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The Writers Round with Nicolle Galyon

The Writers Round with Nicolle Galyon

Welcome to the Writers Round, a monthly column where Sounds Like Nashville sits down with Nashville-based songwriters and learns about each writer’s journey to Music City.

This month, Nicolle Galyon sheds some light into her life as a songwriter as well as shares the stories behind some of her many hits including Keith Urban’s “We Were Us,” Lee Brice’s “Boy” and Lady Antebellum’s “Heart Break.”

There’s a very good chance when you turn on the radio one of Nicolle Galyon’s songs will be playing. Ten years since signing her first publishing deal, the songwriter currently has five singles at country radio including Kenny Chesney’s “All the Pretty Girls,” Lady Antebellum’s “Heart Break,” RaeLynn’s “Lonely Call,” Florida Georgia Line’s “Smooth” and Lee Brice’s “Boy.”

The Kansas native’s songwriting journey is more than a decade in the making as she moved to Nashville in 2002 with the plan to pursue a career in artist management. During her time as a student at Belmont she worked as a personal assistant for Greg Oswald at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME) where she was frequently surrounded by music and industry professionals. She recalls being mesmerized while attending guitar pulls her first year in Music City and it’s there that she was first hit with the songwriting bug.

“I was like, ‘Wait, this is a job? You can do this? I think this is actually what I should be doing,’” Galyon tells Sounds Like Nashville over the phone.

Galyon grew up around music and played classical piano. Her real passion was country music though and somewhere between classes and acting as a personal assistant, songwriting spread like wildfire in her heart and overtook all the things she previously thought she’d pursue. By the time she graduated from Belmont her dream of a career as an artist manager changed to becoming a songwriter. She took all the lessons from working for a booking agent with her and admits that one of the most important things she learned was to have thick skin.

“It really taught me to not take anything personally and to have a thick skin and to see behind the curtain of how deals get done and how business really goes down,” she explains of her time shadowing Oswald. “That perspective has really helped me, even as a songwriter, when something doesn’t go my way or my song isn’t a single or my song doesn’t make a record. That job gave me the 30,000-foot perspective to realize it’s not all about you and it’s not about the song. There’s a lot of moving parts here that has to go right in order for something to happen.”

Her time as Oswald’s assistant frequently had her in the presence of other songwriters, publishers and producers. Galyon vividly remembers parties where she’d be cleaning up and someone would ask her to play them a song she wrote. She says it was in these moments that she earned her stripes in bravery and thanks to Paul Worley, one of the people in the room that heard her songs, she was introduced to BJ Hill from Warner/Chappell Nashville where she signed in 2007.

“I met so many people through that job,” Galyon reflects. “I say I got my degree from Belmont, but my education from working for Greg Oswald.”

In 2013, Galyon saw her first taste of success when Keith Urban recorded “We Were Us,” a song she co-wrote with longtime collaborators Jimmy Robbins and Jon Nite. Galyon recalls writing the No. 1 song shortly after she came back from her 10-year high school reunion. Robbins and Nite had written with Thomas Rhett earlier that day and played her an idea that they didn’t wind up using. She says they had the beginning of the song’s chorus, “Back when that song was a song I could sing along.”

“They had the top of the chorus written, but they didn’t know what the title would be. There was really no idea yet. Because I had just come back from my hometown, this little rural farm town in Kansas, all of this small town imagery started coming out of my mouth. Then I started singing some of the verses,” she recalls. “I was really nostalgic thinking about my whole class because I had just seen all my classmates. We’re all married and some are pregnant and have kids and I’m just looking at us going, ‘Man, that’s when we were us. Now we’ll never be us again, me and my class. You can never go back to that time.’”

It’s hard to envision “We Were Us” being sung by anyone other than Urban and Miranda Lambert, but Galyon admits that they first sent the track to Lauren Alainawho was looking for a duet for her album. Robbins’ publisher was Urban so he heard every song that he wrote and fell in love with “We Were Us.”

“Keith had heard it and before Lauren could ever get back to us, Keith hit us back and was like, ‘I want this song for me,’” Galyon explains. “Then it was one of those things where we had a good problem on our hands where more than one artist wanted to cut it. Ultimately that stuff is out of our hands as songwriters. I wouldn’t change history. I love the way that it all worked out. The song takes on a life of its own after it leaves your hands.”

Galyon has penned hundreds of songs over the years and cites Lee Brice’s “Boy” as the most honest one she has ever written. She says the song, which she co-wrote with Nite, wrote itself.

“On a deep level, I feel like God told me who my son was going to be through the words of that song before my son was born,” she confesses. “It was the last song I wrote before I had my son. It just felt like a really natural thing for us to write together. Now I look at my son who’s two years old running around the house going, ‘How did every line of that song work for you? I had never seen your face yet.’ That song was really honest and powerful for me personally. If that’s all that it ever was, for me to hear, it would have been enough, but now hearing the stories and seeing other people relate to it is really powerful.”

A mother of two, Galyon says her writing time is her me time during the day. Instead of penning emotional or deep songs, she finds herself wanting to create fun moments in the writing room.

“Some days I don’t want it to be as heavy as maybe I used to want it to be,” she admits. “As much as I love writing really deep, heavy things like ‘Love Triangle’ and ‘Boy’ and even ‘Automatic,’ I see the value in ‘All the Pretty Girls.’ When it comes on the radio and I’m sitting in the pickup line waiting to pick my kids up from school, I see how it makes me feel good. I want to write more songs like that because I know when I look in the rearview mirror and I see my kids bopping their heads back and forth and we’re all singing along to a song, that’s a moment in itself. A song doesn’t always have to save the world to create a really special moment. I think having kids has given me more of that perspective as a writer.”

Galyon remembers getting the title for Chesney’s latest hit “All the Pretty Girls” while at the library with her daughter. She saw a book with a similar title, All the Pretty Girls Said, and she thought it sounded like an artistic title for a country song.

While Galyon is seeing plenty of success at radio, she remembers a time when she was first getting started and she couldn’t write as well as she had hoped. She said the early years can be deceiving for a songwriter and it’s usually then when one will give up entirely. It’s in these moments that she advises songwriters to “put your head down and write, write, write as much as possible.”

“For me it took a long time, but when that thing clicked, when I was writing songs that even I liked, then it just becomes like, ‘This is bonus. This is the coolest thing ever. It doesn’t feel like a job anymore. It doesn’t feel like I’m practicing to just get better,’ which is what the beginning many years of my career felt like,” she shares.

Another song Galyon wrote is Lady Antebellum’s new single, “Heart Break.” The title track to the trio’s latest album, she penned it while on a writing retreat in Rosemary Beach, Florida, with the band and Jesse Frasure. The idea of the song came from Dave Haywood, who suggested they write about a spring heartbreak. A pun on spring break, spring heartbreak eventually developed into “Heart Break.”

Galyon was joined by her husband, songwriter Rodney Clawson (Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids,” “Lady Antebellum’s “Bartender,” Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party”), on the retreat and admits that there was some friendly competition between the two writers. Interestingly, Galyon and Clawson only recently began writing together this year. The couple has been married for 10 years and as Galyon explains, they had good reason for not getting into the writing room together sooner.

“We’ve been very deliberate about not writing together just because when we first got married, Rodney had a few hits under his belt and I was just getting started,” she explains. “I had just signed a publishing deal. He didn’t want anyone to think that I needed him to have a writing career and I didn’t want that either. We just kept our writing separate all these years. Now it feels like there’s been a shift where we don’t worry about that anymore.”

The couple has written several songs together this year and the second song they created was recently recorded by Luke Bryan. “Win Life,” the last track on Bryan’s forthcoming sixth studio album, What Makes You Country, was penned by Galyon, Clawson and Ross Copperman. Their latest cut may convince them to set aside more time in the writing room.

“It’s funny because when we do write together now, we both walk out of the door at the same time, get in different cars, and then drive to the same place because we’re creatures of habit,” she says with a laugh. “We’re just so used to walking out and going and writing with someone else that when we do write together now, we’re getting ready in the same bathroom, then we drive separate cars and then we walk in. It’s kind of fun.”

In addition to songwriting, Galyon has proven herself a successful producer. The songwriter co-produced RaeLynn’s debut album WildHorse and has been producing several songs for Jana Kramer including new single “I’ve Done Love,” which she co-wrote with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Galyon says she’s proud of the new single, explaining that she and Kramer are pioneering their way through the industry as Kramer is currently without a label.

“When there’s a label involved, there’s a lot of people that all need to sign off on things. All of a sudden we realized, ‘Wait, I guess we don’t have to ask anybody for permission to record the songs since I want you to have them and you want to have them.’ I’m really excited for her to get to put out new music and to do it her way,” Galyon says.

She adds that being the same age of Kramer, working with the singer is fulfilling as they’re both in the same chapter of their lives.

“I love writing with young people. They keep me fresh and excited and inspired, but Jana makes me feel at home,” she says. “I don’t have to put on any other hat than the one I’ve already got on when it comes to songs for her.”

With the release of Kramer’s “I’ve Done Love,” Galyon has six country singles to her name on country radio this year. Ten years after signing her first publishing deal, Galyon is grateful for the success.

“All these years I’ve been so happy and satisfied with the crumbs of whatever falls through the cracks and I get to be a part of. Now it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! I don’t know how this all happened,’” she concedes.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Break Up to Make Up

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Break Up to Make Up

In New ‘The Rest of Our Life’ Video

The Rest of Our Life will be available for purchase beginning November 17.

The best part about getting in a massive fight with the one you love? That moment when you two forget anything bad that’s been said to come back together for the ultimate romantic moment. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may look like the perfect couple on the outside, but they admit to the flaws in their marriage throughout the music video for their latest single, “The Rest of Our Life.” As the two bicker with one another in slow motion while riding down back roads in the back seat of a limo, Hill makes a run for it in the pouring down rain to get away from the negativity.

Although the video seems like the end of the road for McGraw and Hill, the treatment only pulls them closer together as they resolve their harsh argument with a simple cease-fire in the middle of a local warn-down restaurant. With the two soaked to the brim from the stormy weather, they laugh off any problems that troubled them before and McGraw proves his passion with a kiss on the hand for his beautiful wife.

“The Rest of Our Life” was penned by a handful of songwriters, including pop singer Ed Sheeran. What could be dubbed as somewhat of a wedding ballad, McGraw and Hill execute their balanced harmonies while looking toward their optimistic future with one another throughout the song. The track marks the second single off of the couple’s first-ever joint album, which happens to be named The Rest of Our Life. The album will feature 11 songs total, all of which will be duets by McGraw and Hill together.

Kenny Chesney to Co-Produce David Lee Murphy

Kenny Chesney to Co-Produce Upcoming Album by David Lee Murphy

David Lee is the original—and the last of—the hillbilly rockstars,” says Kenny

Singer/songwriter David Lee Murphy, who’s probably best known for his 1995 No. 1 hit, “Dust on the Bottle,” has been cranking out No. 1 tunes as a songwriter for more than 20 years, including Jason Aldean’s “Big Green Tractor,” Blake Shelton’s “The More I Drink,” Kenny Chesney’s “Til It’s Gone” and more. The drop date for No Zip Code has not been released yet.

(Clockwise from front left): David Lee Murphy, David Ross (CEO Reviver Records), Gator Michaels (Executive VP Reviver Records) and Kenny Chesney

In fact, David Lee has become a frequent songwriting contributor on Kenny’s albums over the years, having co-penned tunes such as “Live a Little,” “Living in Fast Forward,” “Winnebago,” “Pirate Flag” and “Bar at the End of the World.” Now, Kenny is returning the favor for all of David Lee’s hard work over the years

Kenny and Buddy Cannon will co-produce David Lee’s upcoming album, No Zip Code, which will be released via Reviver Records. “I didn’t think I’d ever get out here and do this again,” says David Lee about cutting a new album. “You focus on writing, and that’s its own kind of great.

But Kenny and I got to talking, and it seemed like something worth doing. Then when we got in the studio, it felt so good, every day was more exciting than the one before.”

“David Lee is the original—and the last of—the hillbilly rockstars,” says Kenny. “His groove, the way he lays into a melody is so smooth, yet he uses the words for shaping the rhythm. He knows the life, and he bottles it up in song. Making this record showed us what country music can be in the 21st century.”

Photo by Allister Ann/EB Media

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Announce Joint Album

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Announce First-Ever Joint Album

They’ve recorded and released a great number of duets in previous years, but Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have finally teamed up for the long haul on their first-ever joint album, The Rest of Our Life. After chugging along on their successful Soul2Soul Tour and gaining speed from their latest collaboration, “Speak to a Girl,” the iconic country couple decided now was the time to create a project with one another to add to each of their collections respectively. McGraw and Hill also decided to celebrate the career announcement by sharing the title track of the record to country radio. “We are excited to announce our new album and new single, ‘The Rest Of Our Life.’ We appreciate all our fans and thank you for being a part of our journey,” McGraw captioned his Instagram post about the album.

McGraw and Hill are slated to release The Rest of Our Life on November 17. The Rest of Our Life track list:

The Rest of Our Life (Ed Sheeran/Amy Wadge/Johnny McDaid/Steve Mac)  Telluride (Jon Randall/Jessi Alexander) The Bed We Made (Lori McKenna/Liz Rose/Hillary Lindsey) Cowboy Lullaby (Brett James/Brett Beavers) Break First (Emily Weisband/Ashley Gorley/Jerry Flowers) Love Me to Lie (Hayley Warner/Maureen McDonald/Nathan Chapman) Sleeping in the Stars (Jaida Dreyer/Mark Irwin/Gareth Dunlop) Damn Good at Holding On (Lori McKenna/Barry Dean) Devil Callin’ Me Back (Jesse Frasure/Ben Caver/Nolan Sipe) Speak to a Girl (Shy Carter/Dave Gibson/Joe Spargur) Roll the Dice (Shy Carter/Bobby Hammrick/James LeBlanc/Meghan Trainor)

The Rest of Our Life features 11 tracks sung by the power couple, and many feature huge songwriting credits throughout all of music. Pop singer Ed Sheeran contributed a track, as well as Meghan Trainor and other Nashville names like Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey earn credits throughout the project.

The couple will continue through the rest of their Soul2Soul Tour together until the end of October before preparing for the release of their new record.

Luke Bryan New Album ‘What Makes You Country’

Luke Bryan Announces New Album, ‘What Makes You Country’

Luke Bryan has revealed details surrounding his much-anticipated sixth studio album

Arriving December 8, What Makes You Country features 15 tracks, seven of which were co-written by the Georgia native. “My favorite part of making a new album is getting to collaborate with the songwriting community in this town” Bryan shared in a press release.  “It is important to me to continue to push myself to grow on all levels and I feel like we did that on this project. Making and performing music never gets old and I can honestly say I am having the time of my life.  I will be forever grateful to every fan who sings along each night.” What Makes You Country is the follow-up to 2015’s Kill the Lights, which spawned a slew of radio hits, including “Kick the Dust Up,” “Strip It Down,” “Home Along Tonight” with Karen Fairchild, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” “Move,” and “Fast.”

What Makes You Country track listing:

  1. What Makes You Country – Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley
  2. Out Of Nowhere – Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley
  3. Light It Up – Luke Bryan, Brad Tursi
  4. Most People Are Good – David Frasier, Ed Hill, Josh Kear
  5. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – Zach Crowell, Ryan Hurd, Chase McGill
  6. Bad Lovers – Justin Wilson, Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman
  7. Drinking Again – David Lee Murphy, Brad Warren, Brett Warren
  8. Land Of A Million Songs – Luke Bryan, Jeff Stevens, Jody Stevens
  9. Like You Say You Do – Luke Bryan, Michael Carter, Ashley Gorley
  10.  Hooked On It – Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, David Lee Murphy
  11.  She’s A Hot One – Michael Carter, Chase McGill
  12.  Hungover In A Hotel Room – Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear
  13.  Pick It Up – Luke Bryan, Rodney Clawson, Matthew Dragstrem
  14.  Driving This Thing – Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Jody Stevens
  15.  Win Life – Rodney Clawson, Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon

“All The Pretty Girls” Kenny Chesney’s 30th #1

“All The Pretty Girls” is #1; Kenny Chesney’s 30th Chart-Topper

When Kenny Chesney heard “All The Pretty Girls,” he recognized a song that captured the surging desire for now, the will to find someone who truly understands and the inherent anxiety that prefaces coming of age. Like “Young,” the breakthrough smash from No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, the complexity of all that rushing desire is a pretty simple thing, one that Chesney knows only too well.

And with an urgent take on “All The Pretty Girls,” it was only a matter of time until America got swept up into the rush that is a song that pivots on pretty girls, lost boys and being home for the summer. As summer turns to fall, “All The Pretty Girls” becomes the cherry on top of the chart – landing at No. 1 and giving the songwriter/superstar from East Tennessee his 30th chart-topper.

“There are those songs you just know,” Chesney says of the guitar-driven up song that tracks the ritual of returning from school and reconnecting with an urgency of knowing this time together is so limited. “Everyone’s been there. Everyone’s wanted to make the most of a few weeks, to chase after some girl or some guy – and few things will ever make you feel that alive again. The guys who played on this track really bottled up that rush, and got it on the record.”

In that desire to tap into the song’s authenticity, earlier this summer, Chesney offered a scholarship to a middle Tennessee college student who created a video for the song. Though unorthodox, Jessica Martinez’s clip – shot on location in Virginia – traced a young man’s pursuit and summer romance with a local girl with wonder and the swerve of perfectly curving moments.

“It’s easy to forget about the innocence of being young and being so caught up in what you’re doing every night, who you’re with, falling in love,” Chesney offers. “That’s what made this song special: it’s everything being that age, chasing girls and the night is made of. It’s why I wanted someone who was living it to make the video, and it’s why I think people responded to the song: it felt real, and free, and alive.”

For the No. 1 off Cosmic Hallelujah, it marks a second chart-topping song on one of Chesney’s most creatively ambitious albums in a career that’s seen him win the Country Music Association Album of the Year, Academy of Country Music Single of the Year and duet with Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Mac McAnally, Uncle Kracker and Grace Potter, as well as color outside the lines with “American Kids,” “Noise” and the chart-topping “Setting The World On Fire” with P!NK.

“Music to me is the place where life truly lives,” Chesney explains. “When a song is right, when you can really feel it, there’s no denying the passion or the heart. If there’s one thing that sets No Shoes Nation apart, it’s how much they feel things and how hard the respond. ‘All The Pretty Girls’ is everything they’re made of; the response – and this No. 1 – once again prove it.”


Vegas Shooting Victim’s Cover of Cole Swindell’s Song

Las Vegas Shooting Victim’s Cover of Cole Swindell’s

‘You Should Be Here’ Will Give You Chills

A cover of “You Should Be Here” got the attention of Cole Swindell and many others online as the cover singer was one of the victims who died during the recent Las Vegas shooting. Brennan Stewart, a local Las Vegas citizen, attended the Route 91 Harvest Festivalwith his girlfriend, Gia Capri Lantuono, when he got stuck in the chaos of the shooting. While Lantuono escaped after getting separated from her boyfriend, she witnessed bullets striking Stewart and later received confirmation he had died from his wounds.

As a fan of country music, Stewart used to create covers of his favorite tracks and post them online for friends and family to watch. In remembrance of Stewart’s passion, his Facebook friends brought up his cover of Swindell’s smash hit, “You Should Be Here,” which he made just one year ago. Swindell caught wind of the performance and sent a shoutout full of love and prayers to Stewart and all the victims of the shooting.

“This is Brennan Stewart.. HUGE country music fan. He was 1 of the 59 that never made it home Sunday night. I’ve seen his cover of “You Should Be Here” and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. I will be thinking of him and the others who lost their lives every time I sing that song.. hope to connect with his family when I’m in Vegas in December,” Swindell wrote alongside his dedicated Instagram post.

Just days before, Swindell tweeted about the heartwrenching incident and expressed his saddest condolences with all of those who got mixed up in the madness during the tragic events.

William Michael Morgan: ‘I’ve Grown Up a Little Bit’

William Michael Morgan I’ve Grown Up a Little Bit

It’s been only a year since William Michael Morgan’s freshman Vinyl album was released, but much has happened to him since then. In addition to the album landing in the Top 5, Morgan’s debut single, “I Met a Girl,” hit No.1, with his second single, “Missing,” peaking in the Top 30. Morgan also got his first taste of touring on a major tour, hitting the road with co-headliners Lee Brice and Justin Moore on their joint American Made Tour.

But it wasn’t all highs for Morgan. The 24-year-old also endured a broken engagement with Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne, less than four months after he popped the question. If nothing else, the ups and downs caused Morgan to take a look at his own life, and make some big changes along the way.

“I’ve grown up a little bit, I think,” Morgan tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I’ve left my old crazy ways in the past, especially this past year. We’ve been nose to the grindstone, working, working, working, and putting the drinking and the partying to the side. We don’t drink any more. All we do is write and work and play. No drinking at all. Not a drop.”

Morgan didn’t necessarily expect Vinyl to be as successful as it was, but he’s grateful for the opportunities it presented him, especially so early in his career.

“It’s been a whirlwind in the best way possible,” shares Morgan. “We’ve had a lot of doors open with the album. It was my debut album, so I’m very proud of it. We put as much time in it as we could. You only get one first impression, so we wanted to make it the best one we possibly could. I knew going in that I wanted to pick the best songs, whether I wrote them or not. It’s been a whirlwind of a time.”

Morgan is already working on his sophomore album which, thankfully, he says won’t be that different from Vinyl.

“I want to keep the same feel. I want to keep the traditional feel of it. That was my influence. I grew up on Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley and George Strait, the King. I want to put as much of that into my music as I can, and still be myself of course. I hope it’s a growing process. I hope with every album that comes out from us, we’re constantly growing and getting bigger.”

William Michael Morgan is playing several fairs and festivals over the next few months. A list of his upcoming shows is available on his website.

Carrie Underwood Being Sued For Song Theft

Carrie Sued for Song Theft for Something in the Water

The Tennessean is reporting that Carrie Underwood and her co-writers behind the song, “Something in the Water,” are being sued in federal court for song theft.

Songwriters Ron McNeill and Georgia Lyons are claiming they pitched a song titled “Something in the Water” to Carrie’s producer, Mark Bright, in 2014. The lawsuit contends that the songwriters never heard back from Carrie’s camp, but that Carrie recorded the song in 2014.

“Something in the Water” hit No. 1 on both Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and Hot Christian Songs chart and won the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance. Carrie’s co-writers on the tune—Chris DeStefano and Brett James—their publishing companies and Sony Music Nashville are also named as defendants in the suit.

“The hook on the infringing work, as released on the album, is structurally and lyrically identical, and substantially similar melodically to plaintiffs’ composition of the same title,” McNeill and Lyons argue in their lawsuit, according to The Tennessean. A spokesperson for Carrie denied the song theft and said that she expects “Carrie, Brett and Chris will be vindicated in the courts.”

photo by Jason Simanek

Chris Lane Strikes Gold with Smash Single ‘For Her’

Chris Lane Strikes Gold with Smash Single ‘For Her’

Country’s fast-rising star Chris Lane continues to reach new heights during a standout summer, with his current single “For Her” officially certified GOLD by the RIAA. The tender tune is on the verge of Country radio’s Top 10, as Lane crisscrosses the country on Florida Georgia Line’s THE SMOOTH TOUR 2017, bringing his heart-melting falsetto and R&B-infused jams to thousands of adoring fans night after night.

Lane was surprised with shiny new hardware recognizing the track’s 500,000 sales and streams by CMT Hot 20 Countdown hosts Katie Cook and Cody Alan just minutes before he hyped up the sold-out crowd at the Wrigley Field stop on FGL’s THE SMOOTH STADIUM TOUR 2017 .

It was a dream come true to play Wrigley Field, and for Cody and Katie to surprise me with the GOLD plaque honoring ‘For Her’ was more than I could have ever imagined,” said Lane. “I’m so thankful that this song impacted fans as much as it did me the first time I heard it.”

“For Her” joins Lane’s GOLD-certified debut, “Fix,” which shot to #1 on the Country charts and scored nominations for New Male Vocalist of the Year at the 52nd annual ACM Awards and Best New Country Artist at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Propelling into the national spotlight, Lane made his late-night TV debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers, as well as performing “For Her” on CONAN and ABC’s reality romance series The Bachelor earlier this year.

Written by Kelly Archer, Sarah Buxton and Matt Dragstrem, “For Her” is a devoted, hearts-on-fire confession of love and the second release from Lane’s Big Loud Records debut album, GIRL PROBLEMS. To date, “For Her” has amassed 31 million streams on Spotify, with the heartfelt music video — complete with a real-life proposal — racking up 7.7 million Vevo views.


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