Fridays Likileake With Keith On Pen Pals?


Just like you can’t keep sunshine under a basket, the Likileakes have leaked out worldwide. People are commenting all over the world how much they enjoy their daily Likileake. The Likileakes have turned into a tsunami. Likileakes have found their way into areas we never dreamed would ever hear them. So WHISNews21 officially announces with the kind permission of Keith Bradford that The Likileakes are no longer a secret. Let no one tell you from this day forth that the Likileakes is a secret service.

This Likileake Remembers The Pen Pal Days?


mailboxPen Pals: The little girl next door to us just turned 10 years old.  I asked her the other day if she had a pen pal.  She said she didn’t know what pen pal meant.

I explained to her that a pen pal is a person with whom one regularly exchanges letters, often a person in another country whom one has not met and is sometimes also called a pen friend.  She told me she wrote a letter one time to Santa Claus and wanted to know if that counted. 

This little girl wrote one letter in her 10 years of existence.  She does not know how much a postage stamp costs to mail a letter.  The only note she has ever read that was addressed to her was what her grandparents wrote inside her birthday card that arrived in the mail. 

Talking to this girl about the different styles of letter writing and indenting the first word of each paragraph is like speaking to her in a foreign language.  By the way this same girl can send a text to her friends on her cell phone is seconds. 

If she tries to write down on a piece of paper what she just sent as a text message it takes her several minutes and she hates doing it.


If you are an Independent Artist and would want your songs featured on one of “Keith Bradford’s Likileakes Radio Shows” you are most welcome to contact him at This show is broadcast worldwide on various internet radio shows and you could be the featured artist on one of those special shows.


Likileakes Translated for Our German readers by Patty Patrick to follow



A Likileake by definition, is a word describing a story that was never intended to be published, yet found it’s way to the editorial columns of an Internet Online News Paper namely WHISNews21 run by Frans Maritz out of South Africa. A Likileake is not to be confused with the now already famous Wikileaks, which divulges secret government and sometimes harmful information. A Likileake on the other hand is a name coined by Frans Maritz of Wildhorse Entertainment and WHISNews21 to describe situations and open up about information that people think about everyday but never really feel comfortable to want to talk about. Likileaks have become so popular on WHISNews21 that they have in collaboration with Keith Bradford of the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, created short 10 minute radio programs divulging Likileaks to the public. This show is now in syndication to Internet Radio Stations, AM and FM terrestial radio stations, as well as College Radio stations. It is worldwide and is so popular that WHISNews21 and NBRN.FM have decided to produce hundreds of these 10 minute radio shows about the Likileaks and call it The Keith Bradford Likileaks Radio Show.

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