic at CRS. Edison Research President Larry Rosin says that Edison’s survey of 1,550 12-34-year-olds that includes nearly 900 respondents under age 25 indicates: Country listeners of all ages have often been among the most loyal to broadcast radio and 12-to-24-year-olds is no exception.

CHARLIE DANIELS SUPPORTS THE UNITED STATES MILITARY For many years, the Devil Went Down to Georgia singer raises funds to make sure the service men and women can have careers after their tours of duty are over. For the fifth annual Copperweld Charlie Daniels’ Scholarship for Heroes event, Daniels teams with Lipscomb University for a benefit concert to raise awareness of the national Veterans Yellow Ribbon education program for veterans’ education at Lipscomb University. Set for 7 pm March 25, 2014 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena, the lineup includes Dancing with the Stars winner Kellie Pickler, Clint Black, The Grascals, the Navy Band Sea Chanters and the American Hitmen. Free tickets are available at Lipscomb University box office 615-966-7075615-966-7075.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Which Elvis Presley record sells a million copies before its release? The answer appears below.


DAN SILEO on the bench from Beasley WQAM-560 Miami, Clear Channel WDAE-620 Tampa Bay & Crystal WMEN-640 West Palm Beach, FL for edgy comments and tweets signs up with Norm Feuer as morning host on XEPRS-1090 (The Mighty 1090) San Diego, CA. •FREE TALK LIVE’sIan Freeman and Mark Edge join program lineup of WVFT FM Tallahassee; WYOO FM Panama Beach, FL and KGUM-570 Agana, Guam. PREMIERE NETWORKS’ Rush Limbaugh joins KTIE-590 lineup in Riverside-San Bernardino, CA. •WSB TV ABC CH 2 Atlanta, GA replaces Katie Couric’s canceled Talk show Katie in fall 2014 with Dr. Oz Show.


•1955 ELVIS PRESLEY’s 1st TV appearance on Louisiana Hayride show is on March 3rd. 1963 PATSY CLINE gives her final performance on March 3rd at benefit for widow of Kansas City DJ Cactus Jack Call. •1971 SOUTH AFRICAN BROADCASTING lifts 1966 ban on Beatles records on March 3rd. 1984 EXILE’s single Woke Up In Love is first #1 Country hit on March 3rd. •1993 CARLOS MONTOYA Flamenco guitarist dies at 89 of heart failure in Wainscott, NY on March 3rd. 2002 BROOKS & DUNN’s performance on March 3rd with ZZ Top at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry House later airs on CMT Crossroads.


BEAU RENFRO [Lead Singer Clear Country] (Tucson, AZ) Thanks Jim, many stories and many people walked across the stages I played on. Just one of the stories was when I opened for Marty Robbins. I was doing a lot of Marty song back then and he talked me into doing one. After about a min of Devil Woman he walked up to where I was singing, smiled one of those smiles of his and ask if I needed a drink of water. lol Great to hear from you as you can tell I’m stuck in Tucson Arizona for now, but looking forward to the day I return to Texas. Have a great day my new friend.

FRANK HALEY [News Director KKIM FM 102.9] (Albuquerque, NM) Jim, you haven’t heard anything else about Bill Young, beside the Hospice note from Dan Lovett have you??? Frank

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LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: S.A. Broadcasters Spring Luncheon. Save The Date! Mark Your Calendar! Cancel All Other Plans! Spring Get-Together … Lunch … and Gab Fest! Friday, April 11, Noon RSVP Today! New Location! Tink-A-Tako 3555 Fredericksburg Rd. Just north of where Vance Jackson meets Fbg Rd. We’ll be in the private dining room. Gotta love Tex-Mex in San Antonio! Thanks to Mark Carrillo for doing the research to find us a new place and for making arrangements with Tink-A-Taco. Come One! Come All! R.S.V.P. Today! Ongoing activities, upcoming events and plans for the Society of San Antonio Radio Broadcasters will be announced and discussed. Bring radio memorabilia and stories to share! Please R.S.V.P. by reply email. I look forward to seeing everyone…and hopefully some who haven’t been able to join us before. I await your email RSVP replies! Liz (liz.patranella@gmail.com)

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JIM MCCURDY (Austin-Cedar Park, TX) Subject: Today’s Radio?? Jim, I have a few thoughts on where we are with radio today. The good old days are gone from personality radio, and scoring big numbers per shift based on the DJ’s on-air style and personality. Today’s radio is really “narrowcasting “instead of broadcasting. Competition from satellite radio and the internet have pretty much ended what we all were a part of when Top 40 was King. Today’s menu doesn’t come close to what we were offering back then. Using the “theatre of the mind” was what made shows work so well like the Charlie and Harrigan Show on KLIF, Hudson & Harrigan on KILT, Ken Dow and Granny Emma, Charlie Van Dyke, Charlie Tuna, and others. I really miss those days, and really enjoyed being a small part of it when I was on the air in Abilene. Best to you and Lacy and Merry Christmas my friend! Jim McCurdy| Medical Business Development; University Federal Credit Union; Austin, TX

TRIVIA ANSWER: RCA assigns record number 7740 to Elvis Presley’s new single while he still is in the Army. RCA predicts the unnamed, unrecorded Presley single will sell at least two million copies but its initial run is one million copies. So, Elvis Presley’s new unnamed record single begins as a Gold record before he even records it. A Rocker, Stuck on You, is chosen as the A side. A ballad, Fame and Fortune, is its flip side. Elvis records both sides in the early morning hours of March 21, 1960 at RCA’s Studio B in Nashville, TN. RCA rushes the master tape to its pressing plant and a million copies roll out. Within a month of its release in late March 1960, Stuck on You lands at #1 on Billboard’s Top 100 and remains there for four weeks.

CHARLES GEORGE [KC5RAI – ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Alec Baldwin. I can understand Alec Baldwin might get tired of questions about Kim Basinger and the women in his life. Most of the movies I have seen him in have him playing the same basic role. Whereas, Ben Kingsley can play several different types of characters and I almost for get it is him. I did like Alec Baldwin in Elizabethtown, but his role was a minor part compared to others in the movie. It is hard being compared to other professionals. Why I am still an amateur at almost everything. The Dallas Art Museum has an exhibit by Alexandre Hogue, Erosion. The exhibition is free so I think every one coming to Dallas should see it if they get a chance. It causes one to think about what we call progress. I had a teacher at El Centro, Wolf who said three questions we will ask at time in our life,” How much is it worth? Is It worth it? Was it worth it?” I had a former pastor, Leta Gore who said there are three basic personalities,” Risk taker, Care taker, Under taker.”  Charles George, KC5RAI

SMOKIN’ JOE FRAZIER (January 12, 1944- p) Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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