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TV REPORTER DIES IN ACCIDENT According to Los Angeles Times Fox O&O KTTV TV on Sunday, August 25, 2013 its investigative writer and producer Martin Burns dies at 56 in an apparent hiking accident. KTTV TV anchor Araksya Karapetyan writes on the station’s website: Not a lot of details at this point, all we know right now is that he went for a hike, fell and that was it. In an instant, he was gone. Working with him was incredibly fulfilling. It’s what being a journalist is all about. KTTV TV VP/News Director Kingsley Smith writes: He made a personal difference in my professional life every day. He always worked with grace and dignity. He is on the short list of people that NO ONE ever complained about, ever. I will miss him. This newsroom will miss him. Our viewers will miss him.

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GUNMAN ORDERS SCHOOL TO CALL TV STATION About 1 pm ET on Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2013 a man with an AK-47 assault-style rifle strolls into Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in unincorporated DeKalb County outside Atlanta, GA in Decatur and orders a school employee to call WSB TV ABC CH 2. The triggerman barricades himself in the school office. He warns the school clerk that he wants WSB TV to start filming as police die. Officials report that the 20 year old suspect, Michael Brandon Hill, clothed in black, armed with an AK-47 assault-style rifle fires off about six gun blasts as cops race to the scene. But when cops return fire, the gun moll flashes a white flag. A pupil’s dad tells WXIA TV CH 11 that school officials definitely need to upgrade security.

FM CHIP INTEREST GROWS Radio Ink reports that with NAB/RAB’s Radio Show in Orlando, FL less than a month away, plus Sprint rolls out its new NextRadio app on phones, Emmis Communications SVP/CTO, Paul Brenner, alerts its staff what to expect from the new smartphone FM chip app. Also, what radio stations must do to rev up consumer interest in the new FM chip that allows smartphone users to listen to FM radio on their devices. Brenner tells Radio Ink that while it’s still early for the new FM chip, consumers already show interest in it. Emmis’ Next Radio app uses FM chips in smartphones to pull in over-the-air radio signals and (shows) users album cover art, station logos, host pictures and other information when synched with a station’s programming.

ELVIS PRESLEY’S GOLD PLATED PIANO IS FOR SALE For their first anniversary, Priscilla Presley gives a gold-painted piano to her hubby Elvis. For now, the King of Rock and Roll’s 24-carat-gold-painted grand piano sits on loan in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Akron, OH businessman Russ Kemppel, who dies in January 2012 owns the piano. His purchase price is $2 million. Scott Ferrell, Kemppel Industries’ CEO and executor of the estate says Russ moves the piano out of Presley’s Memphis estate in Graceland 22 years ago and leases it to the Country Music Hall of Fame for $1. Russ Kemppel’s family gives a 90-day notice to end the hall’s lease and gives Smyrna Middle School family and consumer science teacher, Terri Fenn, until September 3, 2013 to sell the piano.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What late 1950s TV quiz show is involved in a scandal? The answer appears below.


•COX fires 2 longtime air personalities Matt Loyd host of The Spice Show weeknights at 7 pm on Hot Talk WHPT FM (The Bone 102.5) Tampa, FL and Chris Fisher 3-5 am weekdays. •HELEN GLOVER 8 year morning show host on Clear Channel Talk WHJJ-920 Providence, RI fired. •CUMULUS rumors very close to multi-layered deal to acquire Dial Global. •RON ST. PIERRE laid off in February 2013 by rival WPRO-630 replaces Helen Glover on WHJJ-920. •ESPN RADIO which begins on January 1, 1992 goes island with the launch of KLAS FM (Sports 89) Kingston, Jamaica on Monday, August 19, 2013.


•1951 TIMOTHY BOTTOMS actor in Paper Chase and East of Eden born on August 30th in Santa Barbara, CA. 1966 SHAWN CAMP singer-songwriter (George Strait’s River Of Love and Garth Brooks’ Two Pina Coladas) born on August 29th in Little Rock, AR. •1971 WNPI TV PBS CH 18 in Norwood, NY begins broadcasting on August 30th. 1983 KENNY ROGERS’ album Eyes That See In the Dark releases on RCA records on August 30th. •1995 CABLE NEWS NETWORK joins the Internet on August 30th. 2005 BROOKS & DUNN’s album Hillbilly Deluxe releases on Arista records on August 30th.


SCOTT HODGES (Shreveport, LA) Subject: JC Webster passes away. A sad day today Josh! JC Webster passed away sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. All I know now is she died quietly in her sleep. I must tell you though, she died with the knowledge she made it into the TRHOF and that made her happy, almost giddy. In fact her son Kelly bought her a new suit. She was either planning for the trip in November, or she was preparing for a video thank you to the HOF membership. No word on her funeral, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know. Oh, be expecting a call from the Mena, AR newspaper. Scott Hodges; S&L Production Services; Shreveport, LA

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MICHAEL O’SHEA [for Pres/GM Cascade Radio Group-now MM at Sonoma Media] (Bellingham, WA) Subject: JC Webster passes away. Jim…I am stunned and thinking blurred at this news. I appreciate you passing it along. I’ll write to Scott too. How unfortunate…I had just communicated with her a wee(k) or two ago about her being honored by the TRHOF and was planning a trip the(r)e to be with her. How shocking. Michael O’Shea

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DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Different Drum: The Power of Linda Ronstadt’s Voice. “I’ve been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved?” Like most of the young dudes on the street in Hollywood in the early-70’s I had a great crush on Linda Ronstadt; not that I had a chance of ever being with her, but a crush, like you might have had on a pretty, young third grade teacher. When I was ushered into her presence one night before a performance by her boyfriend of the time, J.D. Souther, she was sitting barefoot on a grimy Green Room couch calmly knitting. I found myself nervous and blurted out, “I love your work Miss Ronstadt.” or some other lame comment, and she looked up at me smiling in a knowing way, and said, “Why, thank you.” Suddenly, I found myself being escorted out the side door as another admirer was being led in.  As this article says, it was Linda’s beautiful and distinctive voice that made her an icon of the time, and the news that Parkinson’s disease has quieted it is a tragedy for all of us who have loved her and her music.  Fortunately Linda’s large body of recorded work lives on and will continue to be heard by generations of fans both old and new.

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GARY DELAUNE (San Antonio, TX) Subject: old guys and old stories. Jim: Just returned from New Mexico were I visited Alb, Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Did a show with the legendary Frank Haley and tried to call former SWC announcer Connie Alexander. Frank told about Bob McIntyre and we reminisced about the old KNUZ-KILT days. Found out my Dad was at Los Alamos at the beginning of the Manhattan Project. He never talked about it. Begin my 54th year broadcasting Texas HS football this week. Have a cool autumn. Gary DeLaune Oh yes…Forgot to mention today is the anniversary date when Elvis reported back to Ft. Hood; 8/25/58…His outfit replaced ours in Germany. GD (

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1958, it is revealed that TV game show Twenty-One with host Jack Barry producer rigs the quiz show. Contestant Charles Van Doren receives his answers in advance from producer Dan Enright. In the late 1950’s U.S. government investigates TV quiz shows Twenty One, Dotto and 64,000 Dollar Question for allegations of tampering. The scandal causes TV networks to cancel quiz shows. The 1994 movie Quiz Show portrays a similar TV quiz show scandal.

FR. BOB TOMLINSON (Jacksonville-Lake Striker, TX) Subject: Remembering the Day the Music Died. Hi Jim and Lacy, Thanks for mentioning the news of Jay Paul Richardson. It must have been some big shoes to live in. Even more so is remembering that there were four people in that plane. Long forgotten is the pilot Roger Peterson. Thanks for remembering him. Other news that broke today is the passing of J.C. Webster. She was to be awarded the first “Sammy” award at this years Texas Radio Hall of Fame awards banquet. Our thoughts go out to her family at this time. All the best to you and Lacy, Bob Tomlinson

MARKUS ZUSAK [Australian author I Am the Messenger 2003] Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.

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