Marty's Prayer Line for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for yesterday, today and tomorrow by Marty Martel

This winter blast of snow and frigid freezing temperatures is worthy of our prayers and prayer lines.  Please play to our Blessed Lord to let these weather conditions pass, so that no one will be out in this weather with the complications that are threatening to one’s life.  I have said prayers all along and I know you have, but let’s pray that these temperatures rise before the weather man says they are going to be better.  If you must go out in this freezing cold, please, dress warmly and take care of yourselves. 

Hi Marty,  Please add Richard Mitchem to your prayer list.  Rick is Ann Tants’ brother. He lives in Lawrenceville, Ga and has multiple health issues.  Thank You,  Libby
Hi Tom, As I said Dan had emergency surgery this morning to relieve pressure on his brain found brain badly bruised , drained fluid and installed a drain Things are very tentative and no visitors are allowed right now Please pray for Dan, Sharon and the family
Please send out this to the troops
Need a prayer chain started for a face book friend. He don’t want no names put on here. His son got hurt in South Africa & they need prayers to get back home in US so his son can get the right healing.
To a very special lady in Country Music, Jett Williams, our wishes go out to her today on her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JETT AND MANY MORE, FROM ALL OF US IN COUNTRY MUSIC.
As you know I live here in TN and I am an avid sports fan, and something happened this past few days that is worthy of our attention, and our prayers for a great human being.  Mike Munchak was the coach of our TN Titan’s NFL team up until a few days ago, when instead of staying on, he himself quit.  The team’s front office were ready to bring him back as coach with an extension, but they insisted that he fire most of his staff from last year’s team , and he would not agree to that, BECAUSE HE FELT THAT THEY HAD DONE THEIR JOBS AND THAT NEXT YEAR WOULD BE WHAT THE TITANS AND FANS HAVE WANTED FOR SEVERAL SEASONS, AND THIS GROUP OF COACHES WERE THE REASON THAT THE TITAN’S WOULD BECOME A WINNING TEAM, BUT MOST OF ALL THESE COACHES WERE “HIS FRIENDS,”  SO COACH MUNCHAK DECIDED TO QUIT ON HIS OWN, RATHER THAN FIRE HIS CLOSE FRIENDS.  HE GAVE UP A GUARENTEED JOB WITH A NFL FRANCHISE FOR THE SAKE OF HIS COMMITMENT TO HIS FRIENDS.  PLEASE KEEP COACH MUNCHAK IN YOUR PRAYERS FOR SOMETHING THAT MANY PEOPLE WOULD NOT DO, BUT HE BECAUSE OF HIS COMMITMENT TO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, THIS WAS HIS CHOICE.  I KNOW YOU KNOW OTHERS WHO HAVE DONE THIS, BUT I FELT IT MERITED SOMETHING ON MY PRAYER LINE.  SEVERAL, INCLUDING COACH MUNCHAK WILL BE WITHOUT JOBS, SO MY PRAYER IS THAT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE COACHES WILL FIND WORK IN THIS OFF SEASON.  I hope you feel as I do, that prayer is worthy of this request.  He did something on his own for the sake of others.  Yes the others will also be without jobs, but knowing the Titan organization as we do, I feel that all coaches would have been fired also, except the one coach who was close to the front office boss of the Titan’s.
Maybe this request does not belong on my prayer line, but I am taking the chance that you will understand the meaning of my request.  God Bless.


Holy God, you have given me another day.

Bring your Holy Spirit into my mind and my life,

So that I may walk this day in your presence.

Let me feel your presence throughout the day,

Remembering always that you sent your Spirit

That you might be a living force in all I see and all I do.

When I feel temptation or begin to stray, show me your path.

Correct me, comfort me, let me live your will;

That I may be happy in this life and blessed in the life to come.

This I pray in the name of Christ, my Lord.



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