Thursdays Likileake: Hide Seek Red Rover Kick Can?


This Likileake: Hide and Seek, Red Rover Red Rover and Kick The Can ?


kick_the_canHide and Seek, Red Rover Red Rover, Kick The Can: In today’s society where almost every young child owns an I-Pad or has a friend that owns one, it is hard for them to fathom that 50 years ago children their age were playing games they never even heard of. 

I asked a 7 year old yesterday if he ever played Red Rover, Red Rover and he said, “What’s that?”  This young man doesn’t own any marbles and has never dug a hole in the ground using the heel of his shoe so a game of marbles with his buddy could begin.   

His little sister has never drawn lines in the dirt so a game of hopscotch could be enjoyed.  The only time they have heard the expression, “Kick the can,” was on the news recently as the commentator was referring to the fiscal cliff. I am glad I got to play Hide and Seek as a youngster and somehow feel like today’s kids have missed a big part of growing up.


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  1. i played hopscotch-hide and seek and our house was the meeting place for all the neighborhood – had a great childhood-love the likileakes -keep them coming god bless