Marty Martel Prayer Line: Week Ending 2nd December

If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for the week ending December 2, By Marty Martel.

Thought for 11/26/12

 Christmas Time: Oh, hear the bells of Christmas, they’re ringing out so clear, To tell again the story of Jesus’ birth so clear…Oh, see the merry faces of carolers on their rounds, As they praise God’s glory in a jubilance of sounds…. Oh, know the special wonder of Christmastime each year When peace and joy and reverence3 are blended with good cheer – Virginia Borman Grimmer



Thought for 11-27-12 and Prayer Line

Please keep in your prayers and prayer lines Emy Joe Bilbrey who will be going into the hospital this coming Thursday to undergo another arteriogram. Ask our Blessed Lord to guide the hands of her surgeons to take care of Emy Joe’s heart issue.

My Heart Returns To Bethlehem:  My heart returns to Bethlehem at Christmastime each year, as earth awaits the manger King with angels bending near. I journey with the Wise Men to worship the King And wonder as I seek Him which gift I should bring. What shall we give the Christ Child, unworthy as we are? Perhaps a blanket for His bed, perhaps a shiny star! Perhaps I’ll read Him poetry or sing a lullaby, Or maybe I’ll hold His hand if He begins to cry. My heart returns to Bethlehem at Christmastime each year And kneels beside a manger to shed a joyful tear – Clay Harrison


Thought for 11-28-12 and Prayer Line

Please keep my friend, SYLVIA MOBLEY, in your prayers. She was just told yesterday that she has cancer. It is a place on her nose and face, has been taken off a couple times, but the biopsy came back is she is scheduled for surgery on Dec. 3rd. Pray that God will touch and heal this and make her whole again. Thank you for your loyalty to the prayer team. Florine

Please keep my friend Jimmy Smart in your thoughts and prayers. He will be going through more test this coming Friday with his Drs. to determine his health issues –Marty

If you have not heard, Jim McKell, engineer and producer, passed away. I got the news last evening. He had a massive heart attack. Jim produced Kenny Rogers, engineered The Judds, Kathy Mattea and many more – Mike Steinbrook

Sad news. Keep in your prayers and prayer lines the family of Jim McKell at this time of their great loss. MAY JIM REST IN THE PEACEFUL AND LOVING ARMS OF OUR BLESSED SAVIOR.

The Greatest Gift: The greatest gift at Christmastime, is one we all may give; A friendly smile that helps to make life easier to live. A kindly thought, a helping hand, to show someone we care, And let them know how much it means for us to have them here. The greatest gift at Christmastime costs not a lot to buy; It’s being a good neighbor as days and months go by. It’s offering a shoulder when someone needs a lift, And so I pray that Christmas Day that this may be your gift!Grace E. Easley


Thought for 11-29-12 and Prayer Line

Brother Paul Folse asks for prayers for his brother, David, who has been undergoing radiation treatment for cancer that seems to be working but the radiation has destroyed the bones in the roof of his mouth and he is undergoing a bone transplant operation to hopefully repair the damage.

 Please keep in your prayers and prayer lines my dearest friend, Jerri Mott who is undergoing test, possibly surgery through this week and I am asking the Blessed Lord to guided her doctors to make the right decision so that she will no longer go through the pain and discomfort of her health issues. Also prayers for her husband Clarence. They are both such close friends and I ask your prayers for them. Thank you.

Pray that the fighting in the Middle East comes to a halt before there is un-repairable damage done. The world is making it difficult for the Blessed Lord to watch over us if we do not pray for his guidance. The Middle East is a serious, serious war zone – Let there be peace on earth for all mankind.

A Christmas Song: Angels sang a song of love one deep and starry Night to Shepherds watching over flock of sheep so softly white. They sang of Christ our Savior’s birth and told them where He lay In Bethlehem, in swaddling clothes, on softest golden hay. Down through the years their song of love comes to everyone, Who, deep within his heart, believes Jesus is God’s Son. This Christmas time, let Jesus’ love bless everything you do, So homes becomes a Bethlehem where Christmas dreams come true! – Margaret Peterson


Thought for 11-30-12

Christmas Happiness To You: Christmas happiness to you, with yuletide blessings too, May you feel the peace of God in everything you do. May it always thrill your soul, fulfill each promise real, May you always, in your heart, such a gladness feel – Celeste Nadine Gallucci



Thought for 12-1-12 and Prayer Line

The following is an email from Jimmy Smart’s wife Lorraine, updating me on Jimmy health issues. I ask you to pray heavily for my dear friend Jimmy, and for Lorraine as she has health issue’s also with knee, as well as all those in need of our prayers and prayer lines. I know that prayers are answered because we have witnessed so many times what prayer can do for those who truly believe, and I know our Blessed Savior hears our plea’s and he does answer even when

We are sharing this info because we have so many folks that have been praying for Jimmy. We saw Dr Claassen and Dr Wylie at Vanderbilt. He has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, (PSP) a very rare brain disease. Jimmy will eventually end up in a wheelchair, and will have other symptoms later on. We will keep you updated, it’s so very sad, but I guess it could be worse.

Hi Marty, I’d like to ask for prayers for my aunt Nancy. She’s been doing well after ovarian cancer a couple of years ago, but the doctors have found two more spots and surgery is scheduled for next Friday. Also for my 98-year-old grandmother, and my aunt Beth who has to tell her the news. – Margie

Little Town Of Bethlehem: One Holy Night in Bethlehem the world was about to see the birth of a Babe born for you and me.The shepherds ran to see the sight, the Magi traveled day and night. The animals knelt in awe and grace, to see the Savior’s baby face. O, Little town of Bethlehem, God gave you the glory to be the first to tell the world His blessed Christmas story – Dona M. Maroney


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