Marty's Prayer Line for Yesterday Today and Tomorrow


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for yesterday, today and tomorrow by Marty Martel

Below is a prayer request from Debbie Corbitt, Ed’s wife.
Please pray for EdThe rib he cracked in the fall has never healed so he is having a CT
scan on Monday. Pray that there is nothing serious underlying the slow healing.Prayers do work miracles! ThanksDebbie
(Ed is a fellow member of the Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church)
Could you add someone to the prayer chain?  I am so saddened, as I just got the terrible news that a dear friend has pancreatic cancer.  He’s had success in the music business, and is such a giving man. He’s a very private person and has only told family and a few close friends. I’m asking folks to please include him in their prayers, as I know he’s in the battle of his life. He believes the Lord will see him through this journey. Since I can’t mention his name out of respect for his privacy, please pray for “The Tim Man”… that’s what I’ve always called him.  He’s one of the good guys…May God Bless him with healing. Thank you, Darlene
Please add to your prayers and prayer lines, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.  They are going through some terribly stressful times, losing their home, needing financial help to find another residence, to pack and to move.  They have given so much to country music, and as we are all saying, it is time to help them by giving back.  Pray that our Blessed Lord will watch over them, and bless them with his guidance that they may find their needs through friends and others to help them pass over this difficult.

Prayer to Cast Aside Bad Habits

Mighty Holy Spirit, face of the one true God, help me,

For I have slipped into bad habits. Something in me defies my attempts to change,

And I feel compelled to do that which I do not want to do.

I feel weak and ashamed, and I turn to you for help.

Help me, dear God. Help me to resist this temptation.

Lend me your mighty power to cast it aside.

You have graciously promised that you would not let us be tempted

Beyond our ability, but instead, would provide an escape

For any temptation we pray to resist. Holy Spirit, show me my escape

From my bad habit. Let me resolve to work on it, to pray on it,

To turn it into a habit of good; for I know how you love righteous conduct,

And my love for you longs to please you.

Work your power to help me please you, mighty God;

For I know that with your help, I can overcome any evil.

In Christ’s name, I pray.



 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

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