Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday ‎October ‎17, ‎2014


‎Friday, ‎October ‎17, ‎2014
Issue #1347
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GRAND OLE OPRY STAR’S KILLER GOES FREE! Since the 1950s Stringbean Akeman delights us with his banjo picking, long waist stage costume with shirt tail tucked inside his pair of short blue jeans with a belt around his knees. During the 1960s Stringbean’s Hee Haw comedy routines keep us laughing. Akeman doesn’t trust banks and keeps large amounts of cash on hand. But on Saturday night, November 10, 1973 when Stringbean and his wife return home to their tiny cabin near Ridgetop, TN after his Grand Ole Opry performance a cold blooded killer lies in wait and brutally shoots both of them dead. Another shock wave ‎on Wednesday, ‎October ‎15, ‎2014 a judge grants parole to 63 year old convicted killer John A. Brown and sets Stringbean’s assassin free.

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HOUSTON, TX’S BUST GOES BOOM! Around 9 am Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Radio One quickly shuts down its All News KROI FM and escorts 47 of its employees out of the building. Gone are well known local radio and TV news hounds who give radio news their all. Longtime Houston anchors J.P. Pritchard and Lana Hughes, former KRIV TV CH 26 anchor Mike Barajas, traffic reporter Lanny Griffith and sports anchors Craig Roberts and Jorge Vargas pack their bags and leave the building. Next is nothing but Beyoncé 24 hours a day! At 5pm on Monday, October 13th KROI FM goes from news bust to Classic Hip Hop Boom 92. Yes Houston really does need another hip hop to go along with KMJQ FM (Majic 102.1) and KBXX FM (The Box 97.9).

WESTWOOD ONE KISSES NBC NEWS GOOD BYE In early 2014 Cumulus-owned Westwood One announces that it will discard ABC Radio News toward the end of the year. ‎On Wednesday, ‎October ‎15, ‎2014 Westwood notifies its affiliates that it will also drop NBC News. Cumulus’ Westwood One signs a pact with CNN. Westwood Senior Vice-President, Affiliate Sales Dennis Green says in his letter: We will soon begin providing Westwood One News, our locally branded and full-service news network powered by CNN that offers stations enhanced programming, correspondent reports and news features. Westwood One news is designed to help stations integrate their local branding into newscasts with greater flexibility.

GIANT BEE ATTACKS INDIANAPOLIS WEATHER DAMSEL A TV meteorologist falls prey to what appears to be a giant insect bee that suddenly pops up during her weathercast. This all happens as Jennifer Ketchmark talks about the weather on Indianapolis, IN Fox affiliate WXIN TV CH 59 morning show. A bee which seems, for a moment, to be about four feet tall darts in front of the camera. Ketchmark dashes off the set and shouts: I’m gonna end up on some blooper reel! The bee which lands on one of WXIN TV news tower cams magnifies on the screen behind Jennifer appears to be from one of those 1950s Japanese sci-fi movies like The Giant Gila Monster.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first #1 tune that is more than 4 minutes long? The answer appears below.


•KATHERINE WHALEY KHOU TV CBS CH 2 Houston, TX Traffic reporter debuts as evening Traffic reporter on KTRK TV ABC CH 13 in the Bayou City on Thursday, ‎October 9, ‎2014. •ED SORENSEN with more than 25 years of Sports broadcasting that includes 18 years as Sports Director of WRTV TV ABC CH 6 Indianapolis, IN joins KWTX TV CH 10 Waco, TX as evening Sports Anchor on Monday, ‎October 13, ‎2014.•NORM WAMER vacates host post of The Front Row with Norm Wamer on Cumulus Sports Talk WLQR FM (The Ticket 106.5) Toledo, OH after 14 years, plus Program Director of sister Conservative News/Talk WLQR-1470. Bill Michaels, PD of Classic Rock WXKR FM (94.5) and Alternative W264AK FM (The Zone 100.7) adds Wamer’s duties.

•1958 ALAN JACKSON (Here in the Real World #3-1990) born on October 17th in Newnan, GA. •1968 GLEN CAMPBELL scores 2 on October 18th Entertainer of the Year & Male Vocalist of the Year at 2nd annual Country Music Association awards in Nashville, TN’s Ryman Auditorium. •1972 CHUCK BERRY’ssingle My Ding-a-ling quickly grabs #1 on October 17th. On my AM Drive DJ program on KBER FM/AM the phone rings off the wall for Berry’s comical hit record. •1987 THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND bags #1 in Billboard Country on October 17th with Fishin’ In The Dark. •1991 TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (16 Tons) dies at 72 on October 17th. •2011 KEITH URBAN’s single You Gonna Fly releases to radio on Capitol records on October 17th.

LEN HART [former KILT/KENR/KNUS newscaster] (Geneva, Switzerland) Jim, For a short while, another expatriate and I collaborated on a syndicate program that we were putting together each week out of Geneva. It was carried on a few stations primarily the west coast. But I bowed out before the schedule, logistics and post-production time involved was just eating my lunch. So –of late –I have just concentrated on finishing my two Screenplays. Both are now done. Next step is to re-connect with a some of the contacts I had made in L.A. I am also at work on several books —novel versions of both screenplays as well as several topical analyses of current events. Keep up the great work, let me know how I can help. your friend, Len PS I love LinkedIn …I have re-connected with Scotty Brink whom I knew way back in El Paso and, later, Houston. Scotty has had an incredible career but was never (as far as I know) a prima donna. The last time I saw Jim Carola was about two years before my big move to Europe. Should you see him, tell him I said “hello” your friend, Len

DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM [ex KXOL-1360] (Austin-Kyle, TX) Subject: Store robbery. The guy calmly hands the clerk a note that demands cash. The clerk calmly hands the guy some cash. Here is the link. (http://haysfreepress.com/content/kyle-police-seek-bank-robbery-suspect) I was just in that store about 2 hours ago, maybe less. They acted like nothing was going on. Whew. Jeff Cunningham, DC, MA Kyle, TX (www.zoesplaceclinic.com) / (www.myspace.com/drjeffcunningham)

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DON SUNDEEN [former KCOH-1430 OM/PD/DJ-Hi Records promotion-TV ad prod] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Stern’s Success. If you didn’t get Bob’s letter today. From: Bob Lefsetz: How did this happen? They’re fighting to be on Howard Stern’s radio program. Today alone, he featured not only Chelsea Handler and Billy Idol, but Bill Murray, the ungettable get. That’s right. Bill doesn’t even have an agent, he’s elusive, but he wanted to be on Howard’s show. In an era where content providers are bitching everything’s free, how did Howard Stern not only charge, but build an entire distribution network around him known as Sirius Radio?

JAY WALKER [ex-KLUV HD-2/KSNN/KYNG/KEGL/WLS-FM] (Dallas-Chambersville, TX) Jim, My wintertime project is continuing the restoration of my Western Electric 451A-1 broadcast transmitter made in 1941. That model was one of the last made before Western Electric sold the transmitter business to Continental. For me, It’s a real thrill talking through a transmitter that broadcast the news of Pearl Harbor live and all those wonderful radio programs from the “golden age” such as Amos n’ Andy, Jack Benny and so many others.. I now have the transmitter converted for use on 1885kc in the 160 meter amateur radio band and am now focusing on the cosmetic restoration. It’s fun and it keeps my mind busy. That’s the story from the big town of Chambersville. Good luck and continued success to you and your adventures with Word Press. Take care and I’ll check back with you and Suzie soon. Jay

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Animals 1964 Classic single House of the Rising Sun is the first #1 tune that is more than 4 minutes long which is much too long for a song on the radio in those days. It’s about Madame Marianne LeSoleil Levant (which means Rising Sun in French) New Orleans brothel open for business from 1862 (occupation by Union troops) until 1874.

BOB GRANT [Robert Hanger] (San Angelo-Abilene, TX) Subject: World Exclusive: Mary Reeves To Be Reburied Saturday. FYI…(Carthage,TX!) Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 03:30:23 +0200 www.jim-reeves.comJulie (Campbell-Jordan) World Exclusive: Information has reached us that Lani Arnold’s, one of Jim’s nieces, has been calling people to inform them that Mary Reeves is going to be reburied at the Jim Reeves Memorial site near Carthage at 10:30 a.m. on this Saturday, October 18th. This is in accord with Mary’s wishes as outlined in her will. After her death in 1999, her second husband, Terry Davis, ignored Mary’s wishes and placed her in a mausoleum in Madison, Tenn. instead. — Julie (Campbell-Jordan)

JIM REEVES (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964) May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again.


Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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