Marvell visits Coltrain, Bradford and Skropits in Nashville

keithjamesandjk01James Marvell Does JK Coltrain’s, “Stars Of Tomorrow” TV Show at KMA Studios

James Marvell has been on a tour of several American states and wound up in Nashville during CMA Week. While there he taped the “J.K. Coltrain’s Stars of tomorrow” TV show at Keith Bradford’s KMA TV Studios in Nashville Tennessee. James was very excited about doing this show as The Stars Of Tomorrow show covers over 5 million viewers. James also met the editor of Country Entertainment USA, Roy Skropits and reminisced with his old friend Keith Bradford whose country band used to back his Country Cavaleers’ duo over 40 years ago. Unfortunately for all the fans out there, the full content, or even part of their reminiscing, will never be made public. It Is a pity but probably safer, for all concerned that way.(lol)

Roy Scropits and James Marvell November 2913
Roy Skropits and James Marvell November 2913

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  1. This is great James! I listened to all your CDs today and enjoyed them all.. I’d been trying to find
    time to listen and I finally did. I had a boring, mindless job to do… and was able to concentrate on
    your very special songs! Best wishes for continued success in your career. Blessings Judy