Bradford Files: Interrogation On Music Row ?

Recently a young lady entered my office hoping to land a recording contract with me.  She had a very nice press kit that included expensive head shots, a fully packaged CD, a DVD of a live performance, and a biography printed on glossy paper.  She told me she had just come from an interview at a major label on Music Row and was somewhat disenchanted.  She went on to say she thought some of the questions they would ask would be, Do you have a vocal coach, Is your husband supportive of your career, Are you free to travel anywhere, what is your vocal range, and various other pre conceived questions that she thought were the norm.  Instead much to her amazement here are some of the questions she was asked:  Do you have financial backing?  What is your age?  What is your bust measurements?  Would you mind if we had all your teeth capped?  What do you weigh?  Do you smoke?  Do you drink? Now I don’t know about you but those questions sound more like what your Doctor would ask instead of a record producer.  If you think this story is fabricated and I am simply writing all this to attract readers then I highly suggest you try to get an appointment at a Major Record label and put my words to the test.  By the way I didn’t even mention the most important question of all that they asked.  “Are you willing to sign a POWER OF ATTORNEY, document?
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  1. Music Row knows they have the power, all they need to do is release a mediocre song with a pretty face, whom they can control, get all their corporate radio and TV stations to keep playing the song on heavy rotation and within a week or so, the people will be brainwashed into running down to the store to buy the CD and tickets to the concert. It works every time for Music Row and all other music rows. Question is what can the Independent Market do about that?

    • Hi Keith,
      I look forward to reading each of your “Bradford Files”, they are so interesting and have so much information
      In each one. Waiting eagerly for the next one. Thanks for sending.
      Barbara Blevins

  2. Keith, all was the truth. Best artists know it, and protect them. smiles Rhon

  3. Good morning Keith….. how true your article is. I have heard some similar remarks coming from artists that were interviewed. I would like to add which you and I had discussed at different times at shows we attended- ARTISTS BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING GET AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER. BUT BE TOO HOT TO GET A CONTRACT, YOU LITERALLY SELL YOUR SOUL. Your articles are timely and beautifully written, full of truth and warnings. Great job my friend, Rhon