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DURAND DURAND DIES Irish character actor Milo O’Shea who plays arch nemesis villain Dr. Durand Durand in the 1968 cult movie Barbarella passes away at 86 in a New York hospital on Tuesday night, April 2, 2013. O’Shea’s role as Dr. Durand Durand in the science fiction flick Barbarella inspires a British Rock group to name its band, Duran Duran. In 1976, O’Shea becomes a longtime resident of New York. Milo has many roles on stage and screen as well as TV series CheersFrasierThe Golden GirlsSt Elsewhere and The West Wing. O’Shea appears with Paul Newman in The Verdict. Milo O’Shea’s first wife from 1952–1974 is Irish actress Maureen Toal. He leaves behind his second wife, actress Kitty Sullivan, two sons (Colm and Steven) and three grandchildren.

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NEW RADIO PROGRAMMER RIDES INTO AUSTIN, TX Clear Channel moves JT Bosch to Austin, TX as PD of Country KASE FM and Country KVET FM from Pennsylvania where he is Operations Manager plus Regional Program Manager of CC’s Harrisburg, Lancaster/Reading, Williamsport, and Allentown markets. Bosch who dives into radio in 1988 begins his career on WUPE Pittsfield, MA. He wets his feet as a PD of WRHT FM (96.3) in Greenville, NC. He moves on up to APD and Music Director of WLAN FM (96.9) in Lancaster, PA and eventually becomes PD. Bosch later is PD of WHKF FM (99.3) in Harrisburg. In 2008. he is PD of WRBT FM (94.9). Bosch brags: I’m looking forward to starting this next chapter in my radio career and am excited to take KASE and KVET to the next level.

VARIETY SAYS AM RADIO IS CESSPOOL Variety TV Critic Brian Lowry decides to blast AM radio after he learns about FCC commissioner Ajit Pai’s panel on AM revitalization at the NAB show in Las Vegas, NV. He writes a wickedly sarcastic article titled AM Radio: Welcome to the Cesspool. The harsh TV critic lets loose his cannons on several topics that bother him about radio: radio is often viewed as the bastard cousin at NAB, the medium that doesn’t garner much attention alongside TV and new technologies. Lowry doesn’t like AM radio’s advertising, diversity of stations in L.A., weekend infomercials and of course talk radio. He goes on: AM’s most obvious excess would be its contribution to political polarization in the form of talk hosts (conservatives Rush Limbaugh and SeanHannity).

BIG RADIO CHANGES IN CORPUS CHRISTI, TX EMF Broadcasting continues to expand its Air-1 Christian CHR network in Texas with the acquisition of Country KOUL FM (103.7) Corpus Christi-Refugio from Tejas Broadcasting for $1.25 Million. KOUL FM also files a studio waiver request and will follow-up with its usual application to convert KOUL to non-commercial status. EMF already owns KKLM FM (88.7) Corpus Christi with itsK-Love Christian AC network. Tejas Broadcasting hangs onto the rest of its Corpus Christi cluster: Hot AC KLTG FM (The Beach 96.5), Regional Mexican KMJR FM (La Caliente 98.3), and Spanish AC KLHB FM (Exitos 105.5).

TRIVIA QUESTION: What’s the story about Elton John’s hit tune Daniel? The answer appears below.


•TIM RICHARDS Clear Channel Top 40 (CHR) KZZP FM (KISS FM 104.7) Phoenix, AZ PD replaces Jeff Garrison after 17 years as PD of CBS Radio Country KMLE FM (107.9) in near by Chandler, AZ. 

•WQZQ-830 Nashville, TN flips from Gospel to NBC Sports Network with local talent George Plaster and Willy Daunic Sports Night along with Darren McFarland from 3-7 pm plus 4-7 pm on WPRT FM (The Game 102.5) and Murfreesboro’s new translator 97.5. 

•T.J. MCCORMACK 25 year comedian and Conservative commentator on Fox News Channel is new AM Drive host on Whitney WVOX-1460 New Rochelle-Westchester, NY.


•1952 ADAM WOODS drummer and pianist for British New Wave Pop/Rock band Fixx born on April 8th in London, England. 

1960 JOHN SCHNEIDER (Bo Duke on TV series The Dukes Of Hazzard) born on April 8th in Mount Kisco, NY. 

•1976 PHIL OCHS protest singer and songwriter dies at 35 on April 9th. 

1988 RANDY TRAVIS’album Storms Of Life goes Double-Platinum on April 8th. 

•1996 BEN JOHNSON cowboy Western movie actor (Rio Grande – 1949) dies of heart attack at 77 on April 8th. 

2006 RASCAL FLATTS single What Hurts The Most begins four-week perch at #1 in Billboard Country on April 8th.


JONATHAN FRICKE [2006 Country Radio Hall of Fame/WSM Nashville/KFOX Los Angeles/WSAI Cincinnati/KOKE AM/FM Austin] (Nashville, TN) Subject: Mandy. Beautiful day here today in Music City. So nice that Nancy, Mandy and I went for a stroll in Charlie Daniels Park. She is such a great little dog… hard to believe she was a rescue dog. Here is a picture of Mandy that was snapped when she was on the couch. Hope all is well… stay in touch! Jonathan

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(Gentleman] JIM Carter [KBUC, KONO] (San Antonio, TX) Howdy Jimbo: One of your last email contributors mentioned meeting WRR’s Jim Lowe, (the original voice of Big Tex). I worked for Jim Lowe back in 1969. I did afternoon drive at sizzling HOT WRR. “Smokin'” Jim Lowe did morning drive and was the “Shotgun Kelly” of the station. He was like a gunslinger. When you weren’t paying attention to him “Smokin'” Jim would whip out one his famous “Library of Laffs” LP cuts and fill your ears with the likes of Jose Jiminez, Jonathon Winters or any of a number of other perennial favorites. And as a result Superjock “Smokin'” Jim hit a bulls eye with many Big D listeners and rode the range and kept the peace at WRR for nearly a century…or so it seemed. One day “Smokin” Jim decided enough was enough and galloped off into the sunset and left a heckuva legendary legacy. Lol. Just thinking about WRR being called a “HOT” station cracks me up! And calling my 2:00-6:00 PM shift “afternoon drive” and Jim Lowe being referred to as “Smokin’ Joe” is a hoot ‘n a holler…especially if you knew him or me. The station’s ratings lived in the dumpster in the basement. The format was a combination of Charlie Van’s WFAA, a little country influence from the likes of WBAP 820 and a dash of “long hair”, (ie), KIXL. And of course every hour was spiced up with a comedy bit from one of a multitude of many funny folks that Jim Lowe personally hand-picked for his “Library of Laffs”. It was fun to think about Jim again after all these years…so kudos to your contributor or reader for mentioning the one and only Jim Lowe. And no, this is not the Jim Lowe of “Green Door” fame…I actually thought it was the same guy until I was almost middle-aged, lol. Keep the memories coming Jim. The best to you and Lacy. Gentleman Jim Carter/San Antonio, Texas

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LYNN WOOLLEY [KRLD-KTEM-KNOW-KUT] (Waco-Temple, TX) Subject: Gaylon Christie. By the way, KTON 940 is defunct. But the old KMIL and later KTAE, 1330, in Cameron will be moving to Temple with greatly increased power and the call letters will be KTON. (

JIM GOUGH [‘Mr. Texas’-movie actor-voice actor] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1186) April 01, 2013 [Monday] Yep…I remember now. Milton (Graves) KFRD. I’m surprised that you and I never met at KNUZ. I was there a lot cutting spots. Paul Berlin and I were good friends and Dave Morris and I were on the same rodeo committee. Dave got me to produce some TV spots for him also. Jim Gough

TRIVIA ANSWER: In the morning of 1973, Bernie Taupin writes the lyrics to Elton John’s hit record, Daniel. In the afternoon, Elton puts the words to music. Before the day finishes, Elton John records the tune with his band.Daniel swiftly rises to #2 in the US and reaches #4 in the UK with sales of over a half million copies.

ANDY WALDROP (Houston, TX) Subject: Terry Hunt? Jim, Here is a link to their homepage. I can’t quite figure-out what their call letters are. Call letters COULD be KRMX. (

JOAN PATE-DAY [late Sam Pate’s sister] (Cedar Creek Lake, TX) Subject: Cowboy Weaver. My husband and I were dating at the time. He had bought me a new 17 jewel watch for Christmas and Cowboy asked to use it as we recorded (radio show). The whole time he was recording he continually wind my watch. When it broke he threw it to me and said “this does not run it is a piece of junk”. My Bill never liked him after that. I did not go on his television show but Sam (Pate) played the slap bass for him. Behind him on the stage, without him knowing Sam would ride the bass like a horse. Cowboy thought everyone was laughing at him.

OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) My experience is that as soon as people are old enough to know better, they don’t know anything at all.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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