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YES GUITARIST PLINKS LAST TUNE Billboard magazine confirms that guitarist and founding member of Progressive Rock band Yes, Peter Banks, dies at 65 in his home in London on Thursday, March 7, 2013. He is born in Barnet on July 15, 1947. After he records two albums with Yes that includes their self-titled debut release in 1969, he becomes a Progressive Rock star. Banks leaves Yes to form Flash and releases three albums: Flash (1972), Out Of Our Hands (1972) and In the Can (1973). Peter and his band Flash have several successful tours of Europe and the US along with an appearance on TV show The Midnight Special. When he does not show up for a recording session they find him deceased in his home. The BBC’s Danny Baker calls Peter Banks the architect of progressive music.


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JAMMIN FLIPS TO SXSW Every year thousands of brands, bands, artists and other industry big wigs gather in Austin, TX to view the latest trends in music, technology and other creative arts at South By Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW). Clear Channel Sports KVET-1300 Austin, TX parent station of sister KVET FM (The Zone 98.1) replaces translator K276EL FM Rhythmic Oldies (Jammin 103.1) with temporary micro-format pop-up radio dedicated to the South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festivals. IHeartAustin Radio airs through March 17, 2013. K276EL FM translator covers the SXSW Interactive Festival and performers at the music festival plus programming from its Evolution Dance Music channel. Dig iHeartAustin Radio at




NO MORE AM FM RADIOS INSIDE AUTO DASHBOARDS During the Radio Ink Convergence conference Eric Rhoads witnesses the panel’s discussion amongst three representatives of the automotive industry: one from Gartner Research; one from the Silicon Valley offices of General Motors; and one who represents an industry association for the connected car. Suddenly, a harsh statement is made: AM and FM are being eliminated from the dash of two car companies within two years and will be eliminated from the dash of all cars within five years. The panelists declare that young people don’t use radio anymore. Automakers see no need to continue to put radios in the car. Kids want Pandora, Spotify, and other audio services. If they want radio, get it on TuneIn or iHeart.




BIG 3 AUTO MAKERS STRIKE BACK When word leaks out that American auto makers might get rid of FM-AM radios in new car dashes the Big Three speaks up. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler each admit their commitment to keeping broadcast radio inside their dashboards. Phil Abram, Chief Infotainment Officer at GM says: We can’t speak for other automakers, but to be clear, GM has no near term plans to eliminate AM and FM from GM vehicles. Alan Hall from Ford admits: There are no plans to ‘disband’ the AM frequency. Eric Mayne of Chrysler retaliates: We have no plans to get rid of them because of their value for our customers. Instead it’s the CD player that’s being phased-out. Some Chrysler models make CD optional plus the Viper won’t even allow a CD unit to be installed.


TRIVIA QUESTION: Does former Beatle John Lennon have a premonition about his death? The answer appears below.




•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Buddy Johnson long time Beaumont, TX DJ on KTRM-990 & KYKR FM celebrates another annum on Saturday, March 16, 2013.

•TAYLOR SWIFT hundreds of unopened envelopes of Swift’s fan mail found by WKRN TV ABC CH2 Nashville, TN in a recycling dumpster.

•FRANK FONTANA host of Let’s Be Frank along with producer Andy Hermann returns to WGN-720 Chicago, IL on Sunday, March 17, 2013 from 1:00pm-2:30pm.

•MORGAN PRUE exits PD of Classic Hits Boom in Ottawa as new APD at Greater Media WMJX FM in Boston, MA.




•1955 WLEX TV NBC CH18 in Lexington, KY begins broadcasting on March 15th.

1966 ROGER MILLER scores six times on March 15th at the 8th annual Grammy Awards. King Of The Road nails Best Contemporary Male, Contemporary Single, Country & Western Male, C&W Single and C&W Song.

•1971 CBS TV announces that it drops the Ed Sullivan Show on March 15th.

1988 RANDY TRAVIS’ single Too Gone Too Long grabs #1 in Billboard Country on March 12th.

•1997 GAIL DAVIS star of TV’s Annie Oakley dies on March 15th.

2010 MIRANDA LAMBERT’s single White Liar goes Gold on March 12th.




FRANK HALEY [KKIM-1000 News Director/former KLIF-1190/KILT-610] (Albuquerque, NM) [To: Charlie Van Dyke, Jim Rose, Ken Dowe, Ron Chapman, John Borders, John Bass, Jim White, Nick Alexander] Subject: Bill Young. R[obert] B. McIntire just told me “He [Bill Young] is ill. A malady he fought as a young boy involving the lungs has re-appeared. I saw him a year ago and he looked frail at that time.” and from a couple other people, it appears he is close to death. So sorry.


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CHARLIE VAN DYKE [retired KLIF-1190/WLS-890] (Paradise Valley, AZ) [To: Ken Dowe, Jim Rose, Ron Chapman, John Borders, Frank Haley, John Bass, Jim White, Nick Alexander] Subject: Bill Young. Ken…what is happening? I spoke with him maybe 9 months ago…maybe 11…but he was OK. Is it cancer. What’s going on? Wow…our numbers are getting thin. Ugh! C


KEN DOWE [retired CEO Service Broadcasting #1 KKDA FM (104.5) / EVP McLendon Corp. #1 KLIF-1190] (Dallas, TX) [To: Charlie Van Dyke, Jim Rose, Frank Haley, Ron Chapman, John Borders, John Bass, Jim White, Nick Alexander] Subject: Bill Young. Charlie, Bill has a congenital respiratory problem that has been worsening from chronic to critical in recent years. Breathing has gone from labored to nearly impossible. He has suffered greatly. Now, we are being told he is near death. Bill Young is a wonderful man, a great friend, and a legend in our game. Ken


BILL YOUNG [from editor] From 1974-75 during my time as a DJ on Top 40 KFJZ-1270 in Ft. Worth, TX Bill Young wakes up our format as our consultant. In 1980, what an exciting time it is in Houston, TX radio because Bill hires me as a DJ on Album Rock KILT FM. Young not only is one of America’s top radio Program Directors but he also is a wonderful person. Long time legendary KILT-610/KILT FM Houston, TX Program Director Bill Young is ill and needs our prayers.


CASEY JAMES [Putnam] (Houston-Pearland, TX) Subject: Jim I have always wondered how many car collisions you have survived over the years. I know you have been lucky and unlucky in this matter and if you were ever to write your memoirs they would be larger than life and an adventure. I have even thought of writing a song about the adventures of A Man That should be in Hall Fame For Sure. Mellow fellar Rose Love ya Jim, Casey James Putnam


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CHARLES GEORGE [ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Midnight In Moscow. Hi, A bit of trivia. Radio Moscow use to use the Kenny Ball tune Midnight in Moscow as a segue between segments and at ID times when changing frequencies. KTON 940 use to have a very good signal in to South East Dallas. I notice Soul 73 is no more it now has Foreign Language programming. I bought a new-used Ovation Celebrity Guitar. I like to use it for slide guitar, my other Ovation Guitar is kept in Standard tuning. I don’t like to retune unless I have to. After I get caught up on a few things need to send you a subscription, so need your current address. Charles George


TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1963, after The Beatles relocate to London, John Lennon has a conversation with fashion model Sonny Freeman. She admits to John that a German soldier shoots her father because of his anti-Nazi views. Lennon confesses to Sonny that he doesn’t believe that he will live very long either. John says that he has a forewarning that he will be shot too. On the night of December 8, 1980 as Lennon and wife Yoko Ono return from Record Plant Studio to their home at The Dakota, 25-year-old crazed fan Mark David Chapman shoots him at close range. St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital doctors pronounce John Lennon dead on arrival.


CONLEY RICHARD BRIMAGE [1962 Kimball high school graduate/classmate] (Houston-Spring, TX) Subject: Polk Salad Annie. Jim, I remember the song but don’t remember how they spelled it at the time. The salad is made from pokeweed leaves and so the spelling is poke salad. My wife remembers eating it when she lived in the country out in East Texas. The plant is toxic so preparation is very important to keep from poisoning yourself. Although like you KLIF was my favorite station I have admit I don’t remember Midnight to Moscow. Will have to see if I can find it on you tube. Hope you and Lacy are doing well. I don’t listen to music on the radio any more. Use my Ipod and some Denon headphones. Cheers for now. Conley Brimage; Spring, TX


TONY JOE WHITE (July 23, 1943 – p)looks somethin’ like a turnip green. Everybody calls it Polk salad. Polk…salad.




Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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