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Did Coca Cola Just Claim 30ml from the public?

Did Coca Cola Just Claim 30ml from the South African public?

This happened in South Africa, but it probably is a world-wide problem

It was just a few months ago that the public could purchase a 330ml Coke in a Can for a price, now the same can a little narrower and a little taller is on the shelves of every store pub and restaurant, yet only contains 300ml of Coke, at the same price of the not so old 330ml Coke can. How is it that they can get away with that so easily and no one complains and accepts it?

Now some say it’s because of the sugar tax imposed by the government, and some say it is because our living spaces are becoming smaller and Coca Cola made the new smaller size Coke’s smaller and longer so that they can fit better in your our little fridges or refrigerators. However if that was true why are we paying the sugar tax for Coca Cola by settling for 30ml less coke for the same price?

It does seem that Coca Cola refuses to lose the money they have to pay for the sugar tax, so they came up with this brilliant idea of letting the public pay, by reducing the size of the can (a saving for Coke) and then reducing the amount of coke in the can by 30ml. Therefore Coca Cola looses nothing in fact they still gain out of sales by selling us a smaller can of Coke for the same price as the 330ml a few months ago.

Once again the public is the loser and the mighty Coca Cola Company covers the governments sugar tax and in the process still manages to add a small profit.

Another question Googling this it seems that other countries have also changed to a longer narrower can but their content rangers from 320ml to 330ml as opposed to South Africa being only 300ml?

Why not add your comments or am I the only one to notice or have a problem with this, Coca Cola will be more than happy if no one comments and if no one does then you all deserve……………

 – Email received at our WHISNews21 Email Outpost

Downtown Nashville Hotel Bars And Eateries

5 Downtown Nashville Boutique Hotel Bars and Eateries

Step into these lobbies to discover a world of great restaurants and cool cocktail bars

One of the most exciting trends in downtown Nashville has been the conversion of stodgy old office buildings into hip new boutique hotels. While some of them still may look a little boxy on the outside, step into the lobby to discover a world a luxury replete with top-notch amenities, great restaurants and cool cocktail bars. Here’s a handful of the best.

Grey and Dudley restaurant at 21c Hotel in Nashville

Courtesy of 21C

21C Museum Hotel

Only open for about a year and a half, 21C is already the dean of this generation of new downtown lodging options. The entire building actually is a museum, open 24 hours for anyone to come visit rooms and hallways filled with edgy modern art. After a little gallery time, stop in at Gray & Dudley for an artfully crafted cocktail under the watchful eyes of some slightly (ok, extremely) creepy gargoylesque figures of wolves, rabbits and lambs staring down from the walls. Even better, make a reservation at G&D’s restaurant for some of noted chef Rob Newton’s food that combines his Arkansas roots with his fascination with Asian cuisine. How does that combination manifest itself? Get any dish with rice in it and you won’t be disappointed!

The rooftop bar at Bobby Hotel Nashville

Courtesy of Bobby Hotel

Bobby Hotel

First of all, it’s not “The Bobby,” just Bobby–they want you to be on a first-name basis with this luxury lifestyle hotel. Eating and drinking options at Bobby are casual, but that doesn’t mean they are ordinary. From a cozy sidewalk cafe to the gritty car-themed Garage Bar to the internationally-inspired Bobby’s Tavern, the ground floor of the hotel offers excellent choices for your dining pleasure. For the real highlight, though, head to the rooftop where there’s a slick pool lounge and an actual 1956 Greyhound bus that has been refurbished and placed on the roof by crane to create a unique spot to enjoy a cocktail.

Noelle Hotel Rare Bird Bar

Courtesy of Noelle


Noelle is actually a member of Marriott’s line of boutique hotels that they call their Tribute Portfolio. Featuring comfortable king-sized beds in every room and four huge suites on the top floor, Noelle is aimed at both leisure and business travelers. Drug Store Coffee features beans courtesy of local favorite Barista Parlor while Makeready Libations & Liberation aims to free your mind with a menu of American classics in a gastropub setting. Head to the Trade Room lounge for a drink in classy environs surrounded by terrazzo floors and marble walls. Noelle also has a rooftop lounge, because apparently that’s the law in downtown Nashville now, but it’s a pretty special one. Rare Bird is truly a year-round destination thanks to overhead heaters and weighted blankets to keep you and your sweetie warm while you snuggle.

Tenn on Top Bar at Holston House Nashville

Courtesy of Holston House Nashville

Holston House

Holston House is also part of a national chain, in this case the Hyatt group of hotels. Even in a city filled with rooftop aeries, the pool deck at Holston House stands out. Offering sweeping views of the downtown craziness below, TENN on Top is a calm oasis of peace, at least until it’s party time. Then, the bands get pumping and the deep menu of top-shelf bourbons starts flowing to create a festive atmosphere. Holston House continues their naming theme with their Southern-inspired restaurant TENN and the accompanying Bar TENN in the lobby. Even if the names aren’t that imaginative, the food and drink surely are.

Ellington's Restaurant at Fairline Hotel in Nashville

Courtesy of the Fairlane Hotel

Fairlane Hotel

The Fairlane Hotel still exudes the vibe of the former bank building it used to be, but management takes that theme and rolls with it. The coffee shop recalls the former building tenants with its name of Union Teller, but the Stumptown java is much better than any lobby coffee you would have found in the urn of the bank back in the past century. Mile End Delicatessen is evocative of a Montreal-style or New York deli thanks to delicious sandwiches piled high with sliced meats and bagels topped with a schmear of decadent cream cheese and imported smoked salmon. Ellington’s is the signature restaurant on the upper floor which used to be the executive dining room for the bank bigwigs. Now the rest of us can enjoy their menu of elevated Southern classics in an attractive mid century modern decor or on the festive outdoor terrace.

Green Pheasant Lunch options Downtown Nashville

The Green Pheasant Brings Exotic New Lunch Options To Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville has an exotic new lunch option a modern eatery from the team behind Two Ten Jack


Downtown Nashville has an exotic new lunch option courtesy of The Green Pheasant a modern Japanese eatery from the team behind East Nashville’s Two Ten Jack. Named after the national bird of Japan, The Green Pheasant is the brainchild of the husband/wife chef team Trey Burnette and Jess Benefield and their partner in Seed Hospitality Patrick Burke. After opening for dinners only to great acclaim earlier this month, The Green Pheasant has recently added all-day service, including lunch and what they are calling their Ikigai Happy Hour from 2 to 5 p.m. Ikigai roughly translates to “reason for being,” and it should prove to also be a reason for a little day-drinking downtown. Five percent of the proceeds from the limited happy hour menu will be donated to different community organizations every month.

Andrea Behrends

For lunch, the chefs have selected items from the dinner menu plus a few specials to be presented as part of set meals, known in Japan as teishoku. These lunch deals will consist of a main dish, miso soup, tsukemono, rice and rotating daily side dishes. Diners can expect a greatest hits of the dinner fare including Opah Shioyaki (grilled Hawaiian moonfish), Yakiniku (seared TN skirt steak), Tonkatsu (pork cutlet and snowy cabbage) and Kushiyaki (grilled eggplant, avocado and shiitake).

Fans of Benefield and Burnette’s work at Two Ten Jack should be excited that they will be bringing their excellent ramen game to the west side of the river with a selection of noodle bowls including Shio Wontonmen (chashu, shrimp wonton, chicken and smoked ham broth, greens, menma and ajitama) and Yasai Shoyu (vegetable broth, tofu puff, radish, cabbage and charcoal oil). They’ll also offer other noodle dishes at lunch such as Katsudon (chicken cutlet, dashi, egg and mitsuba) and Udon (bonito carbonara, almonds and pepper).

Andrea Behrends

Located in the new 222 2nd Avenue South Building at 215 1st Avenue S, right across the street from the entrance to Ascend Amphitheater, The Green Pheasant is easily accessible from Broadway but still tucked far enough away from the craziness of downtown to offer a refuge from the crowds. The Ikigai Happy Hour should prove popular for locals looking for a spot to meet up without having to brave the traffic or who want to grab a bite before a show at the amphitheater.

Andrea Behrends

Self-parking and valet are available in the building’s garage. The Green Pheasant is open for lunch Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., happy hour Monday. through Friday 2 to 5 p.m., and dinner Monday through Thursday, 5 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 11 p.m. Sunday supper will hopefully start up soon.

Reservations can be made at or by calling (615) 205-5400.

Nashville Hot Chicken That’ll Leave You Feeling Spicy

5 Nashville Hot Chicken Places That’ll Leave You Feeling Spicy

Nashville hot chicken has become more and more popular over the past few years. With that rise in popularity, you may be wondering where to go for the best options. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these are five hot chicken places you definitely need to check out!

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken: Probably Nashville’s most well-known spot for hot chicken is Hattie B’s – and for a good reason. They have three different locations around town, so no matter where you are, there’s hot chicken to be had. Their spice levels range from “Southern” (no heat) all the way to “Shut the Cluck Up” (burn notice!) and you’ll want to be sure to try their pimento mac and cheese while you’re there too.
112 19th Ave S /

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack: Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is the OG when it comes to Nashville hot chicken. You can get your chicken plain or go all out and get the XXX Hot – which sounds like it might ACTUALLY burn your taste buds off. If you’re going to Prince’s, make sure you have a little bit of time because everything on their menu is made to order – but it’s totally worth the wait!
123 Ewing Dr. /

Party Fowl: If you want a lil party with your hot chicken, Party Fowl is the place to go! From hot chicken tacos and nachos to hot chicken poutine, Party Fowl has just about everything you could want. You can finish your meal off with their bourbon glazed beignets or go for one of their famous boozy slushies – either way, you can’t go wrong!
719 8th Ave S /

Pepperfire Hot Chicken: Whether you want your chicken southernfied with no heat or you want to go all out with the XX Hot, Pepperfire has something for everyone. You can go classic with just a hot chicken platter OR you can get hot chicken and waffles.
1000 Gallatin Ave. Suite C /

Scoreboard Smokehouse Bar & Grill: Scoreboard has quite a few different things to offer, but they’re probably most known for their hot chicken – they were even featured on Food Network’s “Heat Seekers.” Their heat level ranges from sissy to Hiroshima (which sounds like it maybe be too hot for even the bravest of hot chicken lovers) and they have several different ways you can eat your hot chicken as well. Whether you want a hot chicken salad or hot chicken and waffles, Scoreboard has it for ya! 2408 Music Valley Dr /

Mike Contoni’s Bar Bistro & Bungalows Opens Sept 2

Mike Contoni Open’s Bar Bistro & Bungalows in Thailand

Singer-songwriter Mike Contoni has some exciting news to share

You and your family are invited to join us in celebrating our grand opening this Saturday 2nd of September. Enjoy authentic Thai & International food, coffee, smoothies, cocktails and wine from 10am to 10pm with Live Easy Listening music from 7pm to 9pm.  Plus 20% of all bills. RSVP Please call 085-435-4126

Mike Contoni Independent Superstar, with numerous #1 hit songs to his name has opened his own Bar, Bistro and Bungalows in Thailand! He is planning to have live music there in the future! Stars Bar, Bistro and Bungalows, has a rustic atmosphere with posters and photos of famous classic movie stars and musicians!

We will have our grand opening 02 September! We are located in Huai Yai, Chonburi Thailand about 25 kilometers from Pattaya beach. For people who love the country and nature instead of staying in the city or at a Beach resort, we offer large Bungalows in the quiet beautiful countryside.

The Bungalows are self-catering for privacy and long-term rental. Available on daily, weekly or monthly rate. We also have a full service Bar and our Bistro serves a wonderful variety of Western and Thai dishes. Additionally we have an awesome Breakfast/Brunch Nook with fresh Starbucks style coffee, Fresh fruit smoothies and fresh cakes and pastries baked daily by our Chef.

We are located in the perfect area for family sightseeing and bicycling. Local attractions and things to do:

Within 5 -10 minute drive is Buddha Mountain, Cultural sites of Wat Yan, Steps to temple Mondop, Silver Lake Winery, Rama Water park and slides, Dolphin Show, Love Art Park, King Cultural Elephant village, Pattaya Fruit Garden and Phoenix Golf course.

Within 20 minutes you can get to Nong Nooch Botanical Garden, Ban Amphur beach and bay, Jomtien beach, town and night market, Ban Chang town and Pattaya floating market.

Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and 30 minutes away from Utapao airport.

Follow us at Stars Face Book page – Visit us at our website at

You can book with us directly by sending email to us at or by using, Air B&B, or

We look forward to serving you and helping you with a wonderful Thailand experience!

 – WHISNews21

Nashville’s Best Food Trucks

grilledcheeserie001Nashville’s Best Food Trucks

For those who don’t know, Nashville is all about the hip trends. From record stores to artisan coffee shops to outdoor concerts, Music City surely likes the niche lifestyle. Food plays a major role in the hearts of Nashvillians and the latest craze just so happens to be the food truck. Kind of like the cool way to do Meals on Wheels, or something like that.

grilled-cheeserieThe Grilled Cheeserie

While fans of this food movement have be on high alert when they search for the truck of their dreams, Nashville offers a variety of options around the city for all tastes and temptations. Here are just a few of the best food trucks to try on the hunt for some good grubbin’: Whoever came up with the invention of the grilled cheese sandwich deserves all the awards. The Grilled Cheeserie puts its own spin on the American classic with a variety of gourmet options. Opt for the Pimento Mac & Cheese Sandwich, complete with Benton’s Bacon and locally made pimento cheese. Hungry people won’t be sorry!

retro-snoRetro Sno

Shaved ice isn’t just in Hawaii anymore! Nashville’s own Retro Sno knows just how to make some of the sweetest concoctions for those who love the icy treat. On a hot summer’s day, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to something so refreshing? For those dessert daredevils out there, some of their creations add a scoop of ice cream to the mix!

funkseoultruckFunk Seoul Brother

Known for their sushi burritos, Funk Seoul Brother puts together the ingredients in a traditional roll and wraps it on up to look similar to that of an actual burrito. Mindblown.

the-peach-truckThe Peach Truck

Don’t be fooled by the name: this food truck is just for peaches. They sell them straight from the trees of Georgia by the bagful and encourage customers to come up with delicious recipes for their yummy summer fruit. Even local businesses around town go in on the challenge—anywhere from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to Barista Parlor put their peaches to good use in their own dishes!

smore-love-bakeryS’More Love Bakery

It may not look like much, but S’More Love Bakery is quite possibly the cutest and most delicious little food trailer ever. Priding themselves on keeping the simple life alive with the help of a campfire treat is just what we wish to hear when it comes to making a nice and gooey s’more. Pass the marshmallows and graham crackers, please.

cousins-maine-lobsterCousins Maine Lobster

After being featured on the entrepreneurial-based reality television show, Shark Tank, Cousins Maine Lobster has made it big here in Nashville. With a menu featuring New England favorites to Mexican-inspired plates, it’s the lobster that remains the biggest star of this food truck.

bacon-nationBacon Nation

Give me some of that bacon! Bacon Nation specializes in the overly popular meat, making all kinds of bacon creations. Cleverly named “The Double Bypass,” one of their sandwiches includes two 50/50 patties between two bacon grilled cheeses. That’s one heart attack we wouldn’t mind trying!

 –  Kelly Brickey | SoundsLikeNashville

Best Places to Find Southern Food in Nashville

nashvilleskyline001Best Places to Find Southern Food in Nashville, Tennnessee

When you need to eat your feelings, soul food is the best way to make you feel happy. Southern food knows how to fill your tummy and your heart. For those in pursuit of some good ol’ comfort food in the Tennessee capital, there’s no way you’ll find yourself disappointed with all of the restaurants the city has to offer.From the traditional meat & three plates to a biscuit breakfast that breaks the original barriers of the soul staple, here are some of the best restaurants for Southern food in the heart of Music City:

2016-11-09_12-48-04Monell’s Dining and Catering 

What to order: anything and everything as Friday mornings never looked so good!!

What isn’t amazing about Monell’s? First, you get to enjoy your meal in the setting of an old-fashioned house with tables set up from the dining rooms to the sitting rooms. Second, it’s a family-style restaurant a.k.a. you will be seated next to people you don’t know.

And don’t even think about ignoring your neighbor by bringing out your cell phone because at Monell’s, texting and phone calls aren’t allowed.

Be sure to pile your plate up with EVERYTHING from fried chicken to mashed potatoes and more—you can take as much as you want from the bowls passed around the table to the left and refills are aplenty if need be.

1235 6th Ave N /

2016-11-09_12-51-47The Farm House

What to order:

Shrimp ‘n’ grits New meat and 2 options! Brisket and Fried Okra

Taking the more exquisite route to Southern delicacies, the Farm House boasts on their ability to turn local and fresh farm food into a delicious supper made for Nashville royalty.

Offering cornbread and fried okra for starters and following it up with a plate of shrimp ‘n’ grits or hot chicken seems to be the ultimate indulgence for a fancy soul meal.

210 Almond St

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

2016-11-09_12-54-34What to order:

Meat & three with fried green tomatoes, stewed okra and mac & cheese

This place is so popular in Nashville, they had to renovate and expand the amount of space of the restaurant to fit in all of its hungry customers.

Walking into Arnold’s is already like heaven as the savory aromas from the mac & cheese and meat of the day flat through the air.

The line may look longer than you can handle, but this place is worth the wait if you’re looking for the best meat & three in Nashville.

605 8th Ave S

2016-11-09_12-56-38Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant

What to order:

Piggy Mac We wanna do the cooking for you & yours this Thanksgiving!

Whether you dine-in or take your Turkey Day feast home, we’ve got you covered! Read all about reservations, ordering & some early bird specials on our blog

You want anything fried? They’ve got it. Looking for the stereotypical Southern meats? You name it. And don’t even get us started on their desserts. Puckett’s is one place you can expect to leave with a giant food coma. But the real struggle is what to choose for your meal. They’ve got catfish and fried pickles and cobbler and the list goes on…

500 Church St /

2016-11-09_12-58-52Loveless Café

What to order:

Southern sampler platter with macaroni and cheese and creamed corn. 

It’s the final day of NationalBiscuitMonth! Hope yours has been great!

Mention Loveless Café to any Nashville resident and you’ll be sure to get a million positive reactions. This place is the real deal: they serve fresh homemade biscuits to every table and their sweet tea is like nectar of the gods.

Try the Southern sampler plate to be a well-rounded eater with a selection of fried chicken, catfish, country ham, meatloaf or pork barbecue. If that doesn’t yell Southern, we don’t know what does.

8400 Hwy 100 /

2016-11-09_13-02-28Biscuit Love

What to order:

East Nasty and Bonuts Come hungry, leave happy

Not to get all up in their biscuits, but Biscuit Love is the absolute real deal. The cute Gulch eatery cooks up some of the best brunch around with each dish centralized around their famous biscuits. Another highlight? Their bonuts.

Now let us get it straight: these puppies are basically balls of fried biscuit dough on top of blueberry compote and topped with the lightest lemon mascarpone cream.

BRB going to go get in line for some Biscuit love right now.

The Best Places to Find Southern Food in Nashville

 – by Kelly Brickey Sounds Like Nashville


Do You Get Burgers Like These In Your Woods?

Burger001Do You Get Burgers Like These In Your Woods?

Burgers! Everyone’s an expert these days. And everyone’s got their fave. Well, we reckon there’s room for more than one. Here are some absolute whoppers for you to get your chops around and really gain an educated opinion on this very important topic!

That One Spot Ocoee
10968 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL
Burgers, Salad

“So this place has a wide spread menu that covers a variety of burger types: beef, chicken, salmon, turkey, and veggie! Also you have the availability to create your own too… Fresh, delicious and fantastic service.”
Tica S., Orlando, FL


The Strand Colonialtown North
807 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL
American (New), Salad, Sandwiches

“Anytime I crave a burger, I always stop by this place since it’s near my house. Their Strand Burger is probably one of the best things you’ll put in your mouth.”
Michael C., Orlando, FL


The Whiskey Horizons West / West Orlando
7563 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL
American (Traditional), Pubs, Burgers

“The burger I had was the Whiskey and it was incredible. Seriously, get this burger. Shoot, get two! The patty was perfectly prepared, the bacon not too crispy or wobbly, the lettuce was not the cheap iceberg stuff: it was dark, tasty, and leafy.”
Vanessa L., Orlando, FL

– The Weekly Yelp Orlando

I Love This Bar & Grills Closing Country Fans Loss

ILoveThisBar002Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar & Grills’ Closing Country Fans Loss

What is Wrong With the New Generation of Country Fans They Cannot Even support Their Own Country Bars

Enjoying A meal At Toby Keith's Bar & Grill

The fries were the best I have had in years

The owners of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Orlando, Florida owed more than $1.5 million to its landlord and contractors before shutting down the restaurant Thursday, according to liens filed in Orange County courts. The country-theme restaurant and entertainment venue closed suddenly last week after being open for just seven months.

Enjoying A meal At Toby Keith's Bar & Grill

Enjoying A wonderful meal At Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill

Toby Keith’s Orlando venue was such a wonderful place for Country Fans to spend an evening at. There was a great stage for artists to perform, great food to be eaten and a place where you could just relax and listen to Country Music. But no, country fans were not there to support these bars so that they could make enough money to survive to keep their doors open.

You won't be eating this again at this venue

You won’t be eating this again at this venue

I can still remember visiting the “Country Star” in Las Vegas and Nashville, now that was also a really nice place to listen to Country Music and have a meal, but the same happened there, and that was way back in the 90’s. Now I know meals are always a little more expensive in these places but their overheads are way more than your local Burger King. Yet that is not reason enough not to support these fine Country Bar and Grills, it’s not like their meals are more than the Cracker Barrels or similar restaurants.

A great place for Country Artists to perform, lost

A great place for Country Artists to perform, lost forever

If you feel the need to say that the places were run badly or the food was not right, well then that’s also your fault for if the place was never busy they could not keep up the service you deserve if  it was not frequented often enough. The thing is we all complain about things not being like they used to be and that service sucks and the music is not the same, but it is our own fault for not supporting the places that still give us what we want. It pains me to see such amazing Country venues closing. Maybe next time a Country fan wants to go out and eat at a country restaurant they will be forced to order take out at the McDonalds window and eat in their car in the parking lot with country music playing from their car radio. It may be cheaper but it ain’t gonna be fun.

All I can say is Toby Keith, you did a great job with your venue’s I am sorry your Country did not support you as they should have, and not forgetting all the Country Fans who did support you a big round of applause to y’all.

– WHISNews21

Toby Keith’s Restaurant Chain Closes Three Locations

ILoveThisBar001Toby Keith’s Restaurant Chain Closes Three Locations

Announces Plans For Three New Markets

Toby-Keith-Featured-750x387Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is going through some strategic changes with plans to open three new locations in College Station,TX; Lansing, MI; and Phoenix, AZ in the first quarter. The announcement comes as the restaurant’s parent company, Boomtown Entertainment, closed locations in Houston, TX; Folsom, CA; and Newport News, VA, over the holiday as part of a restructuring. Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill currently operates in 14 cities.

– BY ABC News Radio


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