Marty Martel Prayer Line Thursday Sept 5

martymartelprayer2013If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for this Thursday ending September 5, By Marty Martel..



Good evening and what a beautiful day it was.  I wish you the same as here in Middle Tennessee.  Please keep in your prayer lines to ask our Blessed Lord to guide our government to make the right decision in Syria, and there should be only one correct decision made when it comes to the genocide of innocent women and children.  Pray that the Russian Dictator Putin be stopped in his push to become the worlds most powerful country and leader, and that country is what Putin wants for the world-communism, and that can never happen.  We cannot let that happen.  God Be With Each of You.
The following prayer request is for my friend and country music’s friend Jimmy Case.  He is having health issues and needs our prayers-please.
Hey Marty: Could you please put Jim on the prayer list again. He had out patient surgery this morning. The doctor removed a lymph node to determine if his non-Hodgkin  Lymphoma is high or low to see how to treat it. We really appreciate you and the great job you are doing for all of these peopleThanks Marty.
When you find a free moment, please add me to your prayers for the next few weeks as I will be undergoing treatment for a health issue.  I know that prayers cannot be answered if they are not asked for, so I am asking for your prayers.  Thank you as always.  I am under the care of the greatest physician in the universe, and I know he knows my needs, but your prayers will also be his guide, I am sure.
The following is from Dawn Sears, and it is her personal update on her cancer issues, and my friends, here is another time where in my heart, soul, and mind, we know that prayers are heard and answered.  Read and know in your hearts that all of our prayer lines were heard.

An Update from Dawn

OH! What a    Beautiful Morning, OH! What a Beautiful Day …

Dear Friends: Your well wishes and prayers have been such a comfort and Blessing to me    throughout my journey with lung cancer. I’d like to update you on my    progress.     Strange, but in the past 72 hours I’ve been experiencing some of the same    symptoms I had before I knew I had cancer, and even some new ones. My Dr.    visit this morning was good news over all! The tumor and lymph nodes have    all shrunk 50% for the most part (and more in some areas). He thinks they    may still shrink even more. There’s no way to know at this point from the    scan if the shrunken tumor and lymph nodes are alive or dead. We’ll do    another scan at the end of November – and that should tell us if the    monsters are dead!     The symptoms I’m experiencing now are all healing related (Thank God).    Apparently I’m feeling it more now because I’ve had the mindset of being in    survival mode … and my white blood cells have built back up and are now    able to fight back again. Some post-treatment discomfort is a very small    price to pay to get to stay on the planet!     It’s not technically correct to say that my cancer is in remission, but the    future is looking very bright due to the minimization of it! So, we’ll    check every 3 months via CT scan to be sure there is no growth – and    around the first part of next year we’ll do a P.E.T. scan. That’s the one    where you drink something nuclear, sit in a room for an hour so it can get    in all the veins, nooks and cranny’s of your body, and lights up any/all    cancerous places during testing. I call it “The Big Kahuna”.     Many of you have sent me cards on a regular basis, constantly reassuring me    and reminding me that you are there in the background praying for me and my    family daily. Many of you have brought food and sent flowers, etc. I am one    very Blessed woman to know you, have your trust in treating your skin …    and to call you “friend”. While I sure don’t wish cancer on    anyone, it has been a Blessing to me in many ways. The Lord above has shown    me things I couldn’t see before cancer. My vision is whole lot clearer    now.      THANK YOU ALL, SO VERY MUCH for your kind words, cards, food, support and    love. Thank you for the Blessings that you are to me. Thank you as well for    allowing Kat and Nadine to step in during my absences. They are also two    more Blessings in my life.     I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but like I said, “the future    looks a whole lot brighter after today.”     Love you. Mean It!     Sending Hugs,     Dawn Sears

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