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Kacey Musgraves Gets a Diamond for Christmas

kaceymusgraves005Kacey Musgraves Gets a Diamond for Christmas

Kacey got one helluva Christmas present when she was proposed to by longtime boyfriend, Ruston Kelly in her childhood bedroom.

kacey_musgraves1I didn’t say yes…I said HELL YESSSS!! Last night, the best man I’ve ever met got down on one knee in my little pink childhood the same room I played with my ponies and barbies and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. ❤ I finally know what everyone means when they say “you just know”.

christmas-countdown-bb29-billboard-1548We had just been at my parent’s house randomly having a night of watching bittersweet old home tapes of all these beautiful family memories that were made in this little, old country house I grew up in that I now have. We came back to that house afterwards and he had somehow pulled off having my sister + brother in-law sneak off and completely decorate my childhood bedroom in the most nostalgic and perfect Christmas decorations. I was bewildered and confused when I saw it all and turned around and the song “Two For The Road” by Henry Mancini started playing (this song is so emotional and’s one of my have to go listen) and he was on his knee with a baby pink velvet ring box and the sparkliest thing I’ve ever seen! 💖Then my sister busted in and captured it all with her camera. It was so beyond special. Of all the places in the world I’ve gotten to see, nowhere could mean more than this happening in tiny Golden, Texas in the house that completely made me who I am.

– cmtt

AirplayExpress 2016 Christmas Heroes Top 30

christmas2016top20week01headerThe Official AirplayExpress 2016 Christmas Heroes Top30


christmastimeradiologo04WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio Will be Airing this Special Christmas Heroes Top 30 continuously till midnight the day after Christmas. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will tune in and listen for as long as you can this Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas. AirplayExpress has been informed by dozens of radio station worldwide that they will air this show over this weekend but unfortunately no broadcast times have been supplied due to the fact that the radio networks will be squeezing the show into their busy schedules. WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio will also be airing this Top30 once a week all year through till the 2017 Christmas Heroes Top 30 is produced.

We are proud to announce that the following artists, fans, friends and family will be making an appearance on this Top 30 singing or simply wishing you all a very Merry Christmas:

Christmas (18)Pat Boone, Elmo & Patsy, Allen Karl, Doris E Hays, Frans & Cathy, Brenda Lee, Alyssa Freeman, Barbara Blevins, Donna Cunningham, Landon Wall, Randy Allbright, Bing Crosby, James Marvell, Judy Welden, Rhonnie Scheuerman, Luanne Hunt, Veronica Anderson, Francesca Bassani, The Royal Guardsman, Herman Holtzhausen, June Holtzhausen, Danielle Mulford, Luke Mulford, Michael Buble, Cliff Ayers, Adele and Neil, Macy Tabor, Cliff Ayers, Elvis Presley, Rose Angelica, Dan and Karla, Pappy Jack Stracker, Tim
Fogarty, T.Jae Christian, Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan, Neil Maritz, Alan Jackson, Nicky Dee, Sonny Lee, Keith Bradford, Micki & Gene Farington, Music City Ghost, Cowboy Lone, Taylor Swift, Mike Contoni, Marge Miller, Lucas Celiberti, Jean Maritz, Justin Bieber, Wayne Jacobs, Dan Schafer.

To downlaad a good quality copy of the Top 20 click this banner

The AirplayExpress Top30 has been compiled from playlists received from DJ’s and downloads by radio stations and and DJ’s worldwide during the past 12 weeks when our countdown to Christmas 2016 started. AirplayExpress thanks everyone who contributed to this Top 30 and especially to the ones listening at this time.

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio will return to its normal programming at midnight the day after Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you………


Some of Your Favorite Country Stars Christmas Trees

lindsayell003Check Out How Some of Your Favorite Country Stars Decorated Their Christmas Trees,

Including Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Chris Young, Lindsay Ell & More

Christmas is almost here, and it looks like many of our favorite country stars are in a festive mood. Take a gander at how Tim McGraw, Lindsay Ell, Charlie Daniels and more decorated their Christmas trees this year.

Tim McGraw  Merry Christmas! Twitter

View image on Twitter

Chris Young  Merry Christmas! Twitter

View image on Twitter

Charlie Daniels  Merry Christmas! Twitter

View image on Twitter

Loretta Lynn  Merry Christmas! Twitter

View image on Twitter

Lindsay Ell Merry Christmas! Twitter 

View image on Twitter

When your shopping bag is so big you can fit inside of it….  


All images via Twitter

 – NashCountryDaily

Christmas Inspiration With Rhonnie Scheuerman 2016


“Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Christmas Time Inspiration For All In Need This Morning”


A Sight our Grandchildren may never see.

Your Daily Devotions for The Day Before Christmas

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts


Here are two more reasons why spending time alone with God each day is important: 1) To take spiritual inventory of your life. David prayed, ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting’ (vv. 23-24). Note the words ‘anxious thoughts’ and ‘offensive way’. These are things you start to take stock of when you are in God’s presence.

For example, are you growing daily in your spiritual walk? Are you allowing unconfessed sins to pile up in your life? How about your attitudes? In order to see yourself from God’s point of view, you have to face these questions in His presence and answer them honestly. 2) To commit each day to the Lord. The writer of Proverbs said,‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths’ (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Share your schedule with God, ask Him to guide you in your daily activities and alter them as needed. Ask Him to help you manage your time better so you can get more done (Psalms 90:12). Ask Him to help you distinguish between what’s truly important and what isn’t (1 Corinthians 10:23). Every day of your life you’ll have to deal with two things: problems and opportunities. And God will give you the right perspective and approach to handle both. You’ll be amazed how much more effective and efficient you are when you’ve spent time with Him.

Heavenly Father,

search me Lord and reveal my heart and heal me. In Jesus’ Name


Jack Blanchard’s Column: The Christmas Town

jackcolumn2016Jack Blanchard’s Column: The Christmas Town

It was the day before Christmas: We were road tired, and traveling westward through Illinois or Iowa…on our way to another show somewhere. We tried to cheer each other up, and said we’d celebrate our Christmas at a later date.

The countryside looked like a Christmas card through the windshield of our motor home.Fine dusty snow was starting to whirl around and the Interstate Highway was just about deserted.

It began snowing harder.We needed a place to pull in for the night, but we hadn’t seen anything open for miles.
We started to get worried.

It was getting dark, and the wind was blowing the snow into drifts. We pulled off at the next exit,but there was no sign of life except an old barn. The barn had a sign over the door, and Christmas lights were on inside.

It turned out to be a little store with a few groceries, and some antiques for sale in the back.

The owner took us to a little room where they kept boots and snow shovels. That’s where we plugged in our electric line.

Misty made a good deal…One night, two dollars.

We dragged our small artificial Christmas tree out of the trunk and into the bus. She had it trimmed and lit in about ten minutes.

We’d been on a long hard tour and we didn’t have any presents for each other, so we looked around at the antiques and things in the store.
We picked out a few gifts, but we didn’t have any way to gift wrap ’em.

Two or three at a time some people from the town came into the store, stomping the snow off their shoes and saying “Merry Christmas” to each other. They were smiling and friendly and offered to take our gifts back to their homes and wrap ’em for us.
When they came back a while later, our presents looked beautiful.

They brought along some cookies and eggnog, and we had a little party with these unusual strangers. We wanted to cancel all our future bookings and live here.

In the morning we woke up to snow covered cornfields and a sparkling forest of winter trees. An old rusty plow and a wagon were half buried in the snow outside our window.. It was a perfect Christmas.

We don’t even know the name of the town, or which state it’s in. And we haven’t been able to find it on any map.

We just think of it as our Christmas Town. Maybe it’s in the twilight zone.

Jack Blanchard


Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan…

Home Page: Awards: Grammy, Billboard, CMA, BMI, ASCAP. Mastering & restoration studio: 352-530-2068.  Email:

© Jack Blanchard, 2016.

Deck the Halls with Jennifer Nettles Christmas Concert

jennifernettles005Deck the Halls with Jennifer Nettles in an All-New Christmas Concert

AXS TV offers viewers a Country Christmas with GRAMMY®-winning entertainer Jennifer Nettles

The network premieres an all-new holiday television event on Tues., Dec. 20 at 9pE. Band Against Cancer presents Jennifer Nettles: ‘Tis The Season was originally filmed live at the world-famous CMA Theater in Nashville. In this special, Nettles’ signature vocals are on full display as the set list features a charming blend of classics and modern favorites from her latest album TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS (Big Machine Records.)

jennifernettles001The special will also have a same night encore broadcast at 11pE and subsequent airings Wed., Dec. 21 at 10pE; Thurs., Dec. 22 at 9pE; Fri., Dec. 23 at 4pE and 6pE; Wed., Dec. 28 at 10pE; and Thurs., Dec. 29 at 9pE.

Jennifer Nettles is one of the most celebrated women in Country today, and her unique take on these classic and modern tunes is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season,” said Michele M. Dix, AXS TV’s Senior Vice President, Programming and Development. 

The hour-long Yuletide concert special includes “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” “O Holy Night,” and “Merry Christmas With Love,” among others.

“There is truly something here for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a Country fan or you just love the spirit of the season. AXS TV is proud to be a part of this incredible event supporting such an important cause.”

The unforgettable evening was held to raise funds and awareness for the Band Against Cancer movement—a joint partnership between cancer specialist Sarah Cannon and Big Machine Label Group, aimed at helping people with cancer connect to the support and resources they need.

– cmtt

Kacey Spreads Christmas Cheer at Nursing home

KaceyMusgraves01Kacey Musgraves Pays a Visit to a Nursing Home to Spread Christmas Cheer

Kacey Musgraves decided to pay it forward this weekend with a visit to a nursing home to surprise the residents with some Christmas cheer, very likely performing songs from her album A Very Kacey Christmas.

It was very special spending our morning with the sweet residents of Little Flower Manor, an elderly care center, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I got so inspired after seeing the documentary called “Alive Inside” (about using music as therapy). I’m gonna make it my mission to visit as many as I can when time allows. It was so beautiful to see their spirits start to sparkle after hearing music they remembered. ❤️😭 MUSIC HEALS

Christmas is about giving. And there’s nothing more valuable than our time and love. Merry Christmas Kacey!


Ten Manliest Christmas Songs This Side of Paradise

countrychristmas001Ten Manliest Christmas Songs on Playlist This Side of Paradise

What would the Christmas season be without music? It’s the soundtrack for trimming the tree, wrapping presents and cooking Christmas dinner. While those activities are fun for a lot of folks and Martina McBride’s White Christmas is must-have musical accompaniment, I decided to create the manliest of holiday playlists, perfect for listening to while splitting firewood, playing bocce ball in the backyard and sipping spiked eggnog around the fire (my favorite holiday activities).

Without further ado, here we go.

10. “Santa Claus and Popcorn”
Merle Haggard
Most people will tell you that Merle Haggard’s finest holiday tune is “If We Make It Through December,” and it’s hard to argue against that. But for my Merle money, it doesn’t get any better than when the Okie sings “Santa Claus and Popcorn,” a warm, upbeat track that’s full of sleigh bells, mistletoe and reindeer horns.

9. “Christmas in Prison”
John Prine
You probably won’t hear “Christmas in Prison” on a conventional holiday playlist, but then again, John Prine is anything but conventional. What you will hear if you take the time to listen to this song are lyrics as rich as figgy pudding and an accordion that’s sweeter than wassail.

8. “Christmas Time’s A-Comin’”
Jerry Reed
Bill Monroe first recorded the tune in 1951 and a slew of other artists have covered it—including Johnny Cash and Sammy Kershaw—but Jerry Reed lays the hammer down on this bluegrass ditty like only the Snowman can. That’s a big 10-4, good buddy.

7. “Christmas Cookies”
George Strait
Not only is George Strait’s Texas two-step the greatest song about Christmas confections, it’s also quite simply the best cookie song of all-time, topping the Cookie Monter’s stellar “C Is for Cookie.” With George’s signature vocal swagger and some dynamite chicken-pickin’, “Christmas Cookies” is a sweet ditty from the first chomp to the last bite. If anyone tells you that cookies aren’t manly, they’ve never had a Double Stuf Oreo.

6. “Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy”
Buck Owens
With the backing of his Buckaroos, Buck Owens adds a little West Coast warmth to the holiday season with his Bakersfield-infused tune. Everyone’s Christmas needs equal doses of honky and tonky, and Buck happily supplies it with “Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy.”

5. “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Gene Autry
Many country singers have tried to top Gene Autry’s version of “Rudolph”—including Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton—but the Singing Cowboy’s classic interpretation of “Rudolph” is the like a spiked glass of eggnog: the perfect holiday concoction.

4. “Come On Christmas”
Dwight Yoakam
The holidays aren’t always as warm and fuzzy as a pair of Frosty the Snowman footie pajamas—for many people, it’s a sad, lonely time of year. Dwight captures those forlorn sentiments with his haunting, melodic voice in “Come on Christmas,” a tune that beckons the season to conclude so his loneliness will end.

3. “Blue Christmas”
Elvis Presley
Ernest Tubb took “Blue Christmas” to No. 1 on Billboard’s Country & Western chart in 1950, but Elvis Presley cemented the tune as a perennial holiday must-hear when he put his aching croon on it in 1957, and later featured it on his 1968 television special. Bing Crosby can keep dreaming of a “White Christmas”—I’ll take a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas every year.

2. “Pretty Paper”
Willie Nelson
With both a whisper and a roar, Willie delivers a melancholy ballad about a disabled street vendor trying to sell pretty paper, ribbons and pencils to busy holiday passersby. Much like a medieval minstrel going from town to town to sing his story-songs, Willie’s tender rendition of “Pretty Paper” is the perfect parable to prompt us to slow down during the holidays, help those in need and be thankful for what we have.

1. “Merry Christmas From the Family”
Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl puts the “fun” in dysfunctional with his twisted Texas anthem of Christmas cheer. In keeping with the spirit of the season, REK reminds us that the holidays are about spending time with family—in this case, a motley crew that likes to drink champagne punch, smoke Marlboro Lights and eat bean dip while singing “Silent Night” and making runs to the local Stop ’N Go for “some celery and a can of fake snow.” That’s my kind of crowd.

– NashCountryDaily

WTCR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio playlist update

christmastimeradiopromo01sWCTR Official Playlist as of Dec 11, 2016

The Official WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio. WCTR airs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Each and every song on this playlist is aired at least twice a day all year long. To include your song here mail us at

1. Alan Jackson – Honky Tonk Christmas FM (2:51)
2. Allen Karl – With Bells On (2:46)
3. Allen Karl – Its Not Christmas (3:10)
4. Allen Karl – Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy (2:34)
5. Bellamy Brothers – Old Hippie Christmas FM (2:56)
6. Bobby Helms – Jingle Bell Rock Kb (2:08)
7. Brenda Lee – Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Kb (2:05)
8. Burl Ives – Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Kb (2:11)
9. Cajun Christmas Nights – Run Run Rudolf [FM] (2:48)
10. Chris Rea – I’ll Be Home For Christmas FM (3:57)
11. Clay Alston – How Do I Wrap My Heart Up This Christmas (3:01)
12. Cledus T. Judd – Cledus’ Christmas Ball (2:32)
13. Country Mountain Christmas – Jingle Bells (3:45)
14. Cowboy Lone – Dear Santa (4:41)
15. Dan & Karla – Stars & Angels (3:49)
16. Dan Schafer – Christmas In Denver(2:55)
17. Dan Schafer – Christmas Wish (2:54)
18. Dan Schafer – War Of Words (4:35)
19. Daniel O Donnell – Snowflake FM (2:25)
20. Destinys Child – Eight Days Of Christmas [FM] (2:30)
21. Donna Cunningham – Please Come Home For Christmas (3:15)
22. Donna Cunningham – Pretty Paper (3:03)
23. Donna Cunningham – Rockin Little Christmas Fm (3:15)
24. Dwight Yoakam – Santa Cant Stay [FM] (3:25)
25. Elvis Presley – Winter Wonderland NM (2:31)
26. Elvis Presley – Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me FM (1:56)
27. Elvis Presley – Silent Night (2:14)
28. Frans And Cathy – Its The Night They Play Those Songs Kb (5:44)
29. Gary Jennings – Truckers Christmas (3:38)
30. Gene Autry – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Kb (3:21)
31. George Strait – Christmas Cookies CM (3:14)
32. Gretchen Wilson – I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas FM (2:23)
33. James Marvell – Only Christian Country (3:21)
34. James Marvell – Prophecy (4:38)
35. Jewel – Winter Wonderland [CM] (3:36)
36. Joey And Rory – Let It Snow Somewhere Else FM (3:36)
37. JoeyRory – Let It Snow Somewhere Else (3:18)
38. John Anderson – Jingle Bell Rock FM (2:09)
39. Johnny Cash – Christmas Guest Fm (4:35)
40. Judy Welden – Shop Til I Drop (3:24)
41. Judy Welden – This Christmas Spread His Love (3:45)
42. Judy Welden – Waiting For You Neath The Christmas Tree (3:22)
43. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe [FM] (3:10)
44. Keith Bradford – Christmas Day (2:33)
45. Keith Bradford – Christmas Is (2:53)
46. Kenny Chesney – I’ll Be Home For Christmas CM (3:50)
47. Kenny Chesney – Pretty Paper [CM] (3:50)
48. Larry M Clark – Santa’s Helpers (3:10)
49. Los Santos – Macarena Christmas Party Mix FM (6:02)
50. Luanne Hunt – Christmas Without You (3:15)
51. Luanne Hunt – Take Me Back To Bethlehem (4:01)
52. Marvell & Messengers – Embrace The World This Christmas (5:08)
53. Merle Haggard – Blue Christmas FM (2:37)
54. Mike Contoni – Do A Little Christmas Jingle (5:24)
55. Pat Boone – Christmas Wish (2:24)
56. Patti Page – Frosty The Snowman ED (2:44)
57. Richard Daime – Credit Card Christmas (3:10)
58. Richard Daime – Fireside Memories (3:26)
59. Richard Daime – Just For You At Christmas (4:33)
60. Rose Angelica – The Wish (4:05)
61. Royal Guardsmen – Snoopys Christmas (Original)FM (3:09)
62. Shakin Stevens – Blue Christmas FM (2:48)
63. Toby Keith – Christmas Rock CM (2:33)
64. Toby Keith – Hot Rod Sleigh FM (3:36)
65. Tractors – Rockin This Christmas FM (3:44)
66. Various Artists – Hot Rod Sleigh — Toby Keith (3:36)
67. Wayne Jacobs – A Child Born For You And Me (4:18)
68. Wham Last Christmas FB (6:08)

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas time Radio New Additions:

69. Marge Miller – The Little Kid In Me 
70. Randy Albright – Santa’s Sleigh 
71. The Royal Guardsman - Snoopy's Christmas [Live]
72. James Marvell - Prophecy [2016]
73. Luanne Hunt & The Royal Guardsman - Rudy's Winter Break

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio

Kacey Musgraves Brings Christmas Spirit to Ryman

kaceymusgraves004Kacey Musgraves Brings Santa

Snow and aWhole Lot of Christmas Spirit to Ryman Show

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas Monday night (Nov. 28) when Kacey Musgraves and her band performed at the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville as part of A Very Kacey Christmas Tour, which kicked off on Nov. 26 in Ontario, Canada.

The Ryman stage was decorated with Christmas trees all aglow in white lights and Kacey’s band members dressed in suits draped in white lights. The “Follow Your Arrow” singer kicked off the show with the classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” followed by “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late).”

After the opening numbers, Kacey, who promised her family that she would not curse so much because it was a Christmas show, kicked the festivities up a notch. “I hope you guys are ready to get festive as shit tonight,” she shouted to the crowd. And we were off.

Kacey kept the show fun and upbeat by singing songs form her Christmas album, A Very Kacey Christmas, including “Mele Kalikimaka,” “Feliz Navidad,” “A Willie Nice Christmas,” “I Want a Hippoptamus for Christmas” and fan favorites “Let It Snow,” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Even the main man, Santa Claus, made an early appearance during the show, where he shared gifts of Kacey Musgraves merchandise with audience members by throwing them out into the crowd.

The 90-minute show did have its emotional moments when Kacey broke into a few songs that tugged at the heartstrings, including “Present Without a Bow” and “Christmas Makes Me Cry,” along with non-traditional songs from her previous albums like “Fine,” “Merry Go Round” and “Follow Your Arrow.”

Kacey thanked the audience for its support. “I might cry if I talk about it, it just means a lot to me,” she said. “I love this city so much. So thank you so much for your support. Whether it’s Christmas music or country music or whatever, I’m happy to be here. So thank you.” No, thank you, Kacey Musgraves.

 – NashCountryDaily

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