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LEGENDARY RADIO PROGRAMMER RIDES OFF INTO THE SUNSET George Wilson Crowell is born on July 18, 1929 in Katonah, NY. In the 1950s, he starts out as a professional baseball player. Next, sports announcer and then he leaps into radio as a DJ. In radio, as George Wilson, he programs Top 40 WOKY-920 in Milwaukee, WI. He rises to WOKY’s lofty position of GM. Eventually George becomes Bartell Broadcasting’s President, and then heads Starr’s group of radio stations. As a broadcast executive, George Wilson gains two National Program Director badges plus Radio Executive of the Year medallion. George and his wife Jackie own and operate Internet programming service After 9am on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, George Wilson dies from a heart attack.

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MOUSEKETEER SWEETHEART EXITS We kids in the Fabulous Fifties fondly remember Annette Funicello as a cute Mouseketeer on Walt Disney’s popular afternoon TV show The Mickey Mouse Club that airs from 1955 to 1959. The pert, pretty, dark-haired Annette Funicello is just 13 when she gains fame on Disney’s kiddie TV club. When The Mickey Mouse Club ends, Annette is the only cast member who remains under contract to Disney’s studio. She appears in several Disney movies and also becomes a recording star with her hit single, Tall Paul. In the early 1960s, Annette teams with Frankie Avalon in a series of Beach Blanket movies. On Monday, April 8, 2013 teen heart throb Annette Funicello dies from Multiple Sclerosis, which she battles for more than 25 years.

LAMBERT NEW HEAD OF RADIO INK T.J. Lambert, former ABC Radio and ESPN Radio executive, elevates to his new role as Executive Vice President and General Manager of industry trade publication Radio Ink magazine which recently acquires Radio & Television Business Report. Deborah Parenti, EVP/Radio, brags: With the acquisition of Radio & Television Business Report, we’ve entered a new era for the company, and T.J. is the perfect choice to run these brands. I’ve worked with T.J. when he’s served as an adviser to our conferences, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with him going forward. Eric Rhoads, Radio Ink founder, daydreams: I’ve known T.J. most of my career in radio and have always considered him to be an A player and I wanted to have him on my team. He’s that strong!

POLITICIANS STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES! From the what will they think of next department comes former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt who proclaims that the government should pressure Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the name of his football team. Count the lights as they go out in Georgia! What in the world is this government loony thinking? In his Washington Post opinion piece, former FCC chairman Reed Hundt, claims: …it’s time the government put pressure on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the name of his football team. Congress has repeatedly passed laws and otherwise raised a ruckus about indecent language on the broadcast airwaves used for radio and television. Snyder (should) no longer (be) using a derogatory term to describe his team.

TRIVIA QUESTION: How does Charlene’s 1976 single, I’ve Never Been to Me, turn out? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chuck Blore radio programming and voice-over legend blows out over 39 candles on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

•WRDU FM Clear Channel News/Talk (106.1) Raleigh, NC hands its call letters over to clustermate Classic Rock (100.7) and steals former Greater Media Talk WTKK FM (96.9) Boston, MA call letters to become Clear Channel News/Talk WTKK FM (Rush Radio 106.1).

DAVE RAMSEY nationally syndicated Talk show host inducts into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame at the NAB Show Radio Luncheon on Monday, April 8, 2013.


•1954 JOE TURNER R&B singer releases Shake, Rattle and Roll on April 12th.

1961 MARTY ROBBINS’ single El Paso wins Best Country & Western Performance during third annual Grammy Awards on April 12th.

•1975 LINDA RONSTADT releases When Will I Be Loved on April 12th.

1980 CHARLEY PRIDE’s version of Hank Williams’ Honky Tonk Blues grand slams #1 in Billboard Country on April 12th. •1994 Q.T. MACON Blues singer and guitarist dies at 60 on April 12th.

2010 HANK WILLIAMS, SR. receives Pulitzer Prize special citation for craftsmanship as a songwriter on April 12th.


T.J. LAMBERT [EVP/GM Radio Ink/RBR & TVBR] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Congratulations! Howdy Jim…sorry for the delayed response…I’ve known (Radio Ink founder) Eric (Rhoads) a long time. (Streamline Publishing CEO) Jim Robinson and I played together in the ABC radio networks band…always good to work with friends and people you like… Like most things I’ve done I’ll let the game come to me and see what we’ve got and then adjust and tweak as needed. I have more than a few ideas but first things first…revs. Thanks for the note… T. J. Lambert; EVP/GM; Radio Ink/RBR & TVBR

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GARY DELAUNE [former KLIF-1190 newscaster] (San Antonio, TX) I was in a special speech class in Hollywood 1957-59 taught by Celeste Rush who was a dialect expert and speech/drama coach. She spoke 9 languages and was married to an old network radio star, Lou Merrill. I was working in the CBS radio mail room and sports dept. and I would attend class every day during my lunch break. Some of her students were character actor John Larch, Alejandro Rey and a beautiful teenager by the name of Annette Funicello. Disney paid for the actors sessions but I paid my own and she knew I didn’t have any money so she said…”to make it look legal, pay me $2 a week”. She did more for my speech delivery than all other classes combined. She taught us how to use dialects and how to play with the microphone as they did on the network radio shows… GD (

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LYNN WOOLLEY [ex KRLD-KTEM-KNOW-KUT] (Waco-Temple, TX) Subject: Gaylon Christie. It (KTON-940) sold to M&M, I think, and then someone else bought it. But he only wanted it to upgrade and move it to Dallas as a 50,000 watt station. Other stations opposed it, and so it never got approval. The station was dark for more than a year and the FCC deleted it. It’s been gone several years now. (

DUKE GILLELAND [Bob Wills Western Swing chat board] (Belton, TX) Subject: New KTON In Temple… Hope the “new” KTON coming to Temple does not add more to the cesspool. Good music AM radio stations are dying like flies in a freeze due to politics! I remember the OLD WBAP in Ft Worth. Enjoyed a many a show on both KMIL & KTAE through the years. Like losing old friends. Was that way with our local KTON years back. Time will tell. But then it’s all about the MONEY! Duke Gilleland; Belton

TRIVIA ANSWER: Charlene Marilynn D’Angelo Oliver is born on June 1, 1950 in Hollywood, CA. In 1967, at 18 she competes in Chuck Barris’ Miss Dream Girl TV show. In 1972, the legendary Berry Gordy signs Charlene to Motown Records. In 1976, she records her single I’ve Never Been to Me. In 1977, the tune levels off at #97 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. In 1982, Motown Records re-issues the song. Tampa, FL DJ Scott Shannon’s girlfriend persuades him to spin the tune. He places the song in regular rotation on WRBQ FM (104.7) where this time it leaps to #3 in the United States and by June 1982 #1 in the United Kingdom. The single is one of the year’s biggest hits. Charlene wears her wedding dress in the song’s video at Blickling Hall, Norfolk, England. But, by this time, Charlene loses her record contract and moves to England to work in a sweetshop in Ilford, London. In 1994, the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert features her I’ve Never Been to Me as its opening song.

CHARLES GEORGE (Dallas, TX) Before my time but I remember hearing it on WFAA, I think it was on your show or Mike Marshall’s. Cab Driver, a song by The Mills Brothers KC5RAI

JIM GOUGH [‘Mr. Texas’-movie actor-voice actor] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1188) April 08, 2013 [Monday] Interesting you mentioned KOUL in Corpus. Originally, it was owned by a rich dude from Houston. He asked me and my friend Rob Waddell (KPRC and KRLY) to go to the little station and program it for automation. The control room was wall to wall tape recorders. I did many station ID’s and even produced TV spots to launch the deal. I also designed their logo and did billboards in the Corpus area. Rob left us way too soon..a great broadcaster! Jim Gough

KEVIN STIRTZ (Customer Loyalty Consultant) [Automated Radio vs. Real People Radio] Does the lack of a live person make a difference? Or do people listen just for the music without regard for the people? 

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