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CLASSIC DRUMMER BEATS HIS FINAL BEAT A Music City drummer who performs on several Country music Classics that includes Marty Robbins’ El Paso, George Jones’ The Grand Tour and Jerry Reed’s Amos Moses dies on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at the Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, TN. (William Paul) Willie Ackerman a professional musician since he is 17 dies at 73. Willie who is a former Grand Ole Opry staff band drummer and drummer on syndicated TV show Hee Haw is born and raised in Nashville. From 1957 through the 1980s, Ackerman performs with many music stars. Country Music Hall of Fame member Bill Anderson remembers: The very first tour I ever went on – the tour where Roger Miller had to hock his record player to have enough money to put gas in the car – Willie played drums. That was 1959, and he was so young. He was backing up Roger, George Morgan, me and Johnny Paycheck.


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THE BAYOU CITY LANDS A NEW PROGRAM DIRECTOR Over a year ago, Radio One all News KROI FM (92 FM) signs-on in the Houston, TX area with locally-based consultant Ed Shane in charge of programming along with Radio One’s corporate programming staff. On January 7, 2013 industry veteran Alan Furst becomes new Program Director of all News KROI FM in the Bayou City. Presently Furst is PD of Emmis News/Talk WIBC FM (93.1) Indianapolis, IN. Alan is a former Shane Media consultant with more than 20 years of Texas radio programming experience. Doug Abernethy, RVP and Radio One/Houston Market Manager brags: Alan is exactly the programming pro we’ve been looking for. He knows the market, he knows the format, and we are confident Alan can deliver big results.


HERE’S GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE Veteran Talk radio host and FOX News contributor Laura Ingraham signs a new radio syndication pact with Courtside Entertainment Group a production company network that veteran Norm Pattiz forms. It’s like a homecoming for Laura because it is Pattiz who guides her early syndication career at Westwood One. Also, her show is available on Launchpad Digital Media, which is a new division of Pattiz’ Courtside Entertainment Group. This returns Laura Ingraham to her familiar 9am-noon (ET) time slot, Monday-Friday on January 2, 2013 plus it reunites her with old chumNorm Pattiz. Laura sighs: I look forward to resuming the conversation with the greatest audience in radio and those who have never listened before – making news, creating laughs, and talking about the things that really matter. People need more laughter and fewer lectures; more fresh insights and fewer stale talking points.


TRIVIA QUESTION: What inspires Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson to name their album Pet Sounds? The answer appears below.




•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jerry Mueller [aka Jerry Miller] long time KILT Houston, TX DJ/sales burns a couple of dozen candles inside his tee pee on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

•RAY BRIEM in 1960 becomes DJ on KLAC-570 hired in 1967 by KABC-790 in Los Angeles, CA Conservative Talk legend lover of Big-Band music who rules all-nights midnight-to-5 am from 1967-94 dies at 82 of cancer at his Malibu home.

•TODD SCHNITT 11 years as PM Drive host on News/Talk WFLA-970 in Tampa, FL tweets to fans that he will exit but at the last minute Clear Channel strikes a deal that he cannot refuse to remain in his 3-6pm spot. Compass Media Networks syndicates The Schnitt Show on 50 radio stations nationwide.

•JIM ISABELLA Akron Beacon Journal reporter who fills-in on Talk WNIR FM (100.1) Akron-Kent, OH for the past two years takes over evening show from late Tom Erickson who recently dies after a long illness.




•1954 WEAU TV NBC CH13 in Eau Claire, WI begins broadcasting on December 17th.

1966 TRACY BYRD arrives on the scene in 1993 with a series of hits that we play on KILT FM like Watermelon Crawl and The Keeper of the Stars born on December 17th in Vidor, TX.

•1976 SUPERSTATION WTBS TV in Atlanta, GA goes national on cable TV on December 17th.

1988 RESTLESS HEART’s single A Tender Lie rings #1 in Billboard Country on December 17th.

•1990 KTBN (formerly KUSW) 7,505 kHz/15,590 kHz Trinity Broadcasting Salt Lake City, UT begins to transmit shortwave radio transmissions on December 17th. Final day of broadcast at midnight, Saturday March 31, 2008 MDT.

2010 JAY DEMARCUS bass player with Rascal Flatts and wife Allison share the birth of daughter Madeline Leigh DeMarcus on December 17th.




ROBERT MILLER [Bob] (Detroit/Plymouth, MI) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1155) December 14, 2012 [Friday] Jim, Teaching Intro to Electronic Media in my second career at Eastern Michigan University I found a documentary that is a pretty good look at the rise and fall of Rock Radio. It was aired on PBS but is also available on DVD. It’s called “Airplay-The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio”. I think it is an accurate portrayal of what happened and why. Spoiler alert! It was killed by the “suits”. I knew some of those guys in the program, including Wolfman and Dick Clark and worked in the islands with Phlash Phelps now doing the 60’s channel on SiriusXM. I know the old days are gone but it sure was a blast to have had the opportunity to live and learn from the talent that emerged in the 50’s and 60’s! All the best and a very belated birthday wish for many more! Bob Miller; Adjunct Professor; EMU


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DUKE GILLELAND (Belton, TX) Subject: DJ Larry Scott House Fire… Jim, With few details yet available. received new yesterday that long time trucking show DJ Larry Scott and wife Gail lost everything to a house fire in Terrell Texas last weekend. Was also told that Larry had hospital stay this week as well (not fire related). Any help can be sent by way of son Kelly Scott, 9429 Abner Rd,; Terrell, TX 75161. Duke Gilleland; Belton, Texas


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JAY WEST (Houston, TX) Subject: Ravi Shankar-Trivia. Jim. In reference to your lead story this week in your newsletter about Ravi Shankar…he is the father of the current hit singer Norah Jones. Did you know that? I have no way of confirming that, but was told about that a couple of years ago. Ask around for confirmation. I was totally shocked when told about that, but noted it was missing from your story. Interesting??? Maybe, maybe not! — JAY WEST


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FRANK Wright [B] (Dallas, TX/Boone, SC) Subject: WMUU. Salem’s purchase of Greenville, SC radio station WMUU is a tragedy. WMUU was one of America’s last beautiful music stations whose playlist was truly unsurpassed. Spending summers in Blowing Rock, NC, we always enjoyed listening to WMUU throughout the day. Now when we return, it will be more talk radio–just what we need! Apparently, WMUU will continue it’s programming over the internet at www.wmuu.com. It’s truly a unique product… Frank B. Wright


TRIVIA ANSWER: After he hears band mate Mike Love express his dislike for the material in their new album: Who’s gonna hear this s***? The ears of a dog? Brian Wilson names The Beach Boys’ new album Pet Sounds. It is the eleventh studio album by The Beach Boys who release it on May 16, 1966 on Capitol Records. Although many believe that Pet Sounds is one of the most important albums of all time, its initial release does not reach Gold status and it peaks at #10 on Billboard. Pet Sounds includes several neat tunes such as Wouldn’t It Be Nice, God Only Knows and Sloop John B.


JEROME DAVIS (Dallas, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1155) December 14, 2012 [Friday] Jim, I wonder how many of your readers were hosts for the Hi-Fi Club that Coca-Cola sponsored in the early 1960s. It ran on a number of Texas stations, including KMHT in Marshall (my first job). It was a fun program and they sent out all sorts of resources on a big vinyl LP to spice up the hour. I wonder how many of the hosts were caught, like I was, at least once, not previewing a recorded interview, and suddenly finding the interview dialogue not going according to the script. Was I the only one? Jerome Davis (KMHT-WBAP-KRLD)


BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (San Angelo-Abilene, TX) Subject: Oak Ridge. Jim: See where your buddy, Oak Ridge Boys, are sked for Opry at Ryman show, Jan. 26. BOB.


OAK RIDGE BOYS [bass singer Richard Sterban] Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow. Heigh-ho Silver, away


Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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