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WHERE IS TIM MELTON? Since 1981, we Houstonians watch Tim Melton report sports on KTRK TV ABC CH13 but in October 2011 he suddenly disappears from our TV screens. Neither one of our KTRK contacts will comment about the absence of Tim Melton. Recently, Tim talks about why he is off the air: Yes, I’m still here! Sorry for being out of touch for so long, but I suffered a stroke last October and spent two months at TIRR undergoing rehab. I thank all of you who have expressed your concern as to what caused my absence. I am happy to report I’m getting better every day. And special thanks to my sons and wife, who have had to go through the recovery with me…and I’m not always the greatest patient. Tim refurbishes at TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital here in Houston, TX.

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JAGGER AND RICHARDS DO LETTERMAN’S TOP 10 Do you remember October 25, 1964? That’s when the Rolling Stones first appear on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York City. Beginning Saturday night, December 8, 2012 the Stones are in NYC at the historic Sullivan Theater for the first of three shows. On Tuesday, December 11th David Letterman tapes his Late Show at the Sullivan Theater for Mick and Keith to present his Top 10 List. On December 12th the Stones perform at the Hurricane Sandy benefit broadcast worldwide from Madison Square Garden along with Paul McCartney, The Who, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and others to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. On December 13 and 15, the Bad Boys of Rock will fire up the stage in Newark, NJ.

RUSTY WALKER SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS In 2012, the Rusty Walker Scholarship program is created to honor Country Radio Hall of Fame member Rusty Walker who passes away in May 2012. Each scholarship provides one full CRS 2013 registration, one ticket to the Country Radio Hall of Fame Dinner, covers airfare and hotel room expenses for four nights in Nashville. The three Rusty Walker Scholarship winners are: Jeff Harju (GM, WHKB FM Houghton, MI), Cynthia Hayward (PD/MD/Air Personality, KMOK FM Lewiston, ID) and Courtney Smith (Promotions Director, WOLF FM Syracuse-Deruyter, NY). CRS Executive Director says: The Rusty Walker Scholarship program…honor the legacy of one of the Country radio community’s most respected and influential members.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Which Nazareth town is included in the words of The Weight? The answer appears below.


•CLEAR CHANNEL evicts Ralls, TX high school grad Joel Burke PD of Country KVET FM (98.1) & KASE FM (100.7) Austin, TX since Thursday, November 4, 2010.

•KMKO FM Three Eagles Communications Lake Crystal, MN flips from Active Rock (95.7 The Blaze) to News/Talk KMKO FM but 10 months later does an about-face back to music as 95.7 The Rock Station.

•WXOF FM Classic Rock Yankeetown, FL upgrades from Class A with 3.5kw on 96.3 to Class C3 with 14.5kw as Classic Rock 96.7 The Fox.

•JOURNAL sells WKTI-1040 Knoxville-Powell, TN to religious broadcaster WMCH Radio who inverts its call letters to WWAM-1040.

•DAVE RAMSEY whose syndicated program is heard by 6M listeners each week inducts into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame during the NAB Show in April 1973.


1951 JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ (You Always Come Back [To Hurting Me] #1-1973) born on December 10th in Sabinal, TX exits Tom T. Hall’s band in 1972 to become a top Country singer. In early 1973, I emcee Johnny Rodriguez Day in Victoria, TX.

•1964 SAM COOKE R&B Soul singer (You Send Me #1 for 3 weeks with over a half million in sales) dies at 33 on December 10th.

1973 CHARLIE RICH scores 2nd Gold single The Most Beautiful Girl (#1 for 2 weeks with over a half million in sales) on December 10th.

•1987 ABC’S NIGHTLINE featuring Ted Koppel seen for 1st time in U.S.S.R. on December 10th.

1996 FARON YOUNG dies on December 10th at Summit Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

•2000 MARIE WINDSOR actress in 74 movies dies at 80 on December 10th.


JONATHAN FRICKE [former Program Director of legendary WMC-790 Memphis, TN and WSAI-1360 Cincinnati, OH] (Nashville, TN) Subject: Definitely worth a listen… Jay Thomas is a well-known radio/TV personality. His story about the Lone Ranger as told on the David Letterman show is PRICELESS!!! 🙂 Click Here http://stg.do/0N3c.

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STEVE RICH [Lewis] (Dallas/Plano, TX) I saw Bud (Buschardt) a few times each week in the hallways when we worked at ABC Radio Networks. I haven’t seen him since he retired probably around 2007 or so. Great individual. Here’s my website with some retro equipment I have in my studio (my den) at my home. I don’t work anymore but DJ friends come over now and then to do audio work for projects they have. When I was working, I produced numerous interview/cd premiers in my studio for ABC’s Real Country for various country artists. (www.dallastexasproductions.com/) Take care, Steve Lewis; Plano, Tx.

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JOHN BASS [former KLIF-1190 newscaster] (Tyler, TX) Subject: Your ISP Suddenlink issues a delay. Apparently what happened was that Suddenlink screwed up royally. They left a phone message with many customers over a wide area (over 200,000) last night saying that at 1:00 AM November 30th, they were installing and upgrading certain equipment, and that we would have not email for about 4 hours. I was most likely one of the 200,000 customers who were cut off and who probably called to complain today, and was told that when they put all the new stuff in and turned it on…the entire area served by that new equipment completely crashed. That was around 5:00 AM this morning…but….I have just now gotten my email capability back. So….that is what the problem has been all day! Thanks for inquiring. Inquiring minds want to know!!! P.S. Suddenlink crashed about 4:30 am Friday…and I did not get email back on until about 9:30 tonite…so that is the reason for whatever message you saw.

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JOHN WALTON [Walton & Johnson Show-KKRW FM] (Houston, TX) We are very lucky in that we still fly in the face of research and consultants for the most part…we still have take meetings with them and listen the bulls**t them comes out of their radio ruining efforts…but we realize we are the last of the dinosaurs…there no more up and coming young guns who will take our place…Our current strength is being syndicated…if we were only on Arrow (KKRW FM 93.7) we would be dead in six months…luckily the People Meters will not find their way to the middle and smaller markets for years…all personality based radio will be killed by the combo of MP3 players, Serius, and Arbitrons new PPL measuring system…a total game changer for everyone

TRIVIA ANSWER: Robbie Robertson vocalist/guitarist with Rock group The Band mentions that when he writes the words to The Weight, the line about pulled into Nazareth, was feelin’ ’bout half past dead, the town he was talking about is Nazareth, PA because that’s where they make the legendary Martin Guitars. The Weight gains national chart success for several singers: Jackie DeShannon #55-1968, The Band #63-1968, Aretha Franklin #19-1969 and the Supremes & Temptations #46-1969. Members of The Band originally are Ronnie Hawkins’ The Hawks. The Band officially forms in 1969 in Woodstock, NY. Film maker Martin Scorcese documents their Farewell Concert on Thanksgiving Day 1976 in the movie The Last Waltz.

PAT MCCUTCHIN (Austin-Georgetown, TX) Subject: Radio? Jim, I’m retired and will be 71 next month. In the oil business I worked around some loud trucks and drilling rig engines. In the creative arts dept at South Plains College the performance levels were over 100 db. I raised a lot of h*** with the sound guys to turn it down or they would go deaf. I got my hearing checked today and I‘ll be getting them for my birthday. I have a good story on Bill Arhos (Austin City Limits creator) but he is still alive. Thanks for all the help. Pat

PAUL ANKA (July 30, 1941-p) You wake up and time has slipped away and suddenly it’s hard to find the memories you left behind. Remember, do you remember?

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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