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MORE VIOLENCE ON TV The Augusta, GA Chronicle reports that a caller to local ABC affiliate WJBF TV CH 6 threatens reporter Michael Miller that he will be blasted in the face with a shotgun. The Richmond County sheriff’s department incident report indicates that WJBF TV notifies them around 2 pm after a man threatens reporter Michael Miller with a shotgun. According to the Chronicle, Miller tells cops that he just finishes a report about Green Dot card scams. Green Dot cards are prepaid, reloadable debit and credit cards. The caller calls WJBF TV again and threatens to kill everyone in the studio. The Chronicle says that WJBF TV alerts the Police squad on Tuesday afternoon, November 5, 2013 about the call.
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CNN THROWS IN THE TOWEL Recently, CNN brags it will produce and broadcast a feature-length documentary about likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. But CNN abandons the project when Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, Nick Merrill, tells them that she was busy writing her book, and not speaking to the media. For several years, Fox News dominates the cable TV ratings. Among cable network news channels CNN ranks even below the low-rated MSNBC. Good-bye CNN. On Friday, November 8, 2013 CNN announces that with its ratings and reputation sinking fast like the Titanic, it will begin investing in everything except serious news-gathering with a new focus on a variety of unscripted formats, including other travel shows, and immersive’ nonfiction programs.
MONEY PROBLEMS PLAGUE HOUSTON, TX FM KUHA FM Classical (91.7) Houston, TX lays off four on-air hosts plus a ‘handful of off-air personnel‘ on Thursday, November 07, 2013 because a poor nine day fundraising campaign leaves it $74,000 short of its $200,000 goal. American Public Media’s Classical 24 Network replaces on-air hosts Bob Stevenson, Elaine Kennedy, Chris Johnson and Chris Hathaway. Along with the cuts, local arts and music program The Front Row also cancels out. Financial problems plague sister NPR News/Talk KUHF FM (88.7) too as it falls short $200,000 of its $1 million goal. In 2010 KUHF buys then KTRU FM from Rice University for $9.5 Million. In May 2011 KTRU FM begins to operate as All-Classical KUHA FM.
TV STATIONS SWITCH ANCHORS What’ll they think up next? Movers load up the moving vans because KCBS TV CH 2 Los Angeles, CA plans to swap anchor teams plus time slots with independent station KCAL TV CH 9 beginning on November 18, 2013. That’s Right! Git up and boogie! KCAL TV evening anchor team Sharon Tay, Rick Garcia and meteorologist Evelyn Taft relocate to KCBS TV to anchor the morning and 11:00 am newscasts. Traffic reporter Stephanie Simmons is the only KCBS TV morning news team member to remain. KCBS TV morning team Kent Shockneck and Suzie Suh join meteorologist Rich Fields in Tay and Garcia’s old spots on independent station KCAL TV at 8:00 and 10:00 pm. KCBS TV Chief Meteorologist Josh Rubenstein moves to KCAL TV at Noon, 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 pm.
TRIVIA QUESTION: Which state is home to America’s oldest cattle ranch?


BOB SCHIEFFER former KXOL-1360 news now CBS News Chief Washington DC Correspondent star journalism student of Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth renames its College of Communications the Schieffer College of Communications on Friday, November 8, 2013. •J.D. HAYWORTH co-host of morning drive show on Sports Talk XEPRS-1090 San Diego, CA sues its operator Broadcasting Company of the Americas after they fire him just six months into his two-year contract. •WNIC FM Clear Channel AC (100.3) Detroit, MI segues from Fresh 100 which begins in December 2010 to Christmas music on Thursday, November 7, 2013.


•1956 VICTOR YOUNG orchestra leader on The Milton Berle TV Show dies at 56 on November 11th. •1961 HANK WILLIAMS, Fred Rose and Jimmie Rodgers first inductees into Country Music Hall Of Fame on November 3rd. •1972 BERRY OAKLEY Allman Brothers Rock band bassist born on November 11th. •1983 MIRANDA LAMBERT 1st female to earn nine Country Music Association nominations in a single year during 2010 born on November 10th in Longview, TX. •1994 BILL GATES buys da Vinci’s Codex on November 11th for $30,800,000. •2008 TAYLOR SWIFT’s album Fearless releases on Big Machine on November 11th.


DAN MCCURDY [Charlie & Harrigan KLIF-1190] (Sherman, TX) Subject: Mel Blanc. Jim, in the last JRRR, you wrote: <<“Voice actor Mel Blanc’s incredible cartoon character voices virtually invent the medium. Mel’s grave marker proclaims That’s All Folks…”>> While his resting place has that famous line…my autographed copy of his last (maybe only?) book is entitled, “That’s Not All, Folks”…I happened to be in Chicago visiting a friend when I heard on WFMT-FM (Chicago’s classical music giant) that they were offering Blanc’s book, autographed no less, for a contribution to WFMT’s pledge drive. Being a huge MB fan, I called ’em up, made the donation and received the book a week or so later. Along with an autographed copy of “Bubbles,” by Beverly Sills, whom I met in Dallas, Mel Blanc’s autobiography sits in the highest spot of my bookshelf for all to see. BTW, I have a new Akita buddy named ‘Aki’ west of here near Whitesboro who is eager to meet Miss Lacy…would welcome a visit by you both for a surprise ‘matchmaker’ introduction <g>). My best to you and Lacy, Jim. Dan McCurdy, Sherman, Texas; KLIF (Charlie Brown), KBOX (Dan Patrick) – Dallas; WMEX (Fenway) – Boston; Inducted in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame 2004; President, McCurdy Comms 
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ROBERT TINDLE [Radio Engineering Professional] (Tyler-Lufkin, TX) Subject: KASO AM Sale. Jim! Me bad, I guess I misunderstood so we will be handing out the congratulations in April 2015. I think that KASO was sold with a Class A FM station for a total of about $300,000. Was probably worth almost a million once upon a time. The Minden FM was moved to 95.7 and is a move-in station to Shreveport now and owned by Access 1 holdings. I know a lot of small dogs that lived to almost 15 years but larger dogs do not seem to live nearly as long. I have had several live a long time but not long enough so cherish the time you do have with Lacy. I had an elderly Aunt who lived alone in Fort Worth and after her dog passed away I asked her about getting another dog and she replied “Oh No, They do not live long enough and it hurts too much when they go”! Take care and keep up the good work! I will write you another letter of gratuity very soon! Thanks, Robert Tindle
PAUL CHRISTY [KRTH FM/KFRC-610/KFI-640/PD KRBE FM/KHMX FM/PD KZFX FM/KHTC] (Houston, TX) Subject: Do you remember spinning disco in a night club? Just noticed that I didn’t answer this, sorry! I did play disco and 80s dance music at a club called Boogie Nights. I usually worked the one on 1960 & Kuykendahl but sometimes on Richmond Ave. It was my last gasp of craziness, I tell ya. Once the power went out up on Kuykendahl, and the place was plunged into silence and total darkness. That’s when things got really wild! Ah yes… PC
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JOHN HALE [Retired KLBJ-590/KONO-860/KTRH-740 newscaster] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1150) November 26, 2012 [Monday] Jim, I’m not real sure most radio or TV news departments want real news reporters any longer. A good friend who’s still a news director told me recently that today’s news is all about guns, God, and gays, and that there’s no premium placed any longer on real reporting and writing skills. There’s a lot of truth in that…all you have to do is listen to the content of the news on the so-called news-talk radio stations, or watch TV news, including the national network newscasts, to realize they’re not using the same hiring and editing standards that they did back in our days in the business. John Hale; McKinney, Texas
TRIVIA ANSWER: The King Ranch, in South Texas between Corpus Christi and Brownsville, is one of the world’s largest ranches. The largest contiguous U.S. ranch is the Waggoner Ranch near Vernon, TX. In 1853 Captain Richard King and Gideon K. Lewis found The King Ranch with 825,000 acres. In 1961 the King Ranch is designated a National Historic Landmark. In the early 1850s Daniel Waggoner founds The Waggoner (Three D) 3,000-acre Ranch. Surprise! Surprise! Deep Hollow Ranch near Montauk, NY dates as far back as the 1700s as America’s oldest cattle ranch
LESLIE WAYNE HODGES [ex KRCS] (Marshall, TX) Subject: Don Harris WBAP AND John Bagwell KOZA. I agree. I sure did enjoy and look forward to hearing Don Harris on WBAP 820 Fort Worth. Could hear Don Harris in Midland before sunrise. Great radio Don the cowbell at 5 am and the National Anthem before 6 am. Thank you, Leslie
SHIRLEY BASSEY (January 8, 1937 – p) No wedding bells for me anymore. I’ve been happily married to my profession for years.
Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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