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martymartel05“Off The Cuff News” Will air worldwide this morning, at 10am CST. on Wildhorse Entertainment.” it is a re-run of a very popular show Marty did a while ago about the Country Legends where he featured all his favorite Country Legends in one show.
Here is a personal message from Marty regarding his Popular Saturday morning News show “Off The Cuff News”.
I am sorry for not having a fresh and new “Off The Cuff News” available this week as I have been unable to completely get over my health issues. I think that the Doctors have finally hit the right medication but it keeps me low-keyed and tired for the first couple of days. I hope to continue with my show as soon as I am fully capable of compiling the news that fits with what I do best. Frans has put together a Legends Tribute from some of my older shows and I hope that you will enjoy listening to the tributes and the songs I selected honoring some of my favorite Country Legends.

My pick of the Top 10 quotes are as follows.

I chose the quote by Frans Maritz as #1 because it sends a great message

You May Comment Below if you feel my Selection is not to your Satisfaction

Thank You Marty Martel

#1    Frans Maritz: “It’s Amazing What we build when at Peace and What we break when at War’

#2    Barbara Blevins: God didn’t make me perfect, so that makes us even”

 #3   Judy Weldon: “Independent Artists Plow A Huge Field To Reap Half A Peanut!”

 #4   Rhonnie Scheuerman: “When I was young I looked forward to my golden years, but now that I am older they feel more like it’s my rusty years”

#5    Johnny Blue: “If someone is ready to cry another is ready to laugh”

#6    Laura Dodd: “Success can be achieved thru hard work, drive and determination.”
#7    Barbara Rainey: Make Wildhorse Entertainment one of the ‘Best Days’ of your life!!!
#8    Keith Bradford: “I am not in the jelly bean business. I don’t sugar coat nothing.”
#9    Donna Cunningham: “If you have music, love and laughter in your life, everything else just works out.”

#10  Johnny Blue: “Who knows, Always Knows Better”

I was going to add these quotes to my show this week but as I have not fully recovered from my illness I will still add them to my Off The Cuff News in the future, for all to hear.

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Off The Cuff News WILL BE repeated MON-FRI AT 1PM CST, same place to log on.
Thank you and don’t forget it is OFF THE CUFF NEWS-10AM-CST this morning.
Marty Martel

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