Petes Weekly: The Biggest Problems we Face

Some Answers: The Biggest Problems we Face.

A quick Summary from the survey of last week:

  1. Government is our biggest problem, with too much confusing regulation, backed up by too much red tape, without the necessary competence;
  2. Marketing and selling are close behind, with one quarter of us feeling the pinch of inadequate revenue flows;
  3. Our “Self” follows close behind, with more than one fifth of us not coping with the demands on our time, or losing our vision;
  4. And Staffing is the last big common problem, with the immense red tape on one side and the unimpressive labour pool on the other.

Business Warriors offers continuous training on the red tape issues, as well as on the marketing and sales stuff, and even on the “Self” stuff. Sadly, we cannot find the people for you.

And, for those folk who want it done, rather than wanting to learn to do it themselves, I offer thirty years of sales and marketing skills and tools combined with a wealth of experience. Tell me what your problems are and let me see if my toolkit can add any value. Check it out here.

Survey results

I spoke at a wonderful entrepreneurial conference on Tuesday. But much of the focus was on funding new entrepreneurs. I had a few problems with this. I already knew what the survey results were, more or less, and very few of us need capital.

Government, as always, was well regarded for their efforts to fund business, but no mention was made of the chaotic playing field we find ourselves on. Government is the referee, the arbiter, as well as the drafter of the rule book. At the risk of being aggressive, government is quite clearly on the side of the other team, as it were, the Employee team.

What this means is that none of us is going to rush out and employ anyone. It costs too much to find them and get them on board, and then it is impossible to dislodge them when we find that they have been, shall we say, a tad too enthusiastic about their competence. Small business, despite the government mantra, is not the road to mass employment.

For now, we cannot do much about the awful regulatory web, or about the competence of the folk enforcing it. We can each improve our marketing and selling, and get enough revenue to outsource the cost of interfacing with government. (We can also start reducing some of that debt.)

All the best

Peter Carruthers

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