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January 30, 2014 [Friday]

Issue #1265


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CLASSIC ROCK RADIO DIES IN HOUSTON, TX For 20 years, KKRW FM (The Arrow 93.7) is Houston, TX’s premier Classic Rock radio station. But as Chaucer says: All good things must come to an end. As we earlier report in JRRR, Houston, TX’s Classic Rock KRRW FM’s radio vibes shake, rattle and roll out to a new hip hop beat. The music format flip begins at 10am on New Year’s Eve 2013. Clear Channel’s new KKRW FM urban format The Beat 93.7 takes on Houston’s #1 rated KBXX FM (The Box 97.9). This gives Space City three versions of urban radio that includes Radio One KBXX FM (The Box 97.9) and KMJQ FM (Magic 102) along with Clear Channel’s new KKRW FM (The Beat 93.7). Out are KKRW FM’s former Rockers Colonel St. James, Steve Fixx, JC Corcoran and mid-days Kelly Ryan.
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HOUSTON WE HAVE A ROCK PROBLEM In 1981, Top 40 KRLY FM eases into Love 94 FM. On March 20, 1984 it becomes Light Rock KLTR FM (K-Lite 93.7). On December 20, 1993 KLTR FM flips to Classic Rock KKRW FM (The Arrow 93.7) as Houston, TX’s only Classic Rock radio station. Does Arrow stand for All Rock and Roll Oldies? In the late 1990s, KKRW FM narrows its play list from Classic Hits to Classic Rock. On Thursday, December 26, 2013 Clear Channel registers www.937TheBeatHouston.com. Officially, Classic Rock KKRW FM flips to Urban The Beat at 10am on New Year’s Eve 2013 to take on Houston’s #1 rated Radio One KBXX FM (The Box 97.9).
CHANGES IN STORE FOR AUSTIN, TX RADIO The Austin American-Statesman reports that Genuine Austin Radio buys KTXX FM (The Horn 104.9) Austin-Bee Cave, TX and ESPN KWNX-1260 Austin-Elgin, TX from Total Austin Sports Radio. This magnificent duo will begin under LMA on Thursday, January 2, 2014. In July 2012 Total Radio wrangles KTXX FM and KWNX-1260 from Border Media for $2.5 Million. Also in the Austin market, Genuine Austin Radio owns Alternate Country KOKE FM (99.3) and Christian Talk KLGO-1490 (The Word). Genuine Austin Radio’s honchos include Bob Cole, Jason Nassour and Eric Raines. In 1977, when I move to KIKK FM here in Houston, TX the booming voice of Bob Cole is our all night DJ. Bob says that he comes to TX via FL radio.
CBS CRACKS ITS CHRISTMAS WHIP In Chicago, IL two veteran air-personalities are out on the streets. Tom Marker night host on CBS AAA WXRT FM (93.1) gone after 33 years. WUSN FM (US99) midday host Trish Biondo’s Windy City contract does not renew after 27 years. Michael Horn WBBM FM (B96) imaging director leaves after 19 years. After only 9 months on Alternative KITS FM (Live 105) San Francisco, CA Steve Masters hits the exit ramp. In Los Angeles, CA CBS tosses four out the door. Gone are CBS KRTH FM (101.1) morning newscaster Bob Malik, KNX-1070 traffic reporter Tommy Jaxson, along with one in the traffic-continuity department plus one engineer. In Pittsburgh, PA CBS Sports KDKA FM (The Fan 93.7) co-hosts morning Paul Alexander and midday Vinnie Richici vanish.
TRIVIA QUESTION: What 1960s Rock band gains popularity when they destroy guitars on stage? The answer appears below.


•JOSH INNES abandons CBS Sports Talk KILT-610 Houston, TX to host the evening show on CBS WIP FM Philadelphia, PA. •SEAN PENDERGAST vacates PM drive spot on GOW KGOW-1560 Houston, TX to replace Innes as cross town KILT-610 afternoon co-host with Rich Lord from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. •MARK BARBER hits the fire escape at WFXG TV CH 54 Augusta, GA to flee to WKYT TV CH 27 Lexington, KY as a reporter. •GORDON HINCKLEY legendary WTMJ-620 Milwaukee, WI morning talk host from 1962-1984 who retires in 2001 passes away during the Christmas holiday at 88.


•1952 DRAGNET starring Jack Webb as badge #714 Sergeant Joe Friday premieres on NBC TV on January 3rd. 1969 JOHNNY CASH’s single written by Carl Perkins backed by the Statler Brothers Daddy Sang Bass rings #1 in Billboard Country on January 4th. •1977 APPLE COMPUTERS incorporates on January 3rd. 1989 DWIGHT YOAKAM’s album Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room goes Gold on January 4th. •1995 BYRON MACGREGOR Canadian news anchor and News Director on CKLW-800 dies at 56 on January 3rd. 2011 THE BAND PERRY’s single You Lie releases to radio on January 3rd on Republic Nashville.


BILL GARCIA [WUSN FM (US99) DJ from 08/1991–07/2008/previously WLS-890/WJMK FM/WFYR FM] (Chicago, IL) Hi Jim Sad to hear Trish is not going to be a part of US99.5 and negotiations did not go in her favor. Her ratings have been very strong in middays, and this could possibly be a negotiating ploy between the station and her agent. Hopefully, things will be resolved and she can be back on air. But I hear CBS is doing another talent purge as they did to Steve Dahl and I back in ’08. Best to you and Lacy in the new year. Enjoy reading your column. Best Roy Bill Garcia
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MIKE HARTMAN [Radio fan] (Ft. Worth-Joshwa, TX) Jim…I hope you and Lacy had a blessed Christmas. Chuck Dunaway mentioned the Elvis Christmas album from 1957. The history of that album is quite interesting. Elvis caught flack over having rock and roll mixed with Gospel on the same album. His “Peace In The Valley” 45 E.P. was included on it. When Irving Berlin, writer of “White Christmas”, heard Elvis’ version of the song, he got very upset. Mr. Berlin wanted the song banned from the radio. He was informed that the r&b group, The Drifters, had recorded their version, whom Elvis had borrowed from several years earlier. Irving Berlin’s response was, “I don’t know who The Drifters are but I want Elvis’ version banned”. The coolest bit of history, in my opinion, was how the last song came about. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the greatest rock and roll songwriting team of the 1950’s, were present when the album was being recorded. When told they were short one song, Leiber and Stoller stepped out of the studio for about 30 minutes and came back with the rockin’-est song on it…”Santa Claus Is Back In Town”. Jim, I sing for a living, and from after Thanksgiving, leading up to Christmas, I perform 5 songs from that album. Jim, thank you isn’t somehow enough but, THANK YOU for JRRR. If you have time, go to YouTube, type in Mike Ray Hartman. Now…I can be early on this one. You and Lacy have a Happy New Year. Mike
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DUKE GILLELAND [Bob Wills Swing Music blog] (Belton, TX) Subject: Ray Price… Jim, if KTON is out there, I have not heard it. But then I listen to Pub. Radio in the am and KCLW 900 (Hamilton) in the pm. KCLW plays mostly OLD C&W. Yes, a DJ friend (Larry Ballard) who passed away some years back told the story about when Ray cut “Night Life” written by Willie (Nelson). Said most directors HID the album or flat out banned it as they thought it was too JAZZ or POP. In months to come the ban eased and the rest is history. It is in the songbook of all top Western Swing bands today as are most of Ray’s pre Danny Boy hits! Today, decades after “For The Good Times” we understand that Ray was trying to survive thru the transition. And he did find “A Way To Survive”! Take a look at this… http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/2013/01/25/blake-shelton-sparks-controversy-with-comments-on-country-music-responds/ Duke
TRIVIA ANSWER: The first rock performer to destroy his musical instrument on stage is Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1950’s when he razzes his piano. In 1964, British singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend and bassist John Entwistle form The Who Rock band. Soon, drummer Keith Moon joins the group. Guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who is the first rock artist to smash his guitar on stage. The Who become very popular for their energetic live performances which often includes instrument destruction. With all of their on stage antics, Rock artists feel a rush and want to do something crazy to draw attention to themselves. First thing that comes to mind is to smash their guitars. Fans in the audience get caught up in the frenzy and want to destroy things, too.
CHARLES GEORGE [ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Country Music and other music, Living The City Life. I have to admit I was never a big fan of Country Music; however; I liked the song Family Tradition. I also liked the song Before The Next Tear Drop Falls. I also liked a guitarist who worked with the Beach Boys and was from Delight, Arkansas. I also like that he played an Ovation Guitar and I like my Ovation Acoustic/Electric. There is a female singer who sounds to me a bit like Patsy Cline, Kaye Tolson and she has a CD of hers on Spotify. I sometimes go to The Dallas Art Museum for their Jazz Concerts on Thursday Nights from 6 – 8 pm. Also for Blues, I like to go to a club at Gaston a block away from Garland Road, The Goat. I usually go on a weekend when I want to treat my self to Live Blues. Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
TITUS [Roman emperor] (AD 39–81) Friends, I have lost a day.
Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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