Bradford Files: Free Audio books Today?

I keep seeing banner ads that read: DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIO BOOK TODAY.  I suppose it is all part of a ploy to get you hooked on audio books and thus a way to sell you one in the future.  Regardless of their intentions I got to thinking about how this could help our Independent Super Stars.  What if an artist will start offering a free audio book, which is nothing more than a link to where the file is stored.  The fan of audio books already knows how to open or download the file.  This time however instead of your favorite novel being read to you, it is a audio press release,  up-date or biographical information, future concert date announcements, or just about anything you want the book to say when opened.  Now instead of the traditional press release which few these days takes the time to read because they are either too lazy or too busy, they can sit back and listen to the latest news about their favorite artist in the form of an audio book.  These audio books could be released once a month, once a week, or if needed once a day.  These audio books could even be used as part of a radio stations feature each day.  The music industry is changing daily.  Could the audio book be the next way to promote an artist?  If it comes to be you can remember hearing about it from THE BRADFORD FILES.  It certainly won’t be the first time we featured an article that sounded far fetched.
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