Bradford Files, Not Wiki But Likileaks Coming”V”Soon

Due to the huge amount of readers who keep requesting more and more Bradford Files we here at WHISNews21 called for an urgent board meeting and decided between all member of the WHISNews21 Board, being Me, Myself and I. My wife Cathy was also there but she could not stop laughing at me trying to persuade all the member of the board to add more Bradford Files to our weekly lineup. It was really hard to convince “Me” and ‘Myself” but ‘I” was very excited about the extra Bradford Files idea. So after a few hours and a few cups of coffee, we all decided to add a special Bradford File every now and again and simply call it the Bradfords Liki Files, we could not call it the Wiki Files as someone else had gone and used that name already, can you believe that? So this will be the first of the Bradford LikiFiles, and it will contain information and questions that should be kept in the Bradford vaults as some of the content is really Top Secret and should really not be made public. So I strongly urge you not to discuss what you read on the LikiFiles with any one and to kept the information to yourself. Do not discuss it with anyone at anytime even when asked what you know about the LikiFiles, please under no circumstances say anything. When commenting here on the articles, we want to assure you that your name will not be kept secret and that the world will read your comments, we will do nothing to protect your name or Identity.

Please Note: The above is only a fun way to introduce our new column featuring Keith Bradfords “Bradford Files” and no secret information will ever be included as we don’t have any secret information it is all done for the fun of trying to make you smile, even if it is just a little.

Check out the first Bradford Likileak Files late tonight only if you feel you can handle it.

However maybe you should read the likileak on your own and dont share it with anyone else, as you just dont know who you can trust these days.

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