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TULSA TV REPORTER RIP In 1972, U.S. Army vet Bill Mitchell partners with KTUL TV ABC CH8 in Tulsa, OK as a reporter. In 1982, he relocates to Little Rock, AR for one year at KARK TV NBC CH4 and then moves to KOCO TV ABC CH5 in Oklahoma City for 11 years. In 1994, Mitchell returns to KTUL TV and remains until December 2012. Mitchell’s more well-known reports cover the Girl Scout Murders, the Edmond Post Office Massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombings. On Friday, March 22, 2013 Bill Mitchell dies at 69 from a long illness. KTUL GM Pat Baldwin looks back: We are mourning the loss of a great reporter and friend today. Bill loved the station and our viewers. He was a hard worker and taught us all how to find news stories. He will always be part of the Channel 8 family 

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JORDANAIRES MEMBER SUCCUMBS In 1952, Gordon Stoker joins The Jordanaires as a piano player and tenor singer. The group becomes one of the most requested studio artists in Music Clty history. Gordon reminisces: For 23 years we had two to four sessions a day, six days a week: Ricky Nelson’s Travelin’ Man, Poor Little Fool, Lonesome Town and It’s Late, Patsy Cline’s Crazy, Jim Reeves’s Four Walls, George Jones’ He Stopped Loving Her Today plus Kenny Rogers’ Lucille. They win a Record of the Year Grammy for Jimmy Dean’s Big Bad John. For 14 years, The Jordanaires appear on almost all of Elvis Presley’s records. On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Gordon Stoker passes away at 88 in his home in Brentwood, TN from a lengthy illness.

RUSH HAS NO EXIT PLAN After 25 years of incredible success in radio we imagine that Rush Limbaugh might place more attention to his game of golf. But No! shouts the King of Talk radio. In an exclusive interview with Radio Ink Magazine Rush admits that he does not have an exit plan: I cannot imagine not doing this, not having this to come to each day. At 62, Rush Limbaugh is the most successful broadcaster radio has ever seen. On August 1, 1988, Rush launches his radio show into syndication with 56 stations. Today, Rush Limbaugh’s voice beams out on almost 600 radio stations. Each week, Limbaugh draws up to 20 million listeners. Rush Limbaugh has the highest-rated national radio talk show in America. Why would anyone want to give up unprecedented phenomenal success such as he experiences?

TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF RADIO In 1965, the second radio position for me is sign-on to 10am Monday-Saturday for $60 a week on 250 watt flame thrower KTER-1570 in Terrell, TX about 25 miles straight east of Dallas on HWY80. When mid-day DJ Bob Shelton exits to the new KYAL-1600 in McKinney north of Dallas, KTER’s illustrious owner/GM Bill Pirtle adds Bob’s 10am-2pm show to my duties to make it sign-on to 2pm. KTER’s chief engineer Darryl Parker escapes to TSN on KFJZ-1270 in Ft. Worth. Pirtle hands me a daily radio marathon from sign-on to sign-off M-SA. Thank God for the wonderful Cal Druxman KHFI FM and KHFI-970 GM in Austin, TX who rescues me in 1966 as PD/MD/DJ on KHFI FM for more than double KTER’s penance at $125 a week and the race is on.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What name does Elvis Presley give to his mare? The answer appears below.


•NBC/DIAL GLOBAL celebrates with a huge shindig in NYC the relaunch of its NBC Sports Radio Network on Monday, April 1, 2013 with a new roster.

•KJFK-1230 Lib-Talk Reno, NV that debuts in 2005 with Air America personality Al Franken pulls plug on 8-year progressive Talk format because …we simply cannot afford to absorb the loss any longer.

•WMVP-1000 Chicago, IL’s 50,000 watt Sports ESPN premiers new weekday lineup. Beginning Monday, April 1, 2013 Waddle & Silvy leap frog from mid-days to PM Drive plus Carmen & Jurko current PM Drive reverses to mid-days. ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd debuts at 9-10am.


•1956 LISA J. ALLEN TV reporter/NY lawyer born on March 29th.

1960 TOOTSIE’s ORCHID LOUNGE opens on lower Broadway in Nashville, TN on March 29th just around the corner from the Grand Ole Opry becomes a hangout for Country legends like Willie Nelson, Harlan Howard, Hank Cochran, Mel Tillis and others.

•1971 ROYAL ALBERT HALL opens on March 29th.

1985 RESTLESS HEART’s self-titled debut album releases on RCA records on March 27th.

2000 FAITH HILL’s album Breathe certifies Triple-Platinum on March 29th.

•1994 JIMMY JOHNSON Dallas Cowboys Head Coach quits on March 29th.


DAVE MICHAELS [WSAI-1360/KONO-860/KBUC FM] (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: National Radios. JIMMY: I go way back with the Nationals. I saw my first one at Walleys’ house in Cheviot, Ohio. It was a National 300 with 13 tubes. I loved it; but could not afford it – I was a 14 year old kid. Later I got my first National at a Hamfest and during my years as a Radio Personality (U-Haul traveling) I sold it! Many years later after the 2d marriage – I found the NC-303 at a Ham Radio Flea market and bought it and carried it to the car and found out just how heavy these radios are. I was much younger. This one I have now (and was working on) I have had for about 11 years. Nothing like tuning AM radio late at night with a coffee or? on the rocks; and listening to CUBA, Germany, Texas – Ham radio operators, and all the strange signals you can pick up between 500kc and 32Megs – a world of adventure out there. I have always been fascinated with Radio Signals – and how directional radio stations can travel!!!! I know – I am strange! What a hobby CQ CQ Over out – clear 10-7 Mic Off Dave

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MARY STODDARD [‘Sam’ on KVIL FM 1964] (Dallas-Frisco, TX) Hello Jim, You and I seemed to be on similar paths in 1964. I was studying for my FCC License test in Nov. of that year. Passed with flying colors first time out. I knew some of the instructors at Elkins. Was Frank Haley one then? Anyway, I am impressed with the extensive career you’ve had in broadcasting and publishing the Trade Publication you do. Excellent work. Loved hearing about the different music formats in the different time slots, etc. It’s hard for me to believe our paths never crossed by in the mid-sixties. All best till later, Mary SAM Stoddard (www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQoOajjC8GE=)

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LYNN WOOLLEY [KRLD-WFAA-KTEM-KNOW] (Temple, TX) Subject: What’s wrong with radio? Sometimes I wonder if the internet or consolidation will kill it first. Have you ever listened to an old Charlie Tuna air check or the Russ Knight “Crusin'” album and thought what a shame it is that today’s young people have no concept of the Top 40 deejay? In those days, ownership had to find great talent if KBOX was to challenge KLIF or KONO was going to take on KTSA. With competition gone, the radio stations are so bland that kids are using their mobile devices for music. Radio might be saved with competition, but we’ve moved on. Ten years from now, it could all be gone. Lynn Woolley (in order of my employment there…) KYLE-FM, KTEM, KTAP, KNOW, WFAA, KRLD, KAAM, KPLE-FM, WACO/KHOO-FM, KVET. + guest hosting on KLBJ, WBAP and KSEV. (www.BeLogical.com)

TRIVIA ANSWER: Few people outside Elvis Presley’s inner circle know that he loves horses. Elvis acquires a golden palomino that he names Rising Sun. Presley believes that everyone should have a horse, so he buys everybody a horse. In early 1967, when he gets too many horses inside his Graceland stables in Memphis, TN Elvis purchases a 163 acre ranch across the state line in Walls, MS for $300,000 that he calls The Circle G (in honor of Graceland). One of the horses that he buys for his ranch is a mare that he names after the current mayor of Memphis, William B. Ingram. Elvis nicknames his new mare, Mare Ingram.

CHUCK DUNAWAY [WABC/KLIF/KBOX] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: WABC-DEEJAYS. Jim it was 1959 and in the picture are me, Herb Oscar Anderson and Bill Owen who are still alive. Others are Scott Muni, Charlie Greer, Jack Carney and Farrell Smith….Over 54 years ago. Chuck

JIM BELL [KUHF FM 88.7 Morning Edition anchor since 1997-Retired 2010] (Lufkin, TX) Subject: Houston Favorite Still Goin’ Strong. Hi Jim, Phil (Parr) doesn’t do his radio stuff for the money. He says he doesn’t need the few bucks he makes for cutting promos and bumpers. He says he does it because it’s fun and it helps him keep a toe hold in the radio business. Hang in there, Jim

HENRY CHESTER (1832-1914) Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence.

Jim Rose and Lacy
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