Jim Rose Remembers Radio September 2, 2103

THE LATEST NEWS FROM JIM ROSE REMEMBERS RADIO September 2, 2013 (Sorry We Missed this on Monday)

MARTIAN ALIENS RADIO TAKE OVER BRINGS SCARE On October 30, 1938 a broadcast of The War of the Worlds series of fictitious news bulletins that a Martian alien invasion is in progress creates widespread panic among listeners who actually believe that the events are real. But it is a Halloween episode of The Mercury Theatre that stars Orson Welles about H. G. Wells’s original novel about an alien invasion of Earth. Recently, when WMSR FM Miami, FL airs comments from two aliens who plan to take over the radio station it is merely to promote WMSR FM’s flip from CHR to AAA. Talk of the Martian alien invasion causes local law enforcement to place extra security at area schools. It’s exciting to know that radio still has the ability to generate this much excitement.
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LONG TIME NEBRASKA TALK HOST CALLS IT QUITS Marconi Award-winning veteran KFOR-1240 Lincoln, NE morning co-host Cathy Blythe tells the Journal Star’s Jeff Korbelik that she will retire after 31 years on September 13, 2013. Blythe is a Lincoln native and two-time NAB Marconi Award recipient who kicks off her radio career in 1972 as KFOR’s front desk receptionist but later moves on up as a radio talk host. She continues to host her syndicated self-help show, Problems & Solutions, from 9-10am weekdays which she starts in 1992 on KFOR. The One You Turn To News Talk KFOR midday host Carol Turner replaces Blythe in her morning show. News anchor Jill St. James takes over Turner’s midday spot.
TRIBUNE REALIGNS WGN LINEUP On Thursday, August 29, 2013 Jimmy de Castro President and General Manager releases WGN’s new lineup that debuts on Tuesday, September 3rd. Two Chicago Tribune employees, columnist Rick Kogan and political reporter Rick Pearson, join sister station WGN-720 with weekend radio shows. Steve Cochran returns full time as host of the morning show weekdays from 5am to 9am. Wendy Snyder eases in mid-mornings from 9am to 12pm as Bill Leff’s co-host. Husband-and-wife duo Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano from 12pm to 3pm. Garry Meier continues as host of the afternoon drive show from 3-7pm. The David Kaplan Show airs from 7pm to 11pm. Pete McMurray is the 11pm to 2am host. WGN veteran Nick Digilio moves to 2am to 5am.
LABOR DAY WEEKEND RADIO FORMAT FLIPS Entercom tosses Classic Rock KMTT FM (The Mountain 103.7) Seattle, WA to Rhythmic Hot AC (Hot 103.7). Bell Media ditches Rock CKX FM (KX 96) Brandon, MN for Variety Hits Bob 96.1. Telesouth buys Southern Gospel WOSM FM (103.1) Biloxi, MS and scraps it for News/Talk Supertalk Mississippi. Guaranty Classic Country KYPY FM Country Legends (104.9) Baton Rouge, LA now simulcasts sister Sports WNXX FM ESPN (104.5). Cumulus Adult CHR WRQX FM (Mix 107.3) Washington, DC rebrands as All The Hits 107.3. Townsquare WDGM FM Sports (The Deuce 99.1) Tuscaloosa, AL relaunches as The Tide 99.1. Genesee Media WASB-1590 Brockport/Rochester, NY ends its simulcast of Business WRSB-1310 and flips to Sports Team 1590.
TRIVIA QUESTION: What 1948 invention by television store owners helps them sell more TV sets? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *Barry Kilgore on September 3rd. *Claude Hall on September 4th. *Chuck Joseph on September 5th. •MERRIE STREET Hearst News/Talk WBAL-1090 Baltimore, MD News Director replacement is Michelle Butt. •CUMULUS buys Dial Global for $260 million. To help finance the purchase Cumulus sells 53 radio stations in 12 markets to Townsquare for $238 million. •TOWNSQUARE altogether grabs 71 radio stations in 15 markets. It will own a total of 312 radio stations in 66 markets in 25 states placing it in third place. •BOB SMITH longtime host and producer retires after 25 Years from WXXI-1370 Rochester, NY.


•1955 KCRA TV NBC CH 3 in Sacramento, CA begins broadcasting on September 2nd. 1962 MARTY ROBBINS’ single Devil Woman begins 8 weeks at #1 in Billboard Country on September 1st. •1970 ALLAN WALKER regular performer on The Red Buttons TV Show dies at 64 on September 2nd. 1983 KENNY ROGERS’ album Eyes That See In the Dark releases on RCA records on August 30th. •1996 OTTO LUENING conductor and composer dies at 96 on September 2nd. 2001 JERRY LEWIS MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY TELETHON begins on September 3rd with Country guests: The Oak Ridge Boys and Alan Jackson.


GARY DAVIS (Mena, AR) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1229) August 30, 2013 [Friday] Hey Jim, I am Gary Davis, J.C. Webster’s son. I just wanted to make sure you knew that my mom passed away on Aug. 24th. We tried to notify everyone that we could think of but I did not know if you were aware of her passing. I know she was so very excited about her recent selection to the TRHOF. She was so looking forward to making the trip to Dallas for the induction ceremony! We know that radio was a huge part of her life for so many years and it sure made her happy for the last couple of months. I don’t know if you knew my mom or not but she was a big fan of yours. We all appreciate you and to everyone that gave her a little bit of happiness for the past few months of her life! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. Thanks again, Gary Davis
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J.R. RUSS (Philadelphia-Boothwyn, PA) Subject: Format Change. www.roadmasterrock.com has flipped format to www.WCFLchicago.com. the late, great AM station from Chicago was once owned by a union and identified itself as “The Voice of Labor”. after making the decision to change, recapturing the sound became a “Labor of Love” launch a new “Voice of Labor” on Labor Day weekend! WCFLchicago won’t be a typical “tribute station”, musically trapped in a decade or two, it will be a fresher, Classic Hits format that will span five decades of hits. Kris Earl Phillips as Liner Guy and Hy Lit Technologies of Philadelphia. Russ said “I’ve always wanted to be the P.D. of WCFL…and now I ARE one!”  Besides the direct website feed, WCFLchicago.com is available on TuneIn, Shoutcast and several other broadcast platforms. Contact J.R. Russ @ 202-510-7777 or wcflchicago@gmail.com
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DAVE DONAHUE [ex KTHT/KRLA] (Jasper, TX) Subject: What a Pleasure Jim, Thanks for the contact. I have 60 years of radio coming up next year. I am on the air at KJAS in Jasper, Texas doing a; “Friday Rock and Roll Oldies” show 1-5pm. How ironic, my career has come full circle for I started in rock and roll and ended my full time career in Country radio. Did a run over of your web site, and will get deeper into it shortly. I have a mobile recording studio doing VO’s in Jasper. Also, finishing a so far, 2 volume novel with the first hopefully going to publication in the next month or so. It’s a unique Radio Book! (Details later too). Regards, Dave Donahue (real name) Lowell Nunnally aka; Johnny Knight, Mark O Marks, PJ Thomas
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JOHN DENNEY [KPRC-950/KHUL FM/KGVL] (Greenville, TX) I had forgotten about those six days a week schedules like you had a KTER. Frank Melton and I had the same six days at KGVL. He hated it and I loved it. Gave me time to do things during the week and still get in 40 hours. While you probably had the worst of it…six days sign-on sign-off, my worst schedule was only 9 hours. Miller added Saturday and Sunday sign-on to 3pm to my schedule at KPRC, doing news every 30 minutes. But not much happens on Sundays, so I was about crazy when I got off after trying to write the same few news stories differently after 18 newscasts. But, boy, those were fun days, right?
TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1948, simultaneously in Oregon and Pennsylvania, television store owners come up with CATV (Community Antenna Television) to help them sell more TV sets. Local appliance store owners construct and manage early cable TV systems for areas that cannot receive clear television signals. It isn’t until the 1970’s that cable TV begins to experiment with children’s networks, all-music channels, 24-hour news and more. Today, cable TV rules the roost.
JOHN HALE (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1228) August 26, 2013 [Monday] Jim, your quote at the bottom from chief justice Earl Warren was interesting, but he could have been just as right to say “We may not know the whole truth EVER.” (Referencing the Kennedy assassination.) John Hale McKinney, Texas
TOM HANKS [Forrest Gump] My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”.
Jim Rose and Lacy
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