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Lately, It’s Been Really Weird To Be A Woman

Lately It’s Been Really Weird To Be A Woman

Women are not marginalized in the United States of America. What are they fighting for? Why all the anger?


200-11Challenging Feminism: Not because of any fashion or makeup trends…although, I will say…I don’t quite understand the reemergence of the shoulder pad. But because of all the recent hyper focus on…feminism.

The Women’s March, International Women’s Day, protests, walk outs, I mean, we get it already… But to be honest, I am confused by the whole matter.

Women are not marginalized in the United States of America. What are they fighting for? Why all the anger?

Now listen, I know that this post is probably going to garner a lot of backlash, but you know what, that’s okay. I would love to hear thoughts on all sides of this issue. Truly. Every person is entitled to their own viewpoints, and I respect those feelings, even if they differ from mine. And of course, there is always room for improvement in removing some lingering issues, (representation in senior management, ensuring equal wages), but there is no attack on women.


But again, I don’t know what women are fighting for.

Is it because we have access to health care? Is it because 57% of enrolled college students are female? I’ll repeat that….57% of college students are female. Is it because women can hold any job they desire, up to and including the President of the United States? Is it because women can wear anything, say anything, go out in public, drive a car, vote, go to school, worship freely, and have/adopt children here without the say or approval of a man?

I just don’t get it. Perhaps they’re marching for the end to rape. Okay. That’s truly a phenomenal cause, and I salute that.

200-7But I honestly don’t think a march is going to change that. You know what might? A change in our culture. Maybe we need to reconsider the messages that we’re sending to young boys and men in society about how to treat a woman. Perhaps we shouldn’t be referring to women as “bitches and hoes” in our music and television. Perhaps we shouldn’t be objectifying or infantilizing grown women in our advertising. When we reduce a person to mere body parts or tools for pleasure, it’s no wonder that men feel they have the ability to take advantage. Perhaps we should challenge the multi-billion dollar porn industry. Perhaps we should be changing the narrative on that, and reclaim our dignity as women and prize our sexuality and virginity for what it is.

And women, we’re not off the hook either. Listen, I love a little black dress more than anything. Especially if it’s backless. But if we’re going to walk out of the house in lingerie-equivalent club wear, it’s asking for trouble. Of course men should be able to control themselves. “Asking for it” is never, ever, ever an excuse. But if we’re not respecting our own bodies, how can we expect anyone else to?

The biggest thing I have a problem with, is women who are marching for abortion rights. It’s no secret, I am staunchly pro-life.

giphy-3But here’s where the feminism argument just doesn’t hold up. So much of feminism is tied up in the sexual revolution and the emergence of The Pill. The cry of feminism for women to have the sexual freedom that men “have” is the exact antithesis of what true feminism really is!

The very essence of being female is the ability to bear children. Bring life into the world. That is the one and only thing that is uniquely female. That is the aspect of being a woman that is what should be celebrated and cherished and protected. And, in the name of feminism, we’re fighting to squelch that? Fighting to suppress that exclusively female gift? That, in my opinion, is the exact opposite of feminism.

“But we’re fighting for a woman’s right to control her own body.” Okay, terrific. That’s important.

But here’s the thing. Abortion is different because it involves two bodies: the mother’s and the baby’s. Her decision is not just hers, but her child’s. How is ending another human life controlling her own body? That sounds to me like controlling someone else’s body.

You want to fight for the marginalized? How about you start with the smallest and most vulnerable of them all? – The child in the womb. Frankly, I have been so disappointed to be a woman here recently. All the photos of women wearing red, and proclaiming that they’re boycotting work to show what it would be like to have a world without women.

200-9Please. Give me a break. You have a job. A paycheck. A degree. Benefits. Clean drinking water. Health care. Equal opportunities. This whole feminist movement thing, it just smells of domineering, desperate estrogen, if I’m being really honest.

I am uniquely female. God made women as the crown of creation. We bring life into the world. We are relational. We are receptive. Feelers. Communicators. Soft. Delicate. Those things are who we are by nature.

Frankly, it is unnatural to try and dominate a man and emasculate him. I think one of the most beautiful things we can do as women is to let a man be a man, and challenge him to rise to his highest form of masculinity: providing for his family, protecting, guarding, leading. That is what a man’s heart longs for: adventure. Rescuing. Providing. Their inherent natures and our inherent natures are a complimentary pair. Perfectly in harmony.

img_2489Maybe if we call out men to be those types of upstanding men, and we their equal partners, complimenting each other’s traits, perhaps all the other things will work themselves out. Because a man called to true masculine greatness will respect a woman, her body, her mind, her talents, abilities, passions.

Because at the end of the day, feminism is not a bad thing. But its definition has been bastardized in recent times. Feminism is the revolution of femininity – in all its forms.

We, as women, bring with us, our uniquely feminine traits – our feminine genius – into each and every role we take on, whether that be a teacher, a business exec, a mother, a nurse, the President, a professional athlete. Those uniquely feminine traits make us exceptional at those things, and should be celebrated.

A woman is a unique being: capable of all that a man can do, and more. We are the bearers of life. Why are we fighting that which makes us most powerful?

That’s feminism. That’s where we need to begin.


Roger Daltrey: Internet Has Stolen The Music Industry

RogerDaltrey001Roger Daltrey The Internet Has Stolen The Music Industry

Who frontman says internet’s stolen the record industry gives musicians no incentive to make new music

The two surviving members of The Who are producing a documentary about the British rock band's turbulant history, an ongoing 40-year saga of death, drugs and timeless tunes. Shown from left to right in this undated handout image, guitarist/songwriter Peter Townshend, deceased drummer Keith Moon, lead singer Roger Daltrey, and deceased bass player John Entwistle. NO SALES REUTERS/HO A DVD documentary called Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who had the cooperation of the two surviving band members. In this undated image (from left): songwriter and guitarist Pete Townshend, drummer Keith Moon (deceased), lead singer Roger Daltrey, and bass player John Entwistle (deceased).

Roger Daltrey says The Who are unlikely to ever release another album because the internet has “stolen” the music industry. The frontman admits he and guitarist Pete Townshend have discussed the possibility of making a follow-up to 2006’s Endless Wire, but as it stands he can’t see it happening.

MTE1ODA0OTcxMjQ1Mjc0NjM3The Who unveiled standalone single Be Lucky in 2014 and at the time, Daltrey hinted that a full album would follow. But he tells Rolling Stone: “We’ve talked about it, but it’s not going to be easy. There’s no record industry anymore. Why would I make a record? “I would have to pay to make a record. There’s no royalties so I can’t see that ever happening. There’s no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don’t know. “I’m certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can’t afford to do that. I’ve got other things I could waste the money on.” Asked why the record industry is in the state that it’s in, Daltrey adds: “Well, it’s been stolen. The way the internet has come about has been the biggest robbery in history, like musicians should work for nothing.

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 - Press Day“You get paid for streaming, my ass. There’s no control. Musicians are getting robbed every day. And now it’s creeping into film and television, everything now”

“You notice, the internet is a slowly but surely destructive thing in all ways. I don’t think it’s improved people’s lives. It’s just made them do more work and feel like they’re wanted a bit more, but it’s all bollocks.

roger-daltrey-1940x1293“They feel like they’re wanted because they got 50,000 Facebook likes or whatever, and it’s all bollocks. Look up for a while. Live in the real world.”

In the same interview, Daltrey discusses The Who’s early tours with the Beatles, his admiration for Eddie Vedder and the aims of his Teenage Cancer charity.The Who will play at October’s California mega-festival Desert Trip, along with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. They are also on the bill for the Mad Cool Festival in Spain on June 16 and the Azkena Rock Festival, also in Spain, on June 18. On Saturday, June 11, The Who headline the Isle Of Wight Festival.

– TeamRock

Carefree RV Resorts Score Big for US Veterans

CarefreeProgram001Carefree RV Resorts Score Big for US Veterans

CarefreeProgram002Carefree’s Got Talent is an annual competition open to guests and residents at all 58 Carefree Resorts and Parks throughout Florida The Carefree’s Got Talent event raised over $33,000.00 dollars for disabled veterans this year. They hosted their 5th annual Carefree’s Got Talent event on Wednesday, March 23rd in Lakeland, Florida. Carefree and their sponsor partners provide a large donation each year to the Disabled American Veterans, a veterans advocacy and assistance group.

Since Carefree began their relationship with the DAV, Carefree has donated over $80,000.00 to the non–profit Veterans organization.

CarefreeProgram003More than 2,000 residents and guests from participating communities gathered to enjoy the top notch entertainment and cheer on their community representative. The winner received a $5,000 prize and bragging rights for a year! AirplayExpress artist James Marvell was booked to help judge the finest talent you can find in Florida. The winners of the of the competition are pictured in the photo with Marvell (3rd from left). “I was blessed to be here for Carefree’s Got Talent with the best folks you can find in all of the RV Parks and Resorts from Snowbirds to Activity Directors” said Marvell. 

CarefreeProgram004The evening wound up with a special tribute song for the Veterans by James performed from his heart. Marvell left, dedicated “American Triology” to Veterans and their families both in the U.S.A. and Canada at a packed auditorium in Lakeland, Florida  

Photos of James Marvell from the 2016 event were taken by Jim Peters Photography .

Also see short video from this event. Contact Marvell and tell him we at WHISNEWS21 sent you. Email

 – Faye Marvell 4 WHISNews21

Mormon Help For Homeless Afrikaner & Boer People ?

BoerChildren001Mormon Help For Homeless Afrikaner & Boer People

There is a massive shortage of American truck drivers, by about 30,000.

semi trailer 16 (trucks green truck work rig cargo transport)Of the 300,000 over the road truck drivers in the U.S., about 50,000 are from Russia, about 10,000 from Somalia and about another 20,000 from other countries. I know of one from Zimbabwe, but I know of no Afrikaners  or Boers who are driving truck in the U.S. This is unfortunate, considering there is a massive shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., and, from what I’ve seen on the Internet, there are tens of thousands of homeless Afrikaners  and Boers living in tent cities. I drove truck over the road (48 U.S. states) for three years.

BoerChildren002I’d be more than happy to go to South Africa, live in a tent, and teach good men (and women) how to drive truck in the United States, and how to pass the Commercial Driving License exams. Each State in the U.S. has its own CDL exams, but they are almost completely identical. OTR (over the road) truckers in the U.S. live in their trucks, which has radio, often satellite radio, sometimes refrigerators and satellite TV.

BoerChildren004Truckers spend most of their nights at modern truck stops, which has clean showers, fast food restaurants, shops, and TV rooms with Internet access. Some of the larger truck stops also have barbers, and a few have dentists. A few even have strip clubs, but those are very rare. I’d be more than happy to spend six months, with no pay, living in a tent, teaching Afrikaners and Boers to drive truck in the U.S. Just give me a tent, or half of one, one meal a day, and a fairly large tent to teach in. The next question would be: how do you take these men, who now “know” how to drive truck in the U.S., and get them to the U.S. to get hired driving trucks? That’s the hard part.

Once trained men, and women, can get to the U.S., they don’t need a place to live, because they’ll live BoerChildren003in their trucks. They must go for two months of over-the-road training with a Trainer, after which point, they are on their own, living in their truck, driving. A first year U.S. truck driver makes about 34,000 dollars a year. Not bad. Also, after driving for 8 months, you can lease your own truck, on bad credit, no money down, and make twice or three times that amount. And you can live in your truck, eat and shower at truck stops, and send a lot of your money back to your family in South Africa.

I used to be a Mormon. I was even a Mormon missionary. I’m not Mormon any longer. But, I know that the Mormon Church is very wealthy. They own a lot of land and businesses in the U.S. They take in tens of billions in tithing each year. They are very “Public Relations” conscious. If they get enough letters, asking “Can you help the homeless Afrikaners and Boers in South Africa?” then the Mormon Church will help, in a big way. All they need to do is ask. Really. That simple. “Can you help the 850,000 homeless Afrikaners and Boers, many with children, living in tent cities in South Africa?” That’s all you need to say. In English or Afrikaans.

whitepoverty03Mail your letter to:

The First Presidency
Church of Jesus Christ LDS
50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

During the Ethiopian famine a number of years ago, the Mormon Church sent over 100 million dollars in food, medicine, cash, and other help. If the Mormon leaders get enough “letters” asking for help, they will. Perhaps they’d be willing to sponsor men and women, trained as truck drivers, to come to the U.S. and be hired by trucking companies. We can only try. We can only ask. Again, there is a huge shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. Most Americans don’t want this job, because you’re away from home 95% of the time. But, I would guess, that homeless Afrikaner & Boer men, and women, living in tent cities, won’t mind working at this job, and sending their money back to their families. After a year of working as a truck driver, they can bring their family to the U.S. I have no idea why the Nederlands and Germany aren’t helping the homeless Afrikaners originally from the Netherlands and the Boers from Germany by taking them as refugees. They are your blood. Please print this letter in your newspapers. Please, all of you reading this, write to the Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City. If they get enough letters, they will help.

Thank you.

 – Darrick Evenson. Portland, Oregon, USA.

Save Lives Run St Jude Rock’nRoll Marathon Nashville

StJudeRocknRoll001Save Lives By Running or Supporting St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Nashville!

On April 30th, more than 30,000 runners, wheelchairs, and walkers will attempt the annual St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Nashville Marathon & 1/2 Marathon through the streets of Music City lined with 28 stages as live bands perform the soundtrack of the day.

Charles Kelley had a particularly awe-inspiring weekend

Charles Kelley had an awe-inspiring weekend

The best part is, they do it all in the name of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Country music has had a long standing relationship with St. Jude, because who wouldn’t love a place that spreads cheer, inspires hope and finds cures to childhood diseases…all with a smile and never handing a family a bill.

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure to attend the Country Cares for St. Jude event and experience the hospital. It was a life changing experience filled with laughter, tears and awe.

There’s truly no words to make anyone who’s never gone understand what this place does every day, and the lives it changes.

Charles Kelley had a particularly awe-inspiring weekend, visiting the hospital a month before he would be a father to his very first child. The heart definitely feels a little more while looking at sick children once you have one of your own. It becomes a humbling experience, and this place suddenly becomes personal… Because you never know if you’re child may one day need the services of St. Jude.

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Are All Audio Cables Really The Same ?

audio-cablesAre All Audio Cables Really The Same?

Everyone has done it. Everyone is doing it and everyone will do it. No studio or music production environment is safe. Sooner or later, the dreaded cables discussion will show its ugly face and things will go bad.

For us, OCD and geeky minds all together, it is not a problem. Actually, it’s a moment we quite enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s get going:

Sommer PegasusAudio cables are all different. Meaning: they all look different, right? Some feel nice, others bulky, others don’t match your hair color or the hipster scarf you brought in the studio while trying to act all laidback and easy going. But: do they sound different? At the studio, we decided to take a tune we recorded recently and put it straight through some of our cables. To keep things as transparent as possible, we used our Dangerous Liaison and printed a first pass through it (named “original” below) and then started to connect different cables through its Bus 6. This method ensured the best reference file that could work with the different samples.

Vovox SonorusWe tested four cables from four famous manufacturers, all 3.5mt in lenght: The Sommer Pegasus and Gotham GAC-2 are AES/EBU cables with 110ohm impedance: the Pegasus is a quad cable, the GAC-2 is a standard dual, the Mogami w2534 is a quad mic cable with twisted design and the VOVOX Sonorus is.. well what kind of question is this? It’s a VOVOX Sonorus and most people say “nothing sounds like it” or better, as the company says: “now hear this!”.

For the geekier minds out there, we should specify that the connectors used are all Neutrik but the Gotham GAC-2 and the VOVOX Sonorus have gold-plated connections, while the others have silver connections. If you think this difference is enough to invalidate the test: congratulations! You are a true geek.

Want to get in control? Feel free to get the full resolution audio files and conduct the shootout in your favorite DAW.

Download WAV files

Mogami w2534They are all pretty different, right? Isn’t that amazing? So.. what now? Are you panicking, yet? Well, for starters, you are never going to find a final answer on cables and you should pick one that you like both in terms of sound and in terms of installation: how the cable feels, bends and reacts to various misconduct is important in live rooms, on stage or in your control room. Second: there are two main principles guiding the cabling of a recording studio..some say “use the same cable for everything”, others “learn which cable works best with each piece of gear”. There is no real answer here: some engineers like to use the same cable everywhere, unless an application changes, for example: AES/EBU for all the control room wiring and quad mic cables for every microphone connection in the live room. Other engineers like to have a variety of cables and learn, with time, which cable works best with each piece of analog hardware they own. Other mastering engineers get very picky and only use certain connectors (you’d be amazed by how many of them dislike gold-plated connections!).

Gotham GAC-2So, in the end, there is no final answer. If you want to go all scientific, bear in mind each cable has a number of “tech specs” to check out, some of them are really important for the final result, like capacitance and impedance. But, is there anything wrong in using an AES/EBU (110ohm) for microphones? No, most engineers will tell you: try it out and hear for yourself. Others use quad mic cables for their monitoring section..because they believe they make the soundstage sound better and more 3d..maybe it’s because they loose high frequencies or get a better handling at rejecting interferences? We’ll never know! Some engineers, for their monitoring section, like cables that emphasize problems in a mix, rather than embellish it. Others like cables that scoop certain frequencies (like low-mids) and emphasise others (like highs) because they know their AD converter reacts better to such a change in sonic balance. As you can see.. once again: to each his own!


Sommer Pegasus
VOVOX Sonorus
Mogami w2534
Gotham GAC-2


So this is the part in which we put an end to this discussion, right? Wrong. Nothing is written in stone, especially in this job. Rather than giving you my own personal approach to it, I want to present you with a number of questions.

  • Were you able to spot any difference in some or all of the demo clips?
  • Do you hear those differences on a consumer-level listening environment (laptop, small speakers, earbuds) the same way you spot them on your expensive studio monitors?
  • If a consumer-level listening environment masks those differences, do your studio cables still matter?
  • Will your client or audience be able to discern those differences?
  • Will those subtle differences play a role in how your music is conveyed, even if the audience is unable to rationally discern them?
  • How do the above question weigh against the price of each cable?
  • Will your clients be positively impressed by the fact that you offer them such attention to detail?
  • Do you think a $1 cable is appropriate for a $15000 microphone?

and most importantly:

  • Does your girlfriend approve?

As you see, it looks like it is an open war. But let me tell you this: the answers are not important. There is no right or wrong way to answer.. as long as you DO formulate an answer. Having a solid approach will improve your workflow and is something that will be appreciated by your colleagues, your clients ..and possibly your girlfriend, too!

Alberto Rizzo Schettino is a pianist, synth head and audio engineer. He also runs his very own Fuseroom Studio in beautiful Tuscany (taly) where he gained an exponential reputation for bringing a more international approach to the italian scene for music production and education. Alberto works as a product specialist for some of the best brands in high-end audio gear and since 2013 he is part of Puremix for content editing, post production and localisation.

Joey and Rory Announce New Gospel Album

JoeyRory001Joey and Rory Announce New Gospel Album

Throughout the heartache and pain, Joey and Rory have kept their eyes to God.

Joey Feek is living out her final days in her childhood home in Indiana, struggling with the inevitable realizations that she’s leaving this earth much too soon. However, through the sadness, God has pulled them through.

HospelCDThe couple announced that on Valentine’s Day of 2016, Joey’s last album will be released. The gospel album will feature hymns that have helped the couple stay strong. Joey recorded her portion of the album this past summer before her cancer made it too difficult.

We recorded it in a studio in Nashville early in the summer – just after recovering from her first big surgery in Chicago. And then she did her vocals where she could… in hotel rooms, our house, wherever and whenever she felt up to singing. In early October, we even did a tv taping of the songs in the concert hall at our farm in front of a live audience. Joey was weak and it was difficult for her, but she was determined. This record means so much to her. It is the songs that are the most important to her.

Yesterday, Heidi and I went into Bill Gaither’s studio up here in Joey’s hometown and added our harmony parts to add to Joey’s vocals on all the songs. It’s going to be special.

The folks at the record label asked us if we would like to designate a charity that might benefit from a portion of whatever sales of this record we might have … Joey and I talked about it and told them yes.

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Sugar Tax Will Rich the Richer and Poor the Poorer

sweetthingsIs Sugar Tax Just an Excuse to Widen the Gap Between The Rich and The Poor?

Then soon after a Burger Tax, A Pizza Tax and a very popular tax called, “Just because we want your money tax”

CandybarsSuddenly there is a drive to impose a sugar tax on the public so that they can stop eating so many products that contain excessive sugar. Well guess what, it will only impact on the ones who cannot afford the sugar products and those who can afford the tax, will just keep on eating the products as before, with no problem.

It is already a fact that most poor people cannot afford to buy sugar products anymore, due to the excessive price that it is labelled with. Why are they not implementing a law that restricts the corporate companies from adding excessive amounts of sugar to these products.

faf077If a 20% sugar tax is imposed on a $1 candy bar, you can be sure that it will not then cost you $1.20c in the store, it will after everyone along the line has added their little greedy bit of profit on this sugar tax, it will then cost you round $1.50. That is now up to 50% not 20% anymore.

My opinion on a sugar tax very simple. I think it is just a way to make more money for everyone who has money, and the public will still be eating the sugar products as before just paying more, after all, that may just be the master plan. The solution is to impose a fine on the companies who are caught producing the products containing excessive amounts of sugar, knowing full well that it is bad for their clients.  But no! Now the governments want a share of the sugar too…or is it the governments….I don’t know…….all I do know is that it’s not me.

faf041New Release by  “Pour a Little 20% on me Too” by ‘GivUsDaMony’ sure to be a huge success once released or should we say implemented.

Truth be told even without a 20% tax, most people have cut their sugar products already because sugar products are at least 20% to high as it is ! Maybe that’s why they want to increase it by 20% to make up their loss?

Oh and for those who are saying, the government said no to sugar tax, well that’s their story today, tomorrow as we all know from experience they will go ahead and do it anyway. After all if there was no resistance to this suggestion then they have their Green light, don’t you think ?

– WHISNews21

Joey and Rory Ask For a Moment of Prayer

Joey&RoryPrayer001Joey and Rory Ask For a Moment of Prayer

Joey Feek needs your prayers, and her husband Rory is asking for you to bow your heads and close your eyes this Thursday, November 5th at 8pm CST to either bring a miracle, peace, strength or all three. For better or worse.

Joey's Treatment

Joey’s Treatment

I said those words to her at the alter on June 15, 2002. But today and each day since our wedding day has been my opportunity to show her that I mean those words. And I do mean them. In most emails, comments and conversations, everyone asks the same question to us… “what can we do to help?”

You must watch this video by Joey and Rory to really know why we need to pray

You must watch this video by Joey and Rory to really know why we need to pray

They sincerely want to do something. Anything. 

There is something you can do…You can pray. You can pray my wife’s prayer with us. Joey’s sisters and her best-friend Julie have chosen a special time for people to say a prayer with us for Joey… Will you too join in?

Thursday evening, November 5th at 8 pm CST. (4am Friday Morning South African Time)

You can call it a prayer vigil, or a moment of silence, or what it actually is… a husband asking for help for the woman he loves. But please, one thing I ask… don’t just pray that Joey is healed. Yes, pray for a miracle. But also pray for peace in her heart, and ours, if God chooses not to let this cup pass from her sweet lips.

His will, not ours.

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Who Made Conservative America Afraid To Speak Up

ConservativeBannerWhat or Who Has Made Conservative America Afraid To Speak Up

I cannot help notice that in America the Liberal can say anything he or she wants, they can be racist, they can even spit out hate speech, they can even lie and cheat to the public.

Ike 2But a Conservative American cannot under any circumstances be allowed any of the above privileges. The press which is overwhelming Liberal in America today, is ready and able to condemn and crucify any Conservative voice no matter how loud or soft with all the means at their disposal. This has made the Conservative afraid to voice his or her opinion in public, in fact it has made them cowards too scared to defend their rights in public.
MuslimArgumnetIf the liberals who appear to have no rules and no scruples and no morals were a country on this planet they would be the new world order and without doubt the new Super Power. When I look around me and see who is being exterminated and  who is not, I cannot help noticing that most of the victims of this extermination are Christians, with a few like they say collateral Liberals included.

So what now, how will we live the future, if we don’t believe in the world the Liberal’s are creating, what are we do. Should we become a people who smile and agree with everyone be the cowards we will surely be. Keep our opinions to ourselves or perhaps if we have the courage only discuss our feelings inside the four walls of our homes if we have one?

913564b95cbad30ca4dad3a12c8e233dDo we stand up and fight like the Christians Crusaders, knowing that our fellow Christians will just turn their backs on us too and simply say, if its Gods will we will be delivered. Most Christians hide behind God knowing that God has given us all the freewill to make our own decisions and to realize who our enemies really are. He has also been very clear o who our enemies are and who our brothers are. When a Christian is a coward or hides behind God, he will simple turn the other cheek knowing that God never said turn it to your enemy who has just Raped your daughter or to the nice looking man who just shot your Son in the head.
ToleranceChristians stop hiding behind our God, he is a our Father and we need to be his Children and as children we need to defend his name and his honor here on earth, and stop turning the cheek and offering our families to the demons who walk this earth disguised as our brothers.

And finally I speak directly to Christians, if you don’t respect our God how can you ever believe others should? STOP SAYING “OH MY GOD” there is no excuse for saying it as you may think it is OK it is not. You are using Gods name in vain and if you do you will be judged. So to all my fellow Christians who are mostly cowards do you really want to be labeled that way, you do not have to start a war but you can at the very least start speaking up for our God, don’t you think it is time ?

– WHISNews21 Email Outpost

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