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January 06, 2014 [Monday]

Issue #1266

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ONE OF THE EVERLYS IS GONE Phil Everly is born on January 19, 1939 in Chicago, IL to Country performers Ike and Margaret Everly. Phil along with his older brother, Don, as the Everly Brothers become one of the biggest Rock and Country singing duos of the 1950s and early 1960s. The Los Angeles Times reports that Phil Everly dies at 74 on Friday, January 3, 2014 of obstructive pulmonary disease in Los Angeles, CA suburb of Burbank. The Everly Brothers influence 1960s-era groups and singer-songwriters from Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Simon and Garfunkel, the Byrds, the Hollies and the Beach Boys. Phil Everly and his brother Don induct into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 plus the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.
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BOB GRANT HAS DIED After Bob Grant graduates from the University of Illinois his first radio position is WAOK Oak Park, IL. In 1949 in the early days of television, Bob becomes a newscaster and actor on WBBM TV in Chicago. In 1959 he is a radio personality and TV talk show host on KNX Los Angeles. In 1962, KABC-790 hires Bob as sports director to team with legendary controversial radio talk host Joe Pine. In 1964, Grant takes over the show. In 1970, Bob Grant relocates to NYC on WMCA-570. In 1977, Grant exits WMCA for WOR-710. Next comes WWDB-860 Philadelphia, PA. In 1984, he returns to NYC as the cornerstone of WABC-770’s new talk format. In 1996 he rejoins WABC-770. On New Year’s Eve 2013 Bob Grant dies at 84 in Hillsborough, N.J.
NYPD MUG JOURNALIST We all remember TV videos of Occupy Wall Street squatters who take over city parks with their tents, litter and filth. According to The New York Daily News, on the anniversary of the invasion of the Occupiers, Chris Faraone, a journalist from Queens, claims that as he lawfully files a report about the illegal intruders for the Boston Phoenix, cops stop, tackle, batter, search, arrest, detain and imprison him without cause. Faraone says that he attempts to identify himself as a member of the press but Empire State gendarme ignore his pleas. So, Chris files a law suit against New York City, the NYPD plus 10 cops. Faraone claims county mounties deny him access to a lawyer and directed and/or threatened by the defendants to cease his journalism/reporting activities in the city.
WHO WILL MERGE WITH TIME WARNER CABLE TV? After the retirement of current Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt in January 2014, Rob Marcus replaces him as TWC’s new Chairman/CEO. On Monday, December 9, 2013 as he speaks to a packed house of industry professionals at the UBS sponsored 41st Annual Global Media & Communications conference in NYC’s Westin Hotel, TWC’s new CEO Rob Marcus does an about-face on a recent Bloomberg News article that quotes him as saying he is the right man to steer TWC through its current M&A situation. He adds that according to unnamed sources TWC would be willing to do a deal in the $150 to $160 per share range. Marcus says that his comments are taken out of context in order to generate ‘a sexy headline’.
TRIVIA QUESTION: During the early 1950s one of my favorite TV detective series is Boston Blackie. What is the doggie’s name? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chris Huff on January 8th & Dave Tuckeron January 9th. KWBT FM (The Beat 104.9) Bellmead/Waco, TX shifts to 94.5 on December 31, 2013 to replace Kennelwood Broadcasting Talk KBCT (Info-FM 94.5) Waco, TX. M&M relaunches 104.9 as Rhythmic CHR KBHT FM (Hot 104.9) Waco, TX. •WRKN FM Cumulus (Rock 92.3) New Orleans-LaPlace, LA drops Rock and flips to Nash FM Country on Monday, January 6, 2013 at 9:23am to take on Clear Channel WNOE FM (101.1). •JASON GINTY PD/Afternoon Host on WRKN FM (92.3) and sister Sports WMTI FM (The Ticket 106.1) New Orleans, LA departs.


•1956 KGNS TV NBC/ABC CH 8 in Laredo, TX begins broadcasting on January 6th. 1961 MARK NESLER singer-songwriter (Tim McGraw Just To See You Smile, George Strait Living And Living Well and others) born on January 5th in Beaumont, TX. •1975 WHEEL OF FORTUNE debuts on NBC TV on January 6th. 1983 JOHN ANDERSON’s single Swingin’ releases on January 5th on Warner Brothers records. •1993 BILL WYMAN proclaims that he will vacate the Rolling Stones on January 6th. 2005 LEE ANN WOMACK’s video I May Hate Myself in the Morning featuring Jack Ingram debuts on CMT on January 6th.


CHARLIE OCHS (Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL) Subject: Bob Cole. I enjoy reading your (newsletter) although not as frequently as I would like. A year-and-a-half ago I decided retirement was a bore and went to work as a Financial Professional at Prudential Financial and I miss reading it daily. Today you touched my memory with mention of Bob Cole and his time at KIKK-96-FM. As you know, I was doing the morning show at KIKK when he came to us from Ft. Lauderdale. I think he was no more than 19 or 20 years old with the voice of an Armed Forces Radio Network newscaster. The studios were still in the old, run down building in Pasadena TX. Manager Al Greenfield had moved everything else to the new building on Gulfton in SW Houston so, if you remember, maintenance was not a high priority at the studios…including pest control. Bob was deathly afraid of spiders. A few days after he started and shortly before handing off to me at 6:00 am, a particularly large and healthy arthropod fell from the ceiling onto the console in front of him while he was live, on the air. The scream from that “big-boy” voice was a unique wake-up alarm for thousands of KIKKers. Congratulations on the success of JRRR. Keep up the good work. Charlie Ochs
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MIKE HARTMAN (Ft. Worth-Joshwa, TX) Jim…Just a comment or two about Ray Price. As a Christian, it was comforting to read a statement Mr. Price made, knowing his condition was terminal. This isn’t exactly word for word, but real close: “I love and appreciate my fans. I love Jesus. I’m at peace. I’ll see you again someday”. Several years ago, Ray Price gave a performance at the Joshua High School auditorium, in Joshua, TX…about 4 or 5 blocks from where I live. If my memory serves me right, I had already committed to a singing job that very night. How sad it was to drive right by that auditorium. I never had the honor of seeing him in concert, or meeting him. When I look back, all I can think is “what if”. Ray Price’s version of “Danny Boy” is my all-time favorite song of his. RIP Ray. Mike
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GUYANNE MCCALL [new DJ on KHLB FM – Country singer Darrel McCall’s daughter] (Mason, TX) Mr. Rose, So glad to know that you are a supporter of traditional country music as well! I am honored that you know my father and I work hard to make him proud so it’s all about the REAL stuff to me such as Ray Price and Faron Young! Tracy Pitcox taught me everything I know about radio 🙂 I am currently an artist on his “Heart of Texas” Records label (under the name Guyanne McCall)…but I like many have a real job and luckily that will be at KHLB. The new owners are in the process of re-doing the studio and we are currently running on air with no dj while all of this construction is being done. I do not know yet when it will actually be ready but I will let you know when I do! I will also pass on your interest in the other dj’s as well. Much Thanks! Guyanne McCall Dannheim
DR. BRUCE NELSON [KFTX FM 97.5 GM/AM Drive DJ Retired on 12/31/2010] (Corpus Christi, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1265) January 03, 2014 [Friday] Best of 2014 to you Jim, Sorry to hear long time Radio Ranger Col. St. James temporally on the beach but I feel this Houston radio Icon will land on his feet!!! Also saw your note on the passing of Gordon Hinkley in Milwaukee, he was a contender to be reckoned with during my tenure in the early 70’s a PD of WMIL. Dr. Bruce Nelson (www.kftx.com)
TRIVIA ANSWER: From 1951-53 in the thrilling Ziv Television series Kent Taylor as Boston Blackie tools around Los Angeles, CA in his exotic convertible with his best gal, Mary (Lois Collier), plus his faithful terrier companion, Whitey, as he cracks crime cases always one step ahead of Inspector Farraday (Frank Orth). Jimmy Buffett’s Pencil Thin Moustache, plus The Coasters’ Searchin’ both mention Boston Blackie’s pencil thin moustache.
BUD BUSCHARDT [former Director WFAA TV CH-8, ABC satellite radio PD/host] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Charley Van… I know Bobby Brock and Charlie were close friends. Maybe it was Brock who was his prankster friend. I’ll have to ask Tony next time I see him. It might have been the three of them that pulled pranks on George, the record librarian. When WFAA-FM was live in 1967, Rob Edwards was the P.D. When Tom Perriman took over, Grady Royster was his right hand man.  By the way, Rob Edwards (from Houston) ended up in L.A. Bud 
DAVID CARSON [Rockin’ Down The Dial: The Detroit Sound of Radio] It was a simpler, less sophisticated time, but what a great, fun time it was.
Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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