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BIG TX TV OOPS! The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league of 30 franchised member clubs with 7 in Canada and 23 in the United States. The Stanley Cup sports trophy annually goes to the league playoff champ at the end of each season. The game ties at five. In overtime, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins compete for the Stanley Cup. With the puck almost on the stick of the player to score the game decider, KXAN TV CH 36 Austin, TX cuts away to a commercial break. When KXAN TV cuts back, the Blackhawks rise from their bench to celebrate a win. KXAN TV’s phones fire up with angry hockey fans who blurt out their fierce feelings. KXAN TV anchor Leslie Rhode apologizes: It was…the worst possible time to do that. We are so sorry. We apologize for that error.

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GARY ALLEN HOSTS LAST SHOW On Thursday, June 21, 2013 Grand Rapids, MI morning host Gary Allen retires after 32 years as he hosts his last show on Clear Channel WOOD-1300. The City of Grand Rapids declares Thursday Gary Allen Day as the legendary local radio personality broadcasts live from the celebration at Cinema North. Eight months ago, Allen announces his retirement saying that at age 65 there are still some things he wants to do. Allen tells sister station WOOD TV: I want to be remembered as the guy that people woke up to on the radio in the morning, you have fun, we gave them the news, we gave them the weather, we gave them the traffic and between the group at WOOD, we gave them some laughs, too.

WHITE HOUSE DODGES PRESS QUESTIONS 9,486 TIMES For aspiring TV reporters, White House Spokesman Jay Carney shows us how he can dodge TV press questions almost 10,000 times. Recently, Yahoo News conducts an analysis that provides an interactive embed which identifies 13 distinct strains in the way he dodges a reporter’s question. Yahoo’s analysis looks at 444 press briefings that uncovers Carney, in one way or another, dodged reporters’ inquiries 9,486 times. But jive talking Jay almost always appreciates the questions TV reporters ask because he repeats that word over and over. How does a TV reporter break a barrier when a political spokesman bird-dogs media’s questions? Where’s CBS TV news reporter Mike Wallace when we need him the most?

HERE’S A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! Everyone loves The Price Is Right! From 1972 to 2007, Robert William [Bob] Barker born in Washington State on December 12, 1923 is The Price Is Right‘s long time host. Better hurry because the daytime Emmy award-winning game show The Price Is Right kicks off its Fifth Annual Nationwide Contestant Search in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. Two Semi-Finalists from the Philadelphia area win free flights to Los Angeles, CA. One of the two is guaranteed a spot on Contestants’ Row. The Price Is Right casting call is at Philadelphia’s casino, racing and nightlife paradise center Parx Casino, 2999 Street Road, Bensalem, PA 19020. The Price Is Right contestants will appear during the 42nd season of the game show.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What causes John Lennon to say that Elvis Presley is like Bing Crosby now? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Traci Strunk former CBS Radio admits to one more year on Saturday, June 22nd. Ed Stern tallies his numbers on Monday, June 24th. 

•KATIE COURIC’s first season new TV talk show misses its mark. Former WLS TV Chicago, IL GM Emily Barr sighs: Couric’s talk show did not meet ratings expectations.

•JUSTIN CHASE programming vet moves on up to Beasley Broadcasting’s first-ever Vice President of Programming.

•COY BAREFOOTTalk personality on Saga Communications News/Talk/Sports WINA-1070 Charlottesville, VA joins Monticello Media News/Talk WCHV FM (107.5) from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.


1951 HANK WILLIAMS’ single Hey, Good Lookin’ releases on MGM records on June 22nd.

•1961 IRAQ demands control of Kuwait on June 24th.

1978 THE OAK RIDGE BOYS’ first #1 Country single is I’ll Be True To You on June 24th.

•1987 JACKIE GLEASON comedian star of one of our favorite TV shows The Honeymooners dies of colon cancer at 71 on June 24th.

1995 TRACY LAWRENCE’s single Texas Tornado burns a #1 hole in Billboard Country on June 24th.

•2000 DAVID TOMLINSON British actor we remember for his role as authority figure George Banks in Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins dies at 83 on June 24th.


JIM TRAVIS (Hot Springs, AR) Back in about 1973 WWOL was in Buffalo NY. The station sucked and so did Buffalo. The first day in town I went into a small diner for a cup of coffee. It had both cream and sugar already added. I called the waitress back over to my table and told her that I had not ordered my coffee that way. She gave me a Go to H*** look and asked “Where in the H*** are you from? I told her, “Texas”. Then without breaking a smile she said, “No s***, I would have never guessed. Then once I was on the sidewalk down town I was standing waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street. I noticed a sign that said, “No Standing” There was a cop standing next to me, so I asked him just where I was supposed stand. You guessed it, here came the where in the H*** are you from question. Again no standing in New York means “No Parking” Willie was right, “Buffalo was not geared for him and Paul or little wet behind the ears Jimmy Travis (

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MARY STODDARD [‘Sam’ on KVIL FM 1964] (Dallas-Frisco, TX) Jim, Did you ever work with Jim MacKrell? I met him when he was AR rep for RCA, he got me a job w/Henry Mancini, I had to turn down when I fell madly in love w/Mike Stoddard. Jim hasn’t spoken more than 4 words to me since. Years later, after I offered him an abject apology (I seem to be good at those), for being such a silly girl and told him I’d grown up since then and wanted to be friends, his email reply was “You got it, Friend!” Figured out later, he probably has a joint account with his wife and didn’t want her to get the wrong idea about me/us. Just curious. I loved Ron Rice at KBOX. Have a great radio story about him I’ll have to scribble out someday. He was another who was very kind to me. Long story for later! Jim, I am so happy you liked my last email. Like I say… sometimes I get things right! XOXO — Mary “SAM” Stoddard (First Female DJ/Announcer on Dallas Radio, KVIL’s Girl-Named-Sam 1964)


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JIM BELL [KUHF FM 88.7 Morning Edition anchor since 1997-Retired 2010] (Lufkin, TX) Subject: Stars Singing Hit Songs. Hey Jim, How about stars singing songs that were hits? Tammy, by Debbie Reynolds comes to mind. It was released when the movie Tammy and the Bachelor came out in 1957 and it reached Number 1. Then there was Thunder Road, written and sung by Robert Mitchum when the movie came out in 1958. It got a lot of airplay, but it only reached #69. Mitchum did a lot of his own singing in his films. He can be heard in Rachel and the Stranger, River of No Return and The Night of the Hunter, perhaps his most memorable. I’ve never been able to sing Leaning on the Everlasting Arms without thinking of Robert Mitchum. Jim Bell Blissfully retired in Lufkin

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. names Elvis Presley The Greatest Entertainer of the 20th Century. John Lennon says: Before Elvis there was nothing. In 1963, when Elvis Presley’s new single You’re The Devil In Disguise debuts to a British audience on the BBC TV show Juke Box Jury, celebrity guest John Lennon votes the song a miss. Lennon says that Elvis Presley is like Bing Crosby now. But it turns out that John Lennon’s prediction is wrong because Elvis Presley’s new single You’re The Devil In Disguise zooms to the top of the UK chart. The R.I.A.A. reports the Beatles are #2 on the list of All Time Record Sellers with nearly 1.6 billion worldwide. The R.I.A.A. acclaims the Leading all time Artist in Record Sales is Elvis Presley who leads sales for both Solo Artist or Group with over 2.5 billion records worldwide.

JAY PENNINGTON (Dallas-Flower Mound, TX) Subject: KEXL (San Antonio 104.5 in the 70’s) website keeps growing. Hi Jim, My website dedicated to KEXL 104.5 San Antonio in the 70’s keeps growing. Someone recently sent me about a 6 hour segment where one day back in the 70’s he had turned on his reel-to-reel and recorded “a day at KEXL” and I’m editing it now to use the Jock talk and commercials for the website. I have a new shorter domain name to get to my KEXL website If folks listened to KEXL 104.5 in San Antonio during the 70’s they should get a kick out of the website – its got pages and pages of photos, T-shirts, decals, and recordings of KEXL Jock talk and local commercials of the 70’s. Thanks! Jay Pennington (

JULIUS LESTER [Progressive Radio] Freeform radio is an art form. The airwaves are the empty canvas, the producer is the artist, and the sound is the paint.

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