Bradford Files: You Smart Enough For Your Phone?

Some of you reading this are not old enough to remember that when you picked up your phone at home, there may be someone talking already on the line.  This was called a party line instead of a private line.  Sometimes on a party line as many as 3 or 4 homes all shared the same phone line and none of your conversations were guaranteed private.  If the line was clear you did not hear a dial tone.  Instead an operator said, “Number please.”  You then proceeded to give her a phone number to call for you.  Now we have the smart phone and amongst other features it has voice recognition.  Now we say the likes of, “Call Frans,” and the smart phone connects you to the phone number you have programmed into your contacts for this person named Frans.  So we started out by telling the operator who to call for us and now we are telling the phone itself who to call.   Pretty smart don’t you think?  I don’t have the space in this article to list all the other things a smart phone has as features.  I do want to make the point however that the smart phone is only as smart as the person who is using it.  I recently asked one of my clients if she had a smart phone.  She quickly replied, “No I’m not smart enough.”

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