Bradford Files: All Thumbs, Not You Tom

All Thumbs

I keep seeing people everywhere texting on various devices.  They appear to be able to type their messages by using their thumbs only.  This makes me wonder what is next in store for computer keyboards.  As far as I know the only use for the thumb on the present computer keyboard is to press the space bar.  Just for fun I tried typing this article with my thumbs.  It wasn’t fun or practical.  Don’t get me wrong I love my thumbs and I am glad I have them.  This situation makes me chuckle at the old saying, “I feel like I’m all thumbs.”  This used to refer to a clumsy or awkward feeling while trying to accomplish a task.  Now this is the WAY.  Let’s face it our thumbs are very useful while playing the piano but are rarely if ever used while playing the violin.  One more observation about all the musicians, singers and songwriters that constantly complain about the state of the careers… STOP SUCKING YOUR THUMB. 

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