Bradford Files: 4th Of July And A Changing World

This year America’s birthday celebration just won’t quite be the same here in Nashville as in previous years. The sounds and the smell of fireworks has always been a big part of every July 4th party for us.  We have not had any significant amount of rain here in a month.  All fireworks with the exception of the professional pyro technics has been banned this year in Nashville. The farmers are all praying for rain.  Colorado has wildfires and they are also praying for rain.  While all  this is happening the glaziers are melting and the sea levels are rising constantly.  We will still have our annual family picnic with the family but it just won’t be the same.  Everything is changing so fast today that it is hard to keep up with all the changes. But it is the 4th of July and as they say have a happy one.
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  1. celebrated 31st 4th July anniversary with hubby up here in Little Rhodey your former homestate Keith..with plenty of fireworks soda, hot dogs , chips pretzels & beer!! LOL

  2. Keith I can remember one year that I took my family over to America and we were therein July. If my memory serves me correct, we went to one of the big shopping mall’s the night before Independence Day and we waited till midnight for the fireworks display which was really magnificent. The next day being the 4th of July we all went to to see the premiere of “Independence Day” it was a great experience as the people were all so friendly and excited about being able to celebrate Independence Day. It was a long time ago and it was also probably the last time Cathy and I had all our kids together for a holiday, so for us it was also very special and every year when Independence Day comes along we think about that happy time and we get all soft inside as it was a wonderful experience for us. I hear what you say and I hope that there are enough good people left in America who will keep it great and God fearing for the rest of the so called free world, which will include me and my family.

    • Reading comments like this is why I continue to write these articles. Without anyone commenting it seems like a waste of time. Thank you so much.
      Keith Bradford

  3. We have to say good-bye to a lot of things we grew up with and considered tradition, Keith. Traditions we loved and which kept our families and the community together.

    It is not any different over here in Europe! Togetherness has been replaced by separatism, young from old – children from parents, neighbours from neighbours – and the computer has become the best friend in this virtual world.

    Good thing we radio people use our computers to bring people together again with radio shows, information and real DJs made of flesh and blood. People who talk to people – and some listen. We prevent the world from getting cold.

    Greetings to Nashville
    Patty Patrick