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Blake Teams with Hallmark for Christmas Movie Sequel

Blake Shelton Teams With Hallmark For Christmas Movie Sequel

‘Time for You to Come Home for Christmas’ premieres December 6.

Blake Shelton is teaming up with the Hallmark Channel again this holiday season, announcing a made-for-TV movie titled Time for You to Come Home for Christmas. Shelton is not expected to act in the film but is signed on to produce the project, which is sequel to his 2018 movie Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas. Both films are based on the song “Time for Me to Come Home,” which appears on Shelton’s 2012 album, Cheers, It’s Christmas. The hit country hit maker wrote the song with his mother, Dorothy Shackleford, and along with the Christmas movies it has also led to a book titled Time for Me to Come Home in 2013.

According to reporting by Entertainment TonightTime for You to Come Home for Christmas will star Lucas Bryant (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD) and Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives), who will play a military veteran and young widow heading back to their Virginia hometown for Christmas. Over the course of the holiday and despite mysterious factors which seem likely to keep them apart, a wholesome love story will begin to snowball.

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas is part of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Miracles of Christmas,” and will premiere December 6 at 9 p.m. ET.

Shelton & Pitbull Ready For ‘Get Ready’ Dance Anthem

Shelton & Pitbull Team Up For ‘Get Ready’ Dance Anthem

Check out this unusual all-star collaboration

Worlds collide on a new track from Latin American hip hop star Pitbull, who’s featuring Blake Shelton on a mind-bending dance number titled “Get Ready.” Crossing the frenetic, relentless energy of wedding-reception staples like “Cotton Eyed Joe” with Ram Jam’s classic garage-rock anthem, “Black Betty,” the track is part of Pitbull’s just released album Libertad 458 — dedicated to his father and the 458 people he helped escape from Cuba as part of the 1980 Mariel Boatlift.

Shelton appears to deliver the track’s “Whoa, get Ready (Bam-ba-lam),” chorus hook, while Pitbull raps lyrics about letting loose and living it up. The unlikely pair have a bit of history together, with Shelton jokingly “blaming” the dance hit maker for a fall on stage in Oregon in 2018. And way back in 2015, the country favorite told Ryan Seacrest he turned down a Pitbull collab over concerns about how it would play with his fans. Shelton’s current single, “Hell Right,” is out now, and so is Pitbull’s Libertad 458.

‘Nashville’ Star Clare Bowen Announces Debut Record

‘Nashville’ Star Clare Bowen Announces Debut Record

Clare Bowen sets release date and headlining tour for much-anticipated debut record

Nashville-based Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowen has announced her debut self-titled record, slated for release on July 12th. Affectionately remembered by many as Scarlett O’Connor from Nashville, this marks Bowen’s first and much-anticipated full album release. Produced and partially co-written by Josh Kaufman (Bob Weir, The National, The Hold Steady), Clare Bowen will include songs penned by husband Brandon Robert Young, as well as household and award-winning songwriters including Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran, Camilia Cabello), Wyatt Durrette (Zac Brown Band), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift) and Lori McKenna (Tim McGraw, Little Big Town).

The album is said to be true to Bowen’s life— one that has seen numerous struggles, such as the doctor-presumed deadly cancer diagnosis at 4-years-old, frequent panic attacks growing up, and her brother Timothy beating cancer in 2015. With this project, the 35-year-old shows what triumph over tragedy looks like– all in the form of very personal songs that come from a place of vulnerability.

One highlight on the upcoming release is the gut-wrenching ballad “Warrior.”

“I grew up in a children’s hospital. A ways into writing the album, I realized I’d never written a song about the children that I lived with, most of whom didn’t get to grow up because we were in a terminal ward,” shares Bowen about the song’s inspiration. “One of us passed away every single day. I watched a lot of children fight through hardships that no person should ever have to endure, and yet they were so incredibly brave. No matter what your troubles are, I want the ones who are still here to know they are not alone, and the ones that had to go on the next adventure early, that they will never, ever be forgotten.” Album opener, “Let It Rain,” a victorious anthem about life’s hardships and liberation from fear, drops May 23, with the album available for pre-order the following day. Bowen will embark on her own headlining tour this summer, including stops in NYC and Chicago, in addition to a special hometown show at Nashville’s City Winery.

Kacey Musgraves Childhood Dreams Just Came True

Kacey Musgraves Signs Modelling Deal With IMG Models

Someone’s Childhood Dreams Just Came True

Grammy-winning Golden Hour star Kacey Musgraves is branching out with a new side-gig that highlights her eclectic sense of style. She’s signed a modeling contract with IMG Models, confirming the news via Twitter on Tuesday (May 7th) while making a splash at the glitzy 2019 Met Gala in New York City. IMG is a modeling agency based in New York which represents some of the biggest names on the runway, including influential tastemakers like Karlie Kloss and Bella and Gigi Hadid.

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Musgraves’ Barbie look doesn’t seem so strange anymore, does it! The newly-minted model is currently on the road for her Oh, What a World Tour, with dates in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, the Dominican Republic and Mexico on the schedule through November.

Forget About Joe Biden Check Out Obama

Does Obama Have A Problem as his Hugging seems a little intense

I could not help noticing that whenever Obama delivers a speech a young woman appears from nowhere to hug him, and if that does not happen he searches for a woman in the audience to go out and Hug. The pictures that i see of him hugging woman are a little over done it seems to me. So I am just wondering if the out going first lady should be concerned about the out going President and his hugging habit. I may be wrong but take a look at these pictures and you be the judge, and feel free to tell me that I am over reacting and if you are a woman, please if you don’t mind, tell me if you would be happy if your husband wants to hug this tight everywhere he goes.

Some more Intense Hugging below. Well there are more hugs on Google, but that’s all I had time for. Thank goodness not all Presidents are out to get the Hugging Vote, some want a give the ladies better futures instead a 15 second or more Presidential thrill in exchange FOR A VOTE.

Some of the ladies seem worried in some of these pictures.

 – First published in 2014

Tools Used In Creating The ‘‘Fake Food Pictures’’. 

Surprising tools and techniques, used in creating the ‘‘Fake Food Pictures’’

Advertised foods rarely look exactly like the real food they’re selling. The truth is, the delicious-looking culinary concoctions we see in print ads and television commercials would be anything but appetising if they were on your plate.

1: That Milk, is actually Glue.

Cereal quickly soaks in milk and sinks to the bottom. If you want to photograph it, replace the milk with white glue. The cereal will remain on the surface and keep its original form.


2: Pancakes & Breakfast.

A nice big stack of flapjacks can be a thing of beauty. The only problem is those breakfast staples are quite porous – so the syrup just seeps right in. Photographers solve that issue by coating them with a healthy layer of aerosol fabric protector. Maple syrup doesn’t always look great on camera, they might turn to motor oil as a stand-in.

To add height to the flabjacks, cardboard is often used. Using the Cardboard method is a common technique even for spacing between cakes and burgers.


3: Long Lasting Foam.

To take a picture of milk, coffee, or beer, photographers add liquid soap. It creates a stable foam that looks natural and attractive.

Changing the status quo and being honest, creates trust and value.

Whole Foods Honest commercial.

Through authentic, documentary-style television spots and print and digital advertisements, the campaign carries the theme “Values Matter” to explain where Whole Foods Market’s products come from and the values behind them. The creative focuses on Whole Foods Market’s sustainable seafood standards, animal welfare ratings and our new “Responsibly Grown” ratings program for produce. The TV commercials feature farmers, ranchers and fishermen who supply us with products, along with Whole Foods Market team members.

Ante Agency.

Best Live Music Venues honky-tonks in Music City

Best Live Music Venues Honky-Tonks in Music City

Songwriter Crystal Chandler live in a songwriter music-round downtown Nashville

Where to find the Best Live Music Venues, bars, honky-tonks and restaurants in Music City and all of middle Tennessee. You won’t find a city with more live music than Nashville. Every place you go in Nashville has the ability to have live music sometime during the day. From pizza places to game rooms and many eating establishments in between all have live music in Nashville.

Open mic nights can be seen and heard in dozens of clubs every evening in Music City.  Entertainer and songwriter Crystal Chandler in picture above and left, playing live in a songwriter music-round for a crowd in downtown Nashville Tennessee.

Every evening as the sun goes down in Nashville there is a music buzz starting in hundreds of clubs and gatherings all around town. There are clubs and rooms just for listening to our local songwriters without the background sounds associated with normal club venues. Hearing the lyrics of a song is important to tell the story and paint the picture in the mind. The Nashville “Listening Room” and the world famous “Bluebird Cafe” are two clubs that respect the songwriters and performers. They will actually escort you out the door for not showing proper respect to our songwriters “no talking during a performance” Nashville takes their music serious.

Did Coca Cola Just Claim 30ml from the public?

Did Coca Cola Just Claim 30ml from the South African public?

This happened in South Africa, but it probably is a world-wide problem

It was just a few months ago that the public could purchase a 330ml Coke in a Can for a price, now the same can a little narrower and a little taller is on the shelves of every store pub and restaurant, yet only contains 300ml of Coke, at the same price of the not so old 330ml Coke can. How is it that they can get away with that so easily and no one complains and accepts it?

Now some say it’s because of the sugar tax imposed by the government, and some say it is because our living spaces are becoming smaller and Coca Cola made the new smaller size Coke’s smaller and longer so that they can fit better in your our little fridges or refrigerators. However if that was true why are we paying the sugar tax for Coca Cola by settling for 30ml less coke for the same price?

It does seem that Coca Cola refuses to lose the money they have to pay for the sugar tax, so they came up with this brilliant idea of letting the public pay, by reducing the size of the can (a saving for Coke) and then reducing the amount of coke in the can by 30ml. Therefore Coca Cola looses nothing in fact they still gain out of sales by selling us a smaller can of Coke for the same price as the 330ml a few months ago.

Once again the public is the loser and the mighty Coca Cola Company covers the governments sugar tax and in the process still manages to add a small profit.

Another question Googling this it seems that other countries have also changed to a longer narrower can but their content rangers from 320ml to 330ml as opposed to South Africa being only 300ml?

Why not add your comments or am I the only one to notice or have a problem with this, Coca Cola will be more than happy if no one comments and if no one does then you all deserve……………

 – Email received at our WHISNews21 Email Outpost

Insurance Company Proves Our Worst Fears are Real

Insurance Company Proves Our Worst Fears Are Real

Man Shot Dead Insurance Refuses payout due to Non Disclosure of High Blood Sugar

Momentum Life a South African Insurance Company says that based on the outrage following the insurance company’s rejection of a R2.4m payout, it is clear that the public is not as informed about policy payouts as they would have hoped.Momentum’s rejection of a life insurance payout due to the non-disclosure of a pre-existing health condition by policy holder, Nathan Ganas, has sparked anger on social media and widespread debate about the guidelines governing insurance companies’ right to reject or approve claims. On Twitter and Facebook, policy holders have threatened to cancel their insurance with Momentum if the decision is not reversed.

Ganas died from gunshot wounds in March 2017 when he was hijacked in his driveway. But the insurance firm refused to pay his R2.4m policy claim after it was discovered that he suffered from high blood sugar levels. Momentum said its decision to reject the claim has also been confirmed by the Ombudsmen for Long-Term Insurance.

“We recognise that although we are doing the right thing, it is apparent that the public at large are not as informed as we hoped. As an industry, we need to elevate the importance of full disclosure.” Question: If he did not die from High Blood Sugar Levels but a bullet through his body what is the problem with paying out, no wonder many people don’t trust the Insurance companies

 – News 24 (Plus Google Inserts)

Jeans Reign Supreme Nashville Denim Days Festival

Jeans Reign Supreme at Nashville Denim Days Festival

This Saturday and Sunday Music City will host first-ever Nashville Denim Days Festival

Notable designers, brands and artisans will be on-hand to help attendees learn about the industry via hands-on workshops and demonstrations, indigo art installations, pop-up shops and more. Heralded musician Nikki Lane, a fashionista and denim devotee, will headline the performance stage. She’ll also be selling vintage wares from her beloved store High Class Hillbilly. Cult-followed brand imogene + willie will be in attendance and host a party to commemorate the event. TENCEL ™ branded fibers by Lenzing is the title sponsor of the festival.

“We participated in Denim Days in New York, and I’ve attended Denim Days in Amsterdam before,” says Tricia Carey, TENCEL’s Director of Global Business Development. “We wanted to take on a bigger role in the Denim Days Festival because we wanted to have a stronger connection to the consumer.”

Visitors can expect a visual experience showing how TENCEL™ goes from trees to denim. The goal is to help the consumer understand what the product is and the value behind buying products that incorporate the fibers. For the event, TENCEL™ is creating a festival shop stocked with garments using its fiber. Featured brands include 3X1, Mavi, Reformation, Godfather of Denim and more.

TENCEL™ fibers are produced from sustainably sourced raw wood. The fibers are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. Composed of natural material, TENCEL™ fibers are biodegradable and compostable and can fully revert back to nature.

The fibers enhance the aesthetics and functionality of fabrics and can be combined with a wide range of other textile fibers.

“You can make a really soft, sustainable, strong fabric from trees, and you can have it in a variety of different looks,” Carey says. “We really want to show the whole lifestyle behind what TENCEL™ denim represents.”

The Denim Talks Speaker Series will feature Q&As, panels, and lectures geared towards jean aficionados. The schedule includes topics like pursuing a fashion career in Nashville and strategies from social influencers.

Noted author and philanthropist Buddy Teaster will give a lecture on the intersection of social enterprise, poverty, and the fashion industry. Panelist Sarah Bellos of Stony Creek Colors, makers of bio-based dyes, will be indigo-dying bandanas for festival-goers. Embroiderer Matt Davidson of Ranger Stitch will be onsite to custom embroider denim for attendees. Atelier & Repairs, a brand built around the idea of transforming the forgotten, is partnering with Belmont University on a T-shirt challenge, asking students to transform $5 t-shirts into garments of their own design.

The winner will receive a mentorship with Atelier & Repairs creator Maurizio Donadi. Effortlessly cool fashion brand Madewell will be on hand to present its “Blue Jeans Go Green” initiative, which allows guests to recycle their old jeans in exchange for $20 towards a new pair of Madewell dungarees.

Nashville Denim Days is a festival for die-hard denim fans, fashionistas, music lovers, and foodies alike. The action-packed, two-day schedule includes an outdoor denim bazaar, pop-up shops, food trucks, festival games, musical entertainment and more.

“It’s a nice atmosphere to talk about how the product is made and the art and craft behind denim,” Carey says.

Mayor Briley will officially sanction November 10 and 11 as Nashville Denim Days. To commemorate the event, the city will paint the town blue by lighting up the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge.

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