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The Night Alan Jackson Stood Up For George Jones

The Night Alan Jackson Stood Up For George Jones

One Of The Most Memorable “CMA Awards” Moments Ever

A big reason people love country music lies in the fact that the format, for the most part, respects its elders. That’s especially true when it comes to the late, great George Jones, who is widely considered to be the greatest male country vocalist in history.

That’s why it was so shocking when the CMA Awards wouldn’t let George sing his nominated hit “Choices” in its entirety back in 1999. Due to time constraints, producers wanted George to just sing a verse and a chorus of the song. That didn’t sit well with the Possum, so he opted to skip the awards show altogether.

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It didn’t sit well with country superstar Alan Jackson, either.

After he sang his hit song, “Pop a Top,” on the show, Alan abruptly launched into a chorus of Jones’ “Choices.” After he finished, Alan walked off the stage in protest of the way the CMA handled the situation with George Jones.

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That moment had tongues wagging all over Nashville and in office buildings across the country the next day.

In this latest installment of the CMA’s 50/50 video series, Sam Hunt recalls, “I know that was a controversial moment, but it was a very memorable moment. I think it was really awesome of Alan Jackson when he did that.”

– Rare Country

‘God And Country Music’ Hero George Strait at ACM

George Strait Stuns ACM Awards With Classy ‘God And Country Music

There’s two things still worth saving ‘God And Country Music’ George Strait

George Strait reminded everyone why he’s the King of Country Music with a solo performance at the 54th ACM Awards. Bringing a welcome dose of classy sophistication to a night of bombastic spectacle, his rendition of “God and Country Music” was an instant classic.

Standing tall alone at the front of the stage – just like the cowboy he is – Strait delivered a tribute to two things he figures are worth saving, no matter how much the world changes. Strumming his gleaming black guitar and dressed in his usual collared shirt and black cowboy hat, Strait refocused the MGM Grand Garden Arena’s attention on to the eternal things in life, while a simple video montage of horses and sweeping Western vistas played behind him. “God and Country Music” appears on Strait’s just-released Honky Tonk Time Machine– his 30th studio album. The track features his young grandson Harvey on album.

“It’s a dance between the sin and the salvation / Come hell or high water / There’s two things still worth saving / God and country music,” goes the chorus.

View Hardy’s “My Town’s Bigger Than Your Town”

Hardy On The Loud-And-Proud Genesis Of His Debut Single

Country newcomer Hardy isn’t afraid of the word “redneck.” In fact, he wears it as a badge of honor in his chest-thumping new single, “Rednecker.”

Full of twangy, distorted guitars, foot-stomping drums and the Mississippi native’s down-and-dirty vocal drawl, the country rock anthem is all about about establishing his “county-line cred” – so don’t bother arguing over who’s “rednecker” than who. Hardy’s pretty much guaranteed to win.

“I’ve killed catfish with shotguns,” he says with a wry laugh, speaking with Sounds Like Nashville while hopping airports on a promotional tour of radio stations. “We used to trap wild hogs and take ‘em up to this guy who would keep ‘em to train his dogs with, and I’ve got the arm band that gets you into the county fair in my hometown tattooed on my wrist. There are so many things …”

Hardy – the stage name of singer-songwriter Michael Hardy – got his start as a Music Row tunesmith, honing his tightly-coiled brand of backwoods badassery with platinum-certified No.1s like Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down” featuring Florida Georgia Line (he can even been seen in the beginning of Wallen’s “Up Down” video) and FGL’s “Simple.” But with “Rednecker” and two new EPs – This Ole Boy and Where to Find Me – he’s forging his own path.

“It’s where I came from and the language I know to speak,” he says about of single’s middle-of-nowhere grit. “I feel like that, more than any other way of writing, is what I know to do the best. I’ve never gotten heavy into writing love songs, and the truest thing I can say is what I come from. I’m from the country. I’m just a good ole boy.”

“Rednecker” was written a little over a year ago with Jordan Schmidt and Andy Albert while the buddies were visiting Colorado. One of them, he’s not sure who, said “I’m rednecker than you,” and all three busted out laughing. That’s where the song got its start.

“We were in Colorado, so you can take a guess [about why we were laughing] from that,” he says. “It’s always this thing like ‘Is that a song? You think we can pull that off?’ So we walked upstairs and wrote the whole song. It started off just being funny, but we also knew it was good.”

A few weeks later the trio met up in Schmidt’s studio and fleshed out the song’s hard-driving sound, and the rest is history. “It just took on this cool vibe like ‘Man, this is funny, and it’s tough. But I bet it can appeal to a lot of people,’” Hardy says.

“My town’s smaller than your town, and I got a bigger buck and bass on my wall,” goes the chorus. “I’ve got a little more kick in my drawl, y’all, I’ve got a little more spit in my chaw.”

Soon enough Hardy signed a record deal with Big Loud Records and “Rednecker” became his first radio single. He’s been taking it out on the road with Wallen’s If I Know Me Tour – playing to rowdy, sold-out crowds all across the country – and Hardy says one thing’s for sure. He finds proud rednecks everywhere he goes.

“I’m not gonna lie, I think there might be just as many rednecks – if not more – up north than there are in the south,” he admits. “One time I drove from Buffalo, New York, to Albany, and I had no idea it was like Texas. There are signs on the road saying ‘Next gas station 40 miles.’ There’s a whole lot of nothing up there.”

Hardy’s certainly drawing attention with his own tunes, but he’s also still collaborating with his superstar pals. He’s featured as an artist and a co-writer on Florida Georgia Line’s “Y’all Boys” from their new album Can’t Say I Ain’t Country, and says part of the reason they work so well together is the duo’s willingness to stand out from the crowd


“I’m all about just really going for it, and being fearless about what you’re going to say,” he says about his songwriting approach. “Weird lines will always stand out over time, but I feel like country has gotten away from being ‘not safe,’ and I just don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t want to go for it and say something cool. There’s a lane that’s wide open for that.”

With more tracks like “Rednecker” on his This Ole Boy and Where to Find Me EPs – which are out now – Hardy will do his best to keep filling that lane. Fans can check him out on Florida Georgia Line’s Can’t Say I Ain’t Country Tour this summer.


Runaway June’s Feisty ‘Buy My Own Drinks’ Video

Watch Runaway June’s Feisty ‘Buy My Own Drinks’ Video

Country trio offer a feisty message full of can-do spirit in the cute new video

ACM nominated trio Runaway June offer an empowering, can-do message in the video for “Buy My Own Drinks.” The feisty clip highlights each band members’ self-made spirit and how all three are unique. Using adorable flashbacks to their childhood, three pint-sized actresses wait for no one to chase their dreams. Lead singer Naomi Cooke was a musical junkie, busking on street corners. Vocalist/guitarist Jennifer Wayne loved animals and sets up shop grooming dogs. And vocalist/mandolin player Hannah Mulholland couldn’t get enough of her paint brush. “The ‘Little Junes’ were the perfect way to capture that carefree feeling of returning to your inner child and getting a little wild,” said Cooke in a press release.”In doing that we can find true liberation.”

It all comes together in the upbeat track’s chorus, set up as a barroom kiss-off but actually telling a smiling story of self reliance. “I can buy my own drinks / I can pay my own tab / And at the end of the night, when they cut on the lights / I can call my own cab,” the Junes croon. “Buy My Own Drinks” appears on Runaway June’s self-titled 2018 EP. The trio are nominated for New Duo or Group of the Year at the April 7 ACM Awards. And they’ll support Carrie Underwood on her Cry Pretty Tour 360 starting in May.

Easton Corbin Kicks Off His 2019 Spring Tour

Easton Corbin Kicks Off 2019 Spring Tour

Easton kicks things off on the West Coast where he will finish out the tour in Florida

Singer-songwriter Easton Corbin will kick off his busy touring schedule in support of his latest single “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country” on Thursday. He will start out by performing on the West Coast with shows in California and Arizona. The tour will then take Corbin all over the United States to play in states like Texas, Florida, Nevada and Illinois. The Florida native will finish out the trek in his home state, making stops in Jupiter, Cocoa Beach, Tampa and Jacksonville in April. Corbin dropped “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country” in January, and it is his first single since the release of his hit “A Girl Like You” in 2017.

Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’

Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ Is Ambitious, If Overwhelming

There should be a whiplash warning on Florida Georgia Line’s new Can’t Say I Ain’t Country album. Between the guest artists, sonic variances, skits, emotions and impulses the new project keeps your head on a swivel. So we’ll parse this project, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley’s fourth since debuting with “Cruise” in 2012. Once organized the album becomes (as promised) their most country. It’s arguably their best, but like good whiskey, songs need time to age before being distilled.

Musically three of the album’s first five songs are progressively organic, honest country songs with no filter. Paul Franklin adds steel guitar to “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country,” a song that could have been born in any era. Banjo and mandolin dominate “Simple” and for what it’s worth, you’ll find ganjo on “Talk You Out of It,” the odd duck in this opening chapter. “Speed of Love” is a two-and-a-half minute long twanger with rapid-fire lyrics that’d make Garth Brooks and John Michael Montgomery proud. It’s all good stuff shug.

From there the album adheres to the provocative, cross-genre formula this duo created with Joey Moi a half-decade ago. Florida Georgia Line call in all their contemporary influences, at times recalling the Backstreet Boys (“Told You”) Luke Bryan (“People Are Different”) and Jason Aldean. The country-rocker actually opens with “Can’t Hide Red,” the better of two sister songs to “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” (the other being “Small Town”). Hubbard, Kelley, Rob Hatch, James McNair and Ben Stennis find a new way to package a country boy’s code. “The way we walk, the way we talk / It’s the down-home way we raised / Don’t ever wanna, ain’t ever gonna change / You can’t hide red,” they sing at the chorus. If it’s not a single sometime, it’s a missed opportunity.

Big Machine Records

With four skits Can’t Say I Ain’t Country checks in at 19 tracks, far too many to ensure no single consumer avoids skipping through one or two. This is the nature of variety. However, Florida Georgia Line don’t build albums in the traditional sense. They stack songs and aim those at specific audiences. This explains how Jason Derulo can appear on a sentimental R&B track called “Women” immediately after Hubbard finishes doing his best Big & Rich. And it explains how a tender ballad called “Blessings,” the most biographical song on the album, can follow “Swerve,” a song that warns “Yeah, I’mma two-step up to you with that booty in them pants.” 

It’s whiplash, but whiplash is en vogue if you haven’t noticed. What Florida Georgia Line continue to do better than any other modern country artist is create art for the Twitter and Instagram economy. They’re not your granddad’s brand of country music because they don’t live in your granddad’s society. That is an innovator’s secret.

 – TasteOfCountry

Brooks & Dunn ‘Reboot’ Biggest Hits For Album

Brooks & Dunn ‘Reboot’ Biggest Hits For Duets Album

Luke Combs, Kane Brown and Kacey Musgraves just three of the artists featured on the new duets album

12 years after their last studio album, Brooks & Dunn are gearing up to revisit the hits with their forthcoming collaboration album, Reboot.

Set for release on April 5, the album will feature 12 timeless Brooks & Dunn songs to new arrangements with some of country music’s best rising talent. Lending their voices to the updated songs will be Kacey Musgraves, Jon Pardi, Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett, Brett Young, LANCO, Midland, Ashley McBryde, Cody Johnson, Brothers Osborne and Tyler Booth.

“This whole experience has been humbling to say the least. What a cool rush to hear somebody do one of your tunes in a unique way, and it still holds up,” said the duo’s Ronnie Dunn in a press release. “That’s the greatest compliment you can get as an artist. People used to ask us all the time about the legacy we wanted to leave, and it’s honestly just that – you hope the music stands up over time. This is the first opportunity we’ve had to run it up a new flagpole…and it really flies.”

“They’re making their own music,” added B&D’s other half, Kix Brooks. “But just like we did, they still remember and respect the music they grew up with. It makes you feel good that these acts were inspired by us in some small way.”

The project was partly inspired by a cover video Luke Combs posted several years back singing the hit “Brand New Man.” After seeing his cover, along with several others, Brooks & Dunn realized it might make for a good excuse to get back in the studio with the best Nashville has to offer.

On Friday, Feb. 8, the duo revealed the first two tracks from Reboot, Luke Combs’ cover of “Brand New Man” and Kane Brown’s cover of “Believe.” Getting into the studio with their biggest inspirations was a milestone moment for both of the rising superstars.

“Brooks & Dunn’s music absolutely had a tremendous impact on me,” said Combs. “To me, they invented that foot stomping, driving sound. And it’s so cool that this has turned into such an awesome album, with artists that actually grew up listening to Brooks & Dunn. Their music was so influential to us that having the chance to come in and bounce ideas off the guys and sing with them in the studio was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“I’ve never really sung in the studio with someone else, especially not with someone whose voice is as good as Ronnie’s,” shared Brown. “For him to be looking at me on the other side of the glass, and both of us singing, it was just awesome. It felt like we just got comfortable around each other, so we were really able to kill it.”

Brooks & Dunn’s new album Reboot will be available beginning April 5. Take a behind-the-scenes look at their time in the studio with Combs and Brown in the videos above.


10 Songs You May Want To Listen To Now

10 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now – February 2019

February playlist features songs from country hitmakers Eric Church & Chris Young, plus the debut from Caylee Hammack

At Sounds Like Nashville, we pride ourselves on bringing our readers updates about the latest and greatest songs coming out of Music City. Whether it’s a new single from the biggest superstar or the debut track from a new artist, we hope to bring fans a wide range of what’s hot in country music.

At the top of each month, our staff selects their personal favorite new songs and updates SLN’s ongoing 10 Songs You Should Be Listening To playlist. This month, Sounds Like Nashville has a slew of new tunes from some of Nashville’s best and brightest acts. While our list includes country music hitmakers Eric Church, Toby Keith and Chris Young, the list also features several new acts hoping to cement themselves among the stars. One of those new performers includes the sassy and spirited Caylee Hammack and her debut release “Family Tree.” Caylee isn’t the only female appearing on our February list, as songs from RaeLynn, Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope also landed among the tunes.

Take a listen to this month’s 10 Songs You Should Be Listening To playlist below (in no particular order) and subscribe HERE for monthly updates.

Aaron Watson – “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”

Maren Morris – “Girl”

Chris Young – “Raised On Country”

RaeLynn – “Rowdy”

Toby Keith – “Don’t Let The Old Man In”

George Strait – ” Codigo”

Russell Dickerson – “Every Little Thing”

Caylee Hammack – “Family Tree”

Eric Church – “Some Of It”

Cassadee Pope – “If My Heart Had A Heart”

– Based on SoundsLikeNashville Article

George Strait Plots Release For 30th Studio Album

George Strait to Release 30th Album ‘Honky Tonk Time Machine’

Singer George Strait is ready to release a slew of new music on his 30th studio album

With nearly four decades of music under his belt, George Strait shows no signs of slowing down as the singer has announced a brand-new album. Comprised of 13 songs, Honky Tonk Time Machine marks the legendary singer’s 30th release.

The project is filled with original songs written by the Texas native himself, alongside his longtime collaborators Dean Dillon, Bubba Strait and Jeff Hyde. Honky Tonk Time Machine also holds two special collaborations: one with Strait and fellow icon Willie Nelson and another with Strait’s grandson Harvey.

Fans can get their hands on Honky Tonk Time Machine, featuring Strait’s latest single “Código,” beginning Friday, March 29. “I’m really excited to have some new music coming out,” shares Strait. “It’s been about two years since I’ve released a record.

It was great writing with Bubba and Dean again and creating such a beautiful song with Bubba and Jeff Hyde. Also, it was a very special thing for me to be able to write and sing one with the legend Willie Nelson. I hope everyone enjoys listening to Honky Tonk Time Machine as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Honky Tonk Time Machine track listing:

1. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
2. “Two More Wishes”
Written by Jim Lauderdale and Odie Blackmon
3. “Some Nights”
Written by Bubba Strait, Brice Long and Phillip White
4. “God and Country Music” (with Harvey Strait)
Written by Luke Laird, Barry Dean and Lori McKenna
5. “Blue Water”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
6. “Sometimes Love”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
7. “Código”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
8. “Old Violin”
Written by Johnny Paycheck
9. “Take Me Away”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
10. “The Weight of the Badge”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Dean Dillon
11. “Honky Tonk Time Machine”
Written by Bubba Strait, Brice Long and Bart Butler
12. “What Goes Up”
Written by George Strait, Bubba Strait and Jeff Hyde
13. “Sing One with Willie” (featuring Willie Nelson)
Written by George Strait, Willie Nelson, Bubba Strait and Buddy Cannon

Robert Earl Keen Inducted Into Texas Cowboy HOF

Robert Earl Keen Inducted Into The Texas Cowboy Hall Of Fame

Joining Willie Nelson, George Strait, and more in the Lone Star State institution

Congratulation to Robert Earl Keen, who was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame recently. Robert Earl Keen now joins Willie Nelson, George Strait, Lyle Lovett and many more Legends in the Lone Star State institution.

Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Robert Earl Keen has recorded 19 albums and performed thousands of shows, first as a folk singer and now as a country star. He is an avid reader who majored in English at Texas A&M University. His first album was No Kinda Dancer (1984) and most recent is Live Dinner Reunion (2016). His work ranges from country to bluegrass to rock. His songs have been recorded by artists including: George Strait, Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Joe Ely, Montgomery Gentry, Dixie Chicks, The Highwaymen, Gillian Welch, Todd Snider and Shawn Colvin.

In 2012, he was inducted into the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame along with his college friend, Lyle Lovett and the late Townes Van Zandt. In March 2015, BMI honored him as the first recipient of the Troubadour Award. Keen is currently on tour performing shows in 2019 with George Strait, and Lyle Lovett, and will embark on his annual Christmas tour in December. Keen’s signature song is “The Road Goes On Forever.”

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