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Waylon Jennings Officially Honored By AirplayExpress

Waylon Jennings Officially An Honorary Express Artist at AirplayExpress

Honorary Status has been awarded to Country Superstar Waylon Jennings

by the official members of AirplayExpress this the 15th day of June 2018 AEHonoraryMembers

The Waylon Jennings Story On AirplayExpress

Musical rebel Waylon Jennings is best remembered for helping to popularize the grittier and more rock-influenced genre known as outlaw country music.

Synopsis: Waylon Jennings was born on June 15, 1937, in Littlefield, Texas. By age 12 he was playing in a band and working as a radio DJ. His style evolved over time, taking on a tougher, more bass-driven sound. He befriended such artists as Willie Nelson, and formed the Highwaymen with Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson in 1985. By

Early Career: A musical rebel, Waylon Jennings was born on June 15, 1937, in Littlefield, Texas, and is best remembered for helping to popularize a grittier and more rock-influenced style of music known as outlaw country music. He and some of his fellow artists were labeled “outlaws” for challenging the country music establishment and for their hard-partying ways.

Jennings learned to play guitar as a child. By the age of 12, he was playing in a band and working as a radio disc jockey. Jennings dropped out of school and moved to Lubbock in 1954.

There he found work at a local radio station, KLLL, where he met and befriended early rock and roll star Buddy Holly. In 1958, Holly produced Jennings’ first single, “Jole Blon,” and Jennings played in Holly’s backup band, The Crickets, for a time.

He was performing with the group on February 3, 1959, and he was supposed to get on a private plane with Holly after their show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Jennings, however, gave up his spot on the plane to rock star J.P. Richardson—better known as “The Big Bopper”—who wasn’t feeling well. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing Holly, Richardson, singer Ritchie Valens, and the pilot.

Heartbroken after the tragedy, Jennings returned to Lubbock for a time and worked as a radio disc jockey. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1960 and restarted his musical career, forming a band called the Waylors.

The group developed a local following and even recorded some singles through the independent record label Trend. While the band never really took off commercially, Jennings landed a contract with A&M Records in 1963 and moved to Los Angeles, California

He got into a conflict with the record label over the direction of his music. They wanted him to take on more of a pop sound. Not one to be pushed around, Jennings remained committed to his country style. He made only one album for A&M.

Country Star: In 1965, Jennings moved to Nashville. He became roommates with country music’s man in black, Johnny Cash, which marked the start of a lifelong friendship.

That year Jennings had his first country hit, “Stop the World (And Let Me Off).” By 1968, he had several successful singles, including “Walk On Out of My Mind” and “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line.”Jennings won his first Grammy Award in 1969 for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for “MacArthur Park,” which he recorded with the Kimberlys.

Around this time, Jennings’ musical style continued to evolve, taking on a tougher, more bass-driven sound. He worked on sgs with such songwriters and artists as Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. In 1973, Jennings released Honky Tonk Heroes, which is often seen as one of the early albums displaying his new so-called outlaw sound.

This new style was a distinct break from the slick productions of the more traditional country music and began to develop its own following. Reaching the top of the country charts in 1974, “This Time” was the first number one hit for Jennings and was quickly followed by another chart-topper “I’m a Ramblin’ Man.”

Crossover Success: Jennings got his first taste of crossover success in 1975 when “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” made its way onto the pop charts. Around that same time, he was honored by the Country Music Association as Male Vocalist of the Year.

Jennings’ participation in the compilation Wanted! The Outlaws (1976) helped him become an even bigger name in music. A number one hit on the pop album charts, the recording featured songs by Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser, and Jessi Colter, Jennings’ fourth wife. The couple even sang several duets together, including a cover of “Suspicious Minds.”Joining forces with Nelson, he recorded Waylon & Willie (1978), which went on to sell several million copies. One of their duets from the album, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” reached the top of the charts and gave Jennings his second Grammy Award. He and Nelson shared the honors for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.For the rest of the decade and into the early 1980s, Jennings continued to make hits, including “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” and “Theme from ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ (Good Ol’ Boys).” In addition to creating the theme song for the television series, Jennings served as the narrator for the country comedy The Dukes of Hazzard.

Struggles: Long known for his partying ways, Jennings’ drug use escalated into an expensive cocaine and amphetamine habit, which sometimes cost him as much as $1,500 a day. He decided to quit in 1984. The following year, Jennings teamed up with KrisKristofferson, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson to form the Highwaymen. They hit the top of the country charts with “Highwayman,” which was included on their successful album of the same name. The 1990 follow-up album, Highwayman 2, did not fare as well.While he had a tough time getting his music played on country music stations, Jennings remained a popular performer, touring extensively until 1997. He even played a few dates on 1996 Lollapalooza tour, better known for showcasing alternative rock acts.

Around this time, Jennings candidly shared his many ups and downs in Waylon: An Autobiography, written with Lenny Kaye.Diagnosed with diabetes in the early 1990s, Jennings had trouble walking in his later years. But that did not stop him from making music. In 2000, Jennings recorded several performances at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium for the album Never Say Die Live. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Later that year, Jennings had to have a foot amputated due to diabetes-related poor health.

Legacy: Jennings died on February 13, 2002, at his home in Chandler, Arizona. Married since 1969, he and Jessi Colter had one child together, Waylon Albright “Shooter” Jennings. Jennings had five other children from his three previous marriages.Friends and fans alike mourned the passing of the country music superstar.

“Waylon Jennings was an American archetype, the bad guy with the big heart,” Kristofferson told the Los Angeles Times. Despite his difficult final years, “he was filled with creativity and joy,” his son Shooter explained to People magazine.

Shooter Jennings has followed his father’s footsteps, playing in a number of bands. With his backup band, the .357s, he put together an album of his father’s music consisting of tracks recorded years before Waylon’s death. The recording, Waylon Forever, was released in October 2008.

Waylon Jennings Officially included on AirplayExpress’ Honorary Express

AirplayExpress Sending Your Music Worldwide

AirplayExpress Awards 4 Platinum Discs To Artists

AirplayExpress Awards 4 Platinum Discs To Artists

The prestigious Platinum Disc Awards have been awarded to the following artists who have managed to Top the charts during the month of May 2018 on the AirplayExpress Country Top 40 International download charts. Larry M CLark, Dennis DiChiaro and the West Nashville Orchestra, Donny Richmond and the Three Bees Band have all accomplished the task of being Number one. We at AirplayExpress congratulate them and thank radio and Disc Jockeys worldwide for supporting these artists and in so doing helping them to reach the much sought after number one position on the Country To 40. Thank you all.

 – WHISNews21 / AirplayExpress

First 150 People at the Roar Room Get’s A Free CD!

First 150 people to show at the Roar Room get’s free McMains CD

This Saturday Night, A Free Just Released “American Soul” CD To All Attending The Roar Room CD Release Set By McMains In LA Crescenta,  CA ! And Yes It Is Cinco De Mayo! No Cover Charge!

Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter McMains Releases First Solo Album Since Guitar Love With American Soul

Singer-Songwriter McMains’ fun, everyone has been there, Don’t Say Good Night Tonight reached the #1 spot (most downloaded cut) on the Airplay Express Top 40 chart this past December, earning him a Platinum disc award from AirplayExpress, leading to the anticipation of his first solo CD since Guitar Love in 2012, called American Soul, on Welland International, being released this May.

Of Guitar Love, the unrelenting music critic – Leicester Bangs said, “The opening title track is truly a paean to six strings on a block of wood, to the Wilburys-esque “Endless Sky,” fans of literate, grown-up pop songs could do a lot worse,” – MP3 Music

Not easily pinned down to a genre in his earlier years, he’s toured Europe as bassist with punk band The Generators, spent two years as the vocalist for Earl Slick’s band, another two as the lead guitarist with Englishman John Wicks’ The Records; and was involved with art music ensemble DJ Monkey, co-producing two of their critically acclaimed albums.

A descendent of Devil Anse Hatfield (of the legendary American folklore clan the Hatfields) McMains documents his legacy in Devil Don’t Care, early on in the 13 track American Soul album; but spends most of his craft in a dazzling collection of beautiful songs of self-awareness, love, humor and vision.

McMains can be heard with his recording of “I Walk Alone” in The Switch, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman; and with “Sexy, Sexy” in the film Hard Breakers.

AMERICAN SOUL is a celebration of all of the ups and downs that go along with love, romance and just plain living… back porch, down-home love songs gloriously crafted roots rockers (or is it country?) McMAINS – the singer and songwriter – is the star here and such tracks as WOULD IF I COULD, DEVIL DON’T CARE and NEVER 2 LATE 4 LOVE demonstrate that in the acoustic tinged realm of alt-country/americana, McMAINS is an undisputed talent that stands out from the crowd.
Brian DJ Lush March 26, 2018

“Delivering impactful songs founded in a potent blend of roots rock consisting of elements from Folk, Americana, Country Rock and Bluegrass, McMains crafts songs with an impressive pop appeal. Featuring rich melodies, soulful vocals, pristine production and masterful musicianship, American Soul is a roots rockin’ powerhouse of an album that can be listened to repeatedly without getting old. Packed with plenty of musical nuance, you will discover something new with each listen.”- Joshua Smotherman, April 9, 2018

“Country, blues, and pop with a definite bite….refreshing, and a bit gritty and down to earth, which I like. If you are in for a countryfied bit of a listen, I think giving American Soul a spin may be just what the music doctor ordered.” Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck March 16, 2018 Country Review: McMains-American Soul

Music Journalist Devorah Ostrov‏ @DevorahOstrov Apr 5 Just received “American Soul” – the fabulous new #McMains CD! It’s so good! Many thanks to @joeyalkes #Americana #countrymusic
More Information: joey alkes 4 Mick McMains
vast image media
626 296 0342

If You Are The Best Why Not Do What The Best Do

If You Are The Best Why Not Do What The Best Do

Tell The World About Your Accomplishment For If They Don’t Know Don’t You Think They Should Know? 

You are lying in bed one night and all of a sudden there is a tap on your window and a voice says, “Hey! you just won the “Country Music Singer Of The Year Award.”  You are so happy and thrilled about this news but you choose to do nothing about it.  What good is an award if it is not promoted to let the world know about your accomplishment?

I suggest if anyone has recently been given a Gold or Platinum award from Airplay Express in recognition of their song going to the #1 position or Top 5 in the Airplay Express charts, that they choose to promote it through every possible way instead of ignoring it.  What good is an award if no one knows about it? Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, Financial Consultant millionaires, are just a few samples of people who win awards every year.

They never ever keep this news to themselves.  They promote and promote some more the news of their accomplishments and it gets noticed by the masses.  Please consider an e-mail blast to the world of Music Contacts about your recent award.  Don’t just hang it on your wall to admire.

Now you can promote yourself for free on the social networks or your websites, that is a free service to you so why not just do it, if its free, yet some are mailing me to send out this news via my MAILSHOTS even though my mailshots cost $40 a mailshot.  The fact is I CANNOT SAY NO and I will do it with pleasure and even add a few bells and whistles, but really you can do it yourself for free with very little effort.

– WHISNews21

AirplayExpress Awards Artists For #1 Charted Songs

AirplayExpress Awards Artists For #1 Charted Songs

30 Platinum and 2 Multi-Platinum Awards Sent Out to Artists Who Landed The #1 Slot

Over thirty awards were sent out to AirplayExpress artists who managed to make it to the Number One spot on the AirplayExpress Country Top 40 during the last year. This was to reward the Independent artists for their performances and to show the world that they have what it takes to reach the top without being signed to a major recording company. These artists are at the top of their game and can compete with the very best the world has to offer. We are proud to have these artists on AirplayExpress , that being the reason we have seen fit to reward them with the Platinum awards now being sent out to all who qualify for them.

Here are the Platinum artists and please note there are more to come over the next few days: Anna Lockhart, Celine Jaqulynn, Charlotte Bradford, Chris Loid, Clay Alston, Dan Schafer, David Wood, Donny Richmond, Fraser Newcombe, Irlene Mandrell, Jack Blanchard, Misty Morgan, Joe West, Julie Richardson, Judy Haney, Kelly Lynn Madison, Larry M Clark, Luanne Hunt, Steven Bankey, McCains, Michael Lusk, Mike Contoni, Perry Snyder, Robbin Lynn, Tattoo Billy, Wayne Jacobs, Wendy, Steven Zuwala, Dennis DiChiaro and the West Nashville Orchestra.

Dennis DiChiaro was the most awarded artist with a Multi-Platinum award for “Everybody Knows” which stayed in the #1 position for a record-breaking 4 weeks, with Steven Zuwala, and his huge hit “Closer” coming in second with a two-week stay at the Top of the AirplayExpress Country charts.

The rules for being awarded  are very simple, If an artist stays at #1 for one week only he can be awarded a Platinum Disc award, if he stays at #1 for more than one week he qualifies for the Multi-Platinum award. We will start issuing “Gold Disc” as soon as the platinum disc’s are completed and all you need to do to qualify for a Gold disc is to reach the Top 5 of the chart, and that’s it.

Now all that may sound easy but it is not easy at all with the amazing amount of great songs in competition every week on the charts.

Frans Maritz []

Kenny Chesney Officially Honored By AirplayExpress

Kenny Chesney Officially An Honorary Express Artist at AirplayExpress

Honorary Status has been awarded to Country Superstar ‘Kenny Chesney’

by the official members of AirplayExpress on this the 27th day of March 2018 


The Kenny Chesney Story On AirplayExpress

Country singer Kenny Chesney went gold with Me and You in 1996, platinum

with I Will Stand in 1997 and double platinum with “Everywhere We Go” in 1999 

Synopsis: Kenny Chesney was born on March 26, 1968, in Knoxville, Tennessee. He went gold with Me and You in 1996, platinum with I Will Stand in 1997 and double platinum with Everywhere We Go in 1999. By 2000, Chesney was a bona fide star who was adored by legions of country music fans. In 2001 he released his first Greatest Hitsalbum. In 2008 he toured, and was nominated for seven CMA Awards.
Early Career: Country singer Kenny Chesney was born on March 26, 1968, in Knoxville, Tennessee. While attending East Tennessee State, Chesney hooked up with a college band and started writing his own songs and playing at local bars. The hard-working musician eventually recorded an album to sell at his shows. After graduating with a degree in marketing in 1991, he headed to Nashville to pursue a career in music. After a slow start and modest sales on recordings Chesney completed with Opryland Music Group and Capricorn Records, Chesney caught the attention of RCA’s affiliate, BNA Records. It was while with BNA that the singer went gold with Me and You in 1996, platinum with I Will Stand in 1997 and double platinum with Everywhere We Go in 1999. By 2000, Chesney was a bona fide star who was adored by legions of country music fans.
More Hits and Awards: Chesney released Lucky Old Sun in 2008. One of the album’s singles, “Everybody Wants to Go Heaven,” became an instant No. 1 country music hit. In November of that same year, the Country Music Association presented Chesney with his fourth Entertainer of the Year award. The win tied Chesney with Garth Brooks for the most wins of the CMA’s top award. Chesney continues to top the country charts. His newest album, Hemingway Whiskey (2010) had two top singles, “The Boys of Fall” and “Somewhere with You.” Chesney married actress Renee Zellweger in May of 2005. They annulled the union several months later. Since then, he has been romantically linked to former Miss Tennessee Amy Colley and a nurse, whose identity he has kept anonymous.

Kenny Chesney Officially included on AirplayExpress’ Honorary Express

AirplayExpress Sending Your Music Worldwide


Luanne Hunt Steven Bankey’s Masterful Piece of Music

Luanne Hunt and Steven Bankey Team up to Create a New Masterful Piece of Music

Steven and Luanne sing in such a way that their vocals are a perfect fit

“Lightning In A Bottle” is a charming, country gem with a genuine and organic feel. The stomping rhythm and chunky chords of the guitar and the depth of the male vocals echo the work of classic legends of the genre from Johnny Cash to Waylon Jennings, and even Willie Nelson, just to mention a few.

As it often happens with the greatest country tracks, one of the greatest strengths of “Lightning In A Bottle” is decidedly the song’s stark minimalism, as well as its earnest and personal lyricism.

When Luanne joins in, her presence revolutionizes the dynamics of the song, morphing the tune from a somber country loner to an uplifting number with a more hopeful twist. Steven and Luanne sing in such a way that their vocals are a perfect fit, covering a wide range and using their different timbers and vital textures to add depth and width to this song.

Luanne is a true country star on the rise, and this song is yet another milestone in her amazing and fast-growing career. Along with her new “partner in crime”, Steven Bankey, Luanne managed to bring something very personal and unique to the table, while following the timeless traditions and stylistic quirks that make country music great. The production approach, for example, is direct and on-the-spot, with a  spontaneous, ”live” feel,  which retains clarity, while adding some life to the recording. “Lightning In A Bottle” lives up to its title with a truly electrifying melody and lyrics!

This country tune, with an alt-folk taste, will leave you yearning for some more.

 – Band Camp Diaries

Irlene Mandrell American Sweetheart Patriotic Album

Country’s All-American Sweetheart Irlene Mandrell Releases Patriotic Album

Irlene And Her Unwavering Support For Our Nation Is Beyond Compare


Irlene Mandrell, the youngest of The Mandrell Sisters, has released her debut solo album, Thanks To You, on Reviver Records. This Patriotic project delivers Irlene’s heartfelt message to our nation’s military, veterans, law enforcement and first responders, and praises them in their vigilant fight as they continue to risk their lives on behalf of our freedom.

“This album is dedicated to our military, our law enforcement, our first responders, and everyone who works tirelessly to keep us safe and free,  You are our heroes, and we thank you for everything you do!” says Mandrell.

Irlene is no stranger to the spotlight, with television credits including Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters, Hee-Haw, The Love Boat, and more. Irlene is also a gifted musician and a Country Music Hall Of FameWalkway of Stars inductee.

Even more admirable than her illustrious career is Irlene’s desire to dedicate her platform to elevating a message for our nation. Thanks To You promotes a rejuvenation of national unity and respect for our heroes through her songs.

Reviver Records, LLC CEO and President David Ross states, “Irlene and her family are woven into the fabric of country music, and her unwavering support for our nation is beyond compare.”

Thanks To You was produced by producer/engineer, and Irlene’s husband, Pat Holt, whose credits include Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, The Judds, Doctor Hook, Keith Whitley, and Alabama, among others.

Featured on the album are Irlene’s three children, Deric, Vanessa, and Christina, establishing this album as a familial salute to our nation’s heroes.

– Music News Desk

Singer Songwriter Pat Garrett On AirplayExpress

Singer Songwriter Pat Garrett On AirplayExpress

​Pat’s rich baritone voice perfectly showcased on his original ​Gospel Hit ​“​The Gates of Heaven​”

Country entertainer, Pat Garrett has one of the best voices in country music today. With seven albums to his credit, ​Pat ​has shared the stage with George Jones, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn​, Johnny Cash Charlie Daniels, Tanya Tucker and many other great country artists​. ​H​is rich baritone voice is perfectly showcased on one of his original ​Gospel song ​“​The Gates of Heaven​”

Pat is not one to shy away from a stimulating debate. A prime example is his newest release, “​I’m Gonna Stand​”​. Inspired by the current NFL controversy, the song is, more importantly, a tribute to ​the American Flag​ and ​N​ational ​A​nthem. ​This song got Pat National appearances on Fox & Friends, and One America News, and ​Judging from audience reaction, the song promises to “stand” the test of time, long after the headlines change.

Garrett’s also thrown his cowboy hat into the political ring with his infectious, upbeat single “Moose Shootin’ Mama,” A tribute to former candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin, this was one of the most talked about songs of the 2008 political season, leading to coverage on major news outlets, Fox and ABC, and a stint ​Touring with Sarah​, and was on the Billboard Hot 100 country charts.

The prolific singer/songwriter has also made a significant impact in more than one genre. A prime example is a rock album recorded under the name Pat Farrell and the Believers. The album included the song “Bad Woman”, which was covered​ and recorded​ by acclaimed British rockers, the Arctic Monkeys years later.

The Harley riding cowboy is also a hit on the biker scene. “Wild Hog” is a full-out, rollicking stomp that became a Top 20 download, and has ​over 250​,000 hits on YouTube.

His music can be heard on AMI jukeboxes ​all over the USA on 25,000 locations​, and is available on iTunes, ​amazon, and most online outlets.​ See what Pat is up to on his web site

AirplayExpress is proud to feature Pat Garrett and will be releasing more song from highly acclaimed artist in the near future. Pat’s first single on AirplayExpress, “The Gates Of Heaven” has already entered the AirplayExpress Top 20 Gospel Chart at #19 and by the reaction from AE first mailshot to Radio and DJ’s it seems this is going to be making its way to the number one position no matter what.

DJ’s and Radio Stations worldwide who may not be on our mailing list wanting to download Pat Garrett’s new Gospel Hit click on this link to instantly download Pat’s new Hit by clicking on his CD Cover. 

– WHISNews21 (2018)

The 2017 Gospel Top20 Airs 11am on NBRN Nashville

Listen to AirplayExpress’s  2017 Top 20 International chart countdown hosted by Keith Bradford on Nashville Radio NBRN.FM this morning at 11AM [CST] Nashville Time

United States, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Panama & South Africa Now listening

Tune in to AirplayExpress’s Gospel Top 20 for Full 2017 International Gospel songs as counted down by Keith Bradford From Nashville on NBRN.FM at 11AM [CST] Nashville Time


RadioWorldNBRNFMKeith Bradford will be counting down the AirplayExpress 2017 Gospel Top 20 from Nashville Tennessee in the regular slot at the Nashville Broadcast Network next week. To tune in right now click the NBRN banner to the left. Keith Bradford counts down the 2017 AirplayExpress  Gospel Tunes in line with AirplayExpress efforts to promote the Artists on featured on AirplayExpress.

Keith Bradford says it is his distinct pleasure and honor to host the Airplay Express 2017 Top 20 Gospel radio show.  Scheduled for 11am this morning, NBRN.FM looks forward to the very first broadcast with anticipation of a large audience.

This Top20 chart features only the most playlisted songs compiled from the current week AirplayExpress playlists and from playlists sent in by Disc Jockey’s worldwide to AirplayExpress.

The Gospel show will be available every week at AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld for download by Radio Stations for airing on their radio stations and worldwide networks.

If you download the Top20 for airplay please let us know so we can pass the information onto the artists who would love to know and support you too. For if you do we will all be really happy too.

– WHISNews21

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