Bradford Files: 2 Much Entertainment 2 Choose From

Recently our youngest son asked us if we could baby sit our two grandchildren so he and his wife could go Christmas shopping for the two kids. Within 5 minutes of their arrival we had already asked them how school was going and received the usual 1 sentence answer we have come to expect. Now bear in mind we were now a total of 4 people in the house. My wife Lita, Myself, and the 2 grandchildren. Here is what took place next…Lita went to the kitchen to start cooking and turned on her counter top radio to her favorite station playing all Christmas songs. I went to the computer and started listening to WHIR to catch the Independent Superstars show. My grand-daughter decided it was time to watch her Justin Bieber DVD for the one millionth time. My grand-son was busy playing a new video game that resembled some kind of war strategy. Four people in a small house all doing their own thing to amuse themselves. The only time we sat together for 15 minutes was when the food was on the table. My question to my faithful readers is, does this sound like your house? Do we have too much entertainment to choose from?
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  1. Too much entertainment is as good a thing as it is a bad thing. Just like too much fun is also dangerous. Yet life is short and the more we can keep ourselves occupied with the less we worry or notice the evil that is spreading across the world. Distraction is perhaps one of our greatest gifts, as we will go crazy if we are not distracted. No that is way more than I wanted to say Keith and I put the blame squarely on your Bradford File