Bradford Files: Childhood Fantasy?

When I was a very young child, one of my favorite TV shows was The Mouseketers. Of course this program was in black and white and long before there was a Disney World in Florida. Every time they showed footage of Disneyland located in Anaheim, California I would beg my parents to take us there. I never got to go as a child and the burning desire carried over into my adult hood. At age 19 while stationed in San Diego, California at the US Naval base, I got a weekend pass. I rented a car and headed to Disneyland by myself. It is a good thing I decided not to take anyone with me. Upon seeing the Disney characters and taking in all the sights and sounds I had longed to see as a child, I startedto cry. I can only imagine what the people next to me thought as they watched a grown man cry while watching the parade. After years and years of waiting I had finally arrived at Disneyland. I wonder if any of you reading this had a childhood fantasy and if so did you ever get to full-fill it? Feel free to share your story with me if you are brave enough.
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  1. Keith my Childhood fantasy was to be a millionaire and meet and marry a beautiful woman. Even if the money part were still to come true, in today’s money market where i live a million is only about $100,000.00 not even enough to buy a house with. So much for my money fantasy, but marrying a beautiful woman that has happened. So for me I am happy half of my fantasies came true and in my case the important one did, and the beautiful woman came with a bonus, she loves me, as I do her.