Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Oct 27, 2017

October 27, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1663


MALTA JOURNALIST CAR BOMBED From the BBC News Daily: Malta journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who openly criticizes top local politicians of corruption leaves this life by way of a remotely-triggered car bomb. The Maltese government investigation reports that the killing of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia on Monday, ‎October ‎16, ‎2017 indicates a remotely-triggered bomb destroys her car and takes her life. Caruana Galizia’s sons call for Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, to resign. They accuse him of failing to uphold our fundamental freedoms.

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MEGYN TANKS TO COMPETITION Remember FOX TV’s 2016 rising star Megyn Kelly? Megyn believes that she is the new Lassie. She leap frogs to less flashy NBC to become its bright and shiny new star. Not so. Prime guests shun Megyn Kelly Today. According to The Washington Post, her low ratings worry NBC so much that other Today hosts appear on Kelly’s show on a rescue mission. According to Nielsen, ABC’s Live With Kelly and Ryan draws 14% more viewers than Megyn Kelly during her first week and a zappy 34% more during her second week.

FIRST ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC LAUNCHES In 2011 and 2014, Soft AC WEZW FM (Easy 93.1) Wildwood Crest, NJ is first all Christmas of the year. On 9/25/2015, SummitMedia W261BX FM (100.1) Birmingham, AL is first all Christmas. On October 2, 2016, Earls Family Broadcasting KCAX-1220/K251BZ FM (98.1) Branson, MO begins all Christmas music. In 2014, when it is the first all Christmas, Soft AC WEZW FM (Easy 93.1) Wildwood Crest, 45 miles south of Atlantic City, makes the move on the third Friday in October just like it does in 2017.

SOCAL LOSES ITS SOUND Southern California’s countdown for the end of Classic Rock tunes begins. Entercom sells its Classic Rock KSWD FM (The Sound 100.3) to the Educational Media Foundation which will soon replace its Classic Rock tunes from groups like Rush, Boston and The Beatles with Christian Pop songs. Roughly 30 The Sound employees all leave the building when the sale becomes final. Long-time Los Angeles disc jockey Uncle Joe Benson sighs: You reach a certain age where the job isn’t what you want, but you got your music.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who is first to put in use the word radio? The answer appears below.


•TODD SCHNITT teams with 40-year sportscasting veteran Len Berman since early 2015 as one half of the iHeartMedia WOR-710 morning show MIA since not able to reach new contract agreement. •TRAVIS DAILY’s17-year run with Clear Channel/iHeartMedia as Region SVP of Programming Tampa-Sarasota, FL and PD of Country WFUS FM (US103.5) Tampa comes to an end. Contact Travis at us1035travis@yahoo.com•TRIBUNE MEDIA shareholders overwhelmingly approve its acquisition by Sinclair Broadcast Group.


•1957 WOWL TV NBC/CBS CH 15 in Florence, AL begins broadcasting on October 27th. •1969 CONWAY TWITTY records his hot single Hello Darlin’ at Bradley’s Barn in Mt. Juliet, TN on November 18th during an afternoon session. •1977 NASA launches space vehicle S-200 on October 27th. •1988 REID PERRY The Band Perry bass player is born on November 17th in Jackson, MS. •1997 U.S. releases redesigned $50 bill on October 27th. ‎•2005 BROOKs & DUNN shoot the video to Believe in Adams, TN on October 26th.


STEVE EBERHART (KGAF-1580 Eberhart Broadcasting owner/manager) (Gainesville, TX) Subject: KGAF. On October 1st, 1580 KGAF in Gainesville Texas celebrated its 70th anniversary. We had a big anniversary broadcast bringing back former KGAF staffers like Frank Haley, Dave Cooke, Jerry Adams, Pat Bolin, Steve Simmons, and a host of others. We played an interview I did years ago with original owner Joe Leonard Jr describing how it all started. We topped it off with a big contest with the prize of $1580 cash as first place and $500 second place prize. Big money for little ol’ Gainesville! The anniversary show is on a podcast on our website www.1580kgaf.com if anyone would like to listen. Steve Eberhart owner/operator KGAF, Eberhart Broadcasting.

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FRANK HALEY [News Director KDAZ-730, ex KKIM FM, KOB-770, KTRH-740, KILT-610, KLIF-1190, KVIL FM, KGAF-1580] (Albuquerque, NM) We watched cartoons and Dale Evans and Roy Rogers on Saturday mornings if we were lucky enough to have a TV. We would ride our bikes for hours. We’d pitch a tent and camp out (as we called it) lol. We weren’t afraid of anything except our parents. If someone had a fight which was really just a push and shove moment, we quickly got over it and began playing again with each other. Kids were given gun and rifle toys to play with by their parents and Santa. We never had to worry about a police officer asking to check to see if our toys were real guns. Kids had ” real rifles for hunting ” and a lot of boys actually had a rifle rack on the back of their pickup truck in the high school parking lot. Those rifles were for hunting and no one worried about anyone killing themselves or others. School was mandatory. We watched what we said around our elders because we knew If we DISRESPECTED any grown up we would get our butts busted, it wasn’t called abuse, it was discipline !!! Please , thank you , Yes mam/sir were part of our daily dialogue. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were possible to get back to this way of life? AMEN!! Thank you Jesus!!

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MIKE MARSHALL [former DJ on KNOK-970, KBOX-1480, KFJZ-1270, AFN-BERLIN, WFAA-820/570, KPRC-950, KXYZ-1320, KULF-790, KQUE FM, KBME-790] (Houston, TX) Subject: WFAA. Jim, Tony Lawrence also mentioned the studios. The three control rooms were, except for the size of the room, identical. Each had the red button, which meant any one could connect to either the 570 or 820 transmitter. The engineers always wanted to do “maintenance” when I was working on Saturday afternoons. As far as I could tell it consisted of squirting Windex on the face of the VU meters and it took about two hours, which meant I had to move everything, records, carts, copy book, the log from the main control room to the production room and back again what seems like every Saturday. No other station came close to this level of periodic maintenance. Also, I’m still waiting to hear Tony’s story how he got into American Forces Radio as a draftee. In my case it was incredible luck and considerable clout from my congressman, Rep. Jim Wright from Fort Worth. Mike Marshall KNOK, KBOX, KFJZ, AFN, BERLIN, WFAA, KPRC, KXYZ, KULF, KQUE, KBME

TRIVIA ANSWER: On October 20, 1906 Dr. Lee DeForest demonstrates the electrical vacuum radio tube. DeForest dislikes the term “wireless”. He chooses a new moniker, “radio.”

NICK ALEXANDER [ex KNUS FM, KVIL FM, KXOL-1360, WFAA-570, KZEW FM, KLIF-1190, KAND-1340, KDOK-1330] (Dallas-Coppell-Quinlan, TX) Jim I worked with Beau Weaver at KNUS 99 Back in 72/73. He did go on to a very successful career at KFRC (610) with Michael Spears as PD, then later at KHJ (930) Los Angeles. Today Beau is one of the most sought after voice over talents in the biz. And he worked for Bill Young in Houston somewhere along the line. They remained good friends. Nick Alexander Productions Quinlan, Tx

COUSIN BRUCIE (My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio) The playlist is the vocabulary of a radio station.

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