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Bellamy Brothers To Tour South Africa & Namibia Nov

Bellamy Brothers To Tour South Africa And Namibia Nov 2017

The Bellamy Brothers’s “Let Your Love Flow” Tour Features Well Known South African Country Star Jason Bradley

Lefra Productions is proud to announce that the well-known American Duo, The Bellamy Brothers will be touring South Africa and Namibia in November 2017.  They are well-known for international hits like Let Your Love Flow, If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me), Crazy From The Heart and many more.  The well know South African country singer, Jason Bradley has been booked as the opening act for the Bellamy Brothers. 

Howard and David better known as The Bellamy Brothers Pictured left, a flashback to the 1980’s.

Howard and David continue to prove that the trail they’ve ridden to fame has been as unique as their music itself—music that is now celebrating 40 years of success. South African Country fans are in for a real treat as the “Let Your Love Flow” tour is just around the corner. Pictured right Jason Bradley get’s ready to tour with Howard and David. A tour he will treasure forever, touring with a legendary group as the Bellamy Brothers.

The “Let Your Love Flow” 2017 Tour kicks off Friday 24 November in Namibia

Friday, 24 November 2017 – Windhoek

Saturday, 25 November 2017 – Cape Town (Bok Radio Food Festival) Cape Town Stadium

Sunday, 26 November 2017 – Johannesburg/ Brakpan – Big Top Arena – Carnival City

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 – Krugersdorp/Roodepoort

The Bellamy Brothers latest project is their new album titled ’40 Years’ is an ambitious project that celebrates their career with 20 of their biggest hits and then adds 20 brand new songs in this 2 cd anniversary collection.

 – WHISNews21


Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Let Me fill you with my Love, Joy, and Peace. These are Glory-gifts, flowing from my living Presence. Though you are an earthen vessel, I designed you to be filled with heavenly contents. Your weakness is not a deterrent to being filled with My Spirit; on the contrary, it provides an opportunity for My Power to shine forth more brightly. As you go through this day, trust Me to provide the strength that you need moment by moment. Don’t waste energy wondering whether you are adequate for today’s journey. My Spirit within you is more than sufficient to handle whatever this day may bring. That is the basis for your confidence! In quietness(spending time alone with Me)and confident trust (relying on My sufficiency) is your strength.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. —2 Corinthians 4:7 nasb

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”
—Isaiah 30:15


Roger Woods Surgery Stopped Due To Complications

Roger Woods Surgery Cancelled At last Minute Due To Serious Health Complications

Roger Woods of Rogers Music Promotions responsible for the career’s of hundreds of artists over the years is resting at home after having his surgery cancelled due to serious health conditions. Roger is currently promoting Freddie Hart, Connie Hall, Fraser Newcombe, The New Kentucky Colonels, Marty Denton, Linda Brewer plus various other well know Country and Gospel artists.

WHISNews21 spoke with Connie Hall earlier today, one of the Gospel Stars and long time friend of Roger’s, whom he is currently promoting. Connie was kind enough to give us an update on Rogers condition.

“He is in a bad way physically.. He did not refuse the surgery… the Doctor’s straight up told him and his son… that he was not ABLE to undergo the surgery due to the other serious health complications.  Roger was more than willing, knowing that his condition has worsened and hoped this surgery would help alleviate that. However, in doing their 2nd Cat Scan and X-Rays prior to the surgery, they realized it was too risky.” Connie Hall

Connie also mentioned that, because there was so much fluid around his heart and lungs, along with the COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), it was important and necessary for Roger to consult other specialists for a second opinion to ensure that the right treatment was used to prepare Roger for the necessary surgery.

“Roger is certainly in need of all the prayers he can get, that’s why I’d posted on my FaceBook… and yes, I know he would not mind at all if I spoke to you concerning this. I know he’d be blessed in heart that you all care.. that your listeners and readers care, I also know he’d talk to you himself, but he’s just not up to talking on the phone at all.” Connie Hall

From all at WHISNews21, NBRN.FM, AirplayExpress and Wildhorse Entertainment we all wish Roger only the best and hope and pray his health will return to him soon. Roger is one of those people who make us all feel like we too are making a difference in this industry.

special thanks to Gospel Singer/Songwriter Connie Hall for her professional input in preparing this press release today for WHISNews21.



Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

What God Expects From You !

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48

Added blessing always brings added responsibility, so: 1) Stop complaining. Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want; it comes from recognizing and enjoying what you have. So keep a positive attitude and be grateful every day. Rudyard Kipling said, ‘Don’t pay too much attention to fame, power, or money. Someday you’ll meet a person who cares for none of these, and then you’ll know how poor you are’. 2) Stop assuming. When you see your neighbors buying new furniture, taking expensive holidays, and driving the latest car, does something stir inside you to do the same? Be careful; just because someone appears to be in similar circumstances to yours doesn’t mean anything. They might earn twice as much. On the other hand, they may be in debt up to their ears or three-quarters of the way to bankruptcy or a divorce court. Stop making assumptions and trying to be like somebody else. 3) Stop withholding. Bruce Larson said, ‘Money is another pair of hands to heal, feed, and bless the desperate families of the earth. In other words, money is my other self’. But that’s only true if you’re willing to part with it. Money is like manure: If you let it pile up it stinks; if you spread it around it helps things grow. Money gives you options the less fortunate can only pray for. And one more very important thought: How you see your money – that it is all God’s -and how you use His resources that He entrusted you with- will be asked on the Judgement Day. “I was hungry, did you feed me …… Matthew 25:34-46

Prayer Heavenly Father,

help me be faithful with what You have entrusted me with to do Your will.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen


1960 Les Paul Burst [Wow] Gimme One Please

1960 Les Paul Burst

[CG] Trevor, tell us about this special guitar that graces our CG calendar page and how it came into your hands at Emerald City Guitars in Seattle.

[Trevor Boone] First, Joe Bonamassa is one of my favorite guys ever and is a dear friend of mine. I have sold some instruments to him and sold some for him. Joe was making room for a purchase, and we kicked around the idea of finding a home for this 1960 Gibson Les Paul burst that he owned.

Meanwhile, I have a customer turned friend who lives up here in the Northwest who was getting into Les Paul bursts himself. He wanted to find the best one.

Now Joe is not only a great player, but to me, he is an authority on Les Paul bursts. He has been able to travel around and pick them up from interesting places and he thrives on an instrument’s originality and provenance.

So, I knew about this 1960 guitar that Joe had bought in middle America from the original owner. Joe sent us some pictures and I talked with my client/friend and told him that since Joe was now willing to sell it, we needed to look at it. Next I flew out to Joe’s place in Los Angeles to see the guitar in person, and it blew my mind! It was the cleanest burst I had ever seen! Built in later 1960, it was super clean and had an unfaded top. It had a thin neck, it was light weight and had really aggressive PAF pick-ups. It was unbelievable! The case was in as good condition as the guitar was. Everything looked perfect and untouched. I flew the guitar back to Seattle and hand delivered it to my guy who bought it! He was happy to add it to his collection.

A couple of years later, after my guy had purchased a few more things, he discovers that he liked ‘59 bursts. So eventually I helped him find a ‘59 Les Paul, and in that deal we took this 1960 burst in as a trade.

This guitar is largely uncirculated. Joe has played it and it is featured on some of his DVD’s. It is a magnificent example of the cleanest burst I have seen. I was asked by Paul Allen to appraise another 1960 burst, just a couple of months apart from this one, which appraised for $300,000. That one was not as clean. They had an identical neck profile. This one’s top has a richer red to it and the back looks untouched! There seems to be a pattern that every time a burst changes hands, it goes up a little bit in value.

A lot of people think the sweet spot for bursts is the ‘59. And they are right – it’s iconic. But I personally have a lot of affinity for these 60’s. I have found that a thinner neck really complements the qualities of the PAF pick-ups. Where the ‘59’s have that round feeling, a ‘60 has that little bit less wood and a thinner neck backing it up, which makes for a more aggressive, biting, mid focused guitar. I have probably played 35-40 bursts and the ‘60’s have more and more become my favorites. They are a little bit lighter and they also have a little lesser of a price tag (laughing). I feel like they are mean guitars and deliver what I want to hear in a Les Paul burst.

When you are dealing with old growth wood, all of these guitars are different. Each instrument has been exposed to different things, the wood finish soaks up the elements of what they were exposed to… different rooms and bars they were in… it all affects the sound. I come from a Telecaster perspective and I appreciate the twang and brightness that Tele’s have. So, to my ears, the 1960 Les Paul’s are really fun guitars. This super clean one has an asking price of $325,000.

Then again, you hear Bonamassa play a ‘59 and it cripples you, you know? It also has a lot to do with how you are playing the guitar. Coming from a ‘52 Fender blackguard Tele, the ‘60’s Les Paul’s have a crossover appeal for me.

 – By [CG Staff]

Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Oct 16, 2017

October 16, 2017 [Monday] Issue #1660


ESPN SENDS HILL TO PENALTY BOX ESPN reminds all employees of how much their individual tweets might reflect negatively on their employer ESPN, plus these actions have consequences. Recently, controversial ESPN anchor Jemele Hill steps into two piles of poop first when she calls President Trump a white supremacist. Then, when she urges people to boycott Dallas Cowboys’ advertisers, guano really hits the fan. Now that is too close to home. ESPN sends Jemele Hill to the penalty box for two weeks of official paid leave of absence.

IF YOU THINK THIS ISSUE OF JRRR IS WORTH READING…Please forward this entire issue to five of your friends and associates! To subscribe to Jim Rose Remembers Radio send your full Name, City, State and Country of residence plus email address to Rosekkkj@earthlink.net.

BOSTON TV REMOVES FOX NAME FROM LOCAL NEWS Fox News with its strong conservative leanings is the most popular national cable news network. But, not so in left wing Greater Boston, MA. For those moonbats the Fox brand becomes a liability for its local Fox affiliate. The Boston Globe reports that Cox Media WFXT TV (CH 25) says on Thursday that it changes the name of its local Fox 25 News newscast to Boston 25 News, thus eliminates the word Fox from its name. Things like this happens when we allow children to play adult games.

CUMULUS STRUGGLES WITH DEBT LOAD If many bankers who take over radio properties ever heed the warning do not bite off more than you can chew possibly there might not be so many of them with such huge debt overload, it causes their blood pressures to burst wide open. According to sources familiar with the matter, Cumulus Media recently begins talks with two separate groups of creditors who own big chunks of Cumulus’ $2.4 billion in debt. Cumulus faces key deadlines in early 2019. The Wall Street Journal reports that these talks might lead to a bankruptcy filing.

BANDLEADERS’S OLDIES LIVE ON On October 10, 2017, iHeartMedia flips Classic Country KMJM-1360 Cedar Rapids, IA to Adult Standards (Big Band and more) Leo 1360. From the early 1970s until his passing in 2011, Leo Greco, bandleader in the 1950s and 1960s, hosts Variety Time on WMT-600. Frank Balvanz, who joins Greco as co-host in 2007 takes over the show which now airs on both WMT-600 and KMJM-1360 Sundays 7am-noon.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first radio quiz show to give away cash prizes? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Clint Wright October 13th. Lisa Graef October 15th. Sam Lee October 18th. Jerry SternOctober 21th. Mark Driscoll October 21, 2017. •UNITED BROADCASTING requests that the FCC deletes licenses of KTKK-630 Sandy, UT and KLLB-1510 West Jordan, UT in the Salt Lake City market. Both stations are silent since May. KTKK’s Talk programming moves to sister KBJA-1640 Sandy. KLLB goes silent May 2, 2017 its tower levels in June. •JIM BUCHANAN exits Talk of the Town since 1982 on Cumulus News/Talk WICC-600 Bridgeport, CT.


•1959 GEORGE C. MARSHALL, U.S. Army General, passes away at 78 on October 16th. •1963 KENNY ALPHIN (co-founder of Big & Rich) born on November 1st in the Culpeper County Hospital in Culpeper, VA. •1976 SOYUZ 23 Soviet manned space flight returns to Earth on October 16th. ‎•1988 DWIGHT YOAKAM & BUCK OWENS single Streets Of Bakersfield goes #1 in Billboard Country on October 15th. •1994 RAUL JULIAactor (Addams Family) suffers a stroke on October 16th. ‎•2012 DARIUS RUCKER inducts into the Grand Ole Opry on October 16th.


JACK PARNELL [former Program Director/DJ on WHBQ-560] (Memphis, TN) Okee dokee Jim: I now remember the little 9 inch TV that was our first many years (61) ago: It’s an Emerson, who made lots of military electronics equipment…I learned that from narrating their sales videos to the government, along with military electronics for easy sale to the government. They even built tanks for the army back in the late 50s. Regarding that little TV, I used it now and then when we had our motorhome, and the picture tube had crapped out. There was a picture tube rebuilding plant here in Memphis, so I took it to them and the owner looked at it and told me he could NOT guarantee that it would work, since it was very old and he’d have to take a long time to rebuild it, so I had him go ahead with it and he did. It worked perfectly when he finished it. As I said before, there were other chassis tubes that I had to replace, even power supply part that was unavailable, so I built one from different parts, and last time I checked, it was still working well. JP

WHERE DO YOU READ JRRR? Tell us how far away from Houston, TX that you read JRRR. Got a news tip or a question? Send your full Name, City, State and Country of residence to Rosekkkj@earthlink.net.

BETTY KIRKPATRICK [former girlfriend] (San Antonio, TX) Dear Jim, I am going to Nashville in a few days to see daughter Jeanne and since I sent her the same phone maybe she can help! Well we would also love to hear your wonderful voice once in a while..so call. Oh side note I went to Texas Pride on 1604 Loop S. San Antonio last evening, compliments of Dave Phillips of No Bull Radio (Dave went out of his way to bring me the armbands for all access on Saturday) and I was happy to see old friends Darrell and Mona McCall who are my favorite county singers of all time and they love me so what’s not to love! Old friend of my brother, Ron Knuth, who is the best fiddle player in Texas and former roommate of my late brother Jim Gibby. Linda Bush and Johnny Bush “Whiskey River’. It was old home week for sure.. The whole event was masterminded by the great Sam Kindrick and his legendary Action Magazine! Over 700 folks there. also the Great Augie Myers..so many others that tuned out to raise money for the musicians fund. I believe in giving especially when one gets in free! I will try to remember the right number to call you on but I can’t promise anything for sure and if I mistake I am sure you will love me still. Hugs to you and Suzie..Betty

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JAY WEAVER [ex KLBK–1360 Lubbock; KCUL-1540; KBUY-1540; KPCN-730 Ft. Worth/Dallas] (DFW-Hurst, TX) Subject: Glen Campbell. Hi Jim – I forgot something, i.e. – I made a mistake! First one this week. For what it’s worth, when I mention that Bill and Corky Kuykendall booked Glen Campbell just as he hit the top, I failed to mention the event was at Fort Worth’s Famous Panther Hall. Most knew Bill and Corky owned Panther Hall, but my short comments were missing the mention of the famous Fort Worth landmark. Jay

TRIVIA ANSWER: On Sunday, October 11, 1936, the first radio quiz show to give away cash prizes, Professor Quiz, premieres on WJSV-1460 Washington DC.

LESLIE WAYNE HODGES [ex KRCS-550 DJ] (Lake Livingston-Cold Spring, TX) Subject: From On the Road: Dalhart, Texas: The amazing thing about West Texas, however, is how its music has stamped itself on the American scene. Some of the most incredible musicians have come out of West Texas and the Panhandle. Bob Wills, Joe Ely, Lloyd Maines, Butch Hancock, Terry Allen, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Waylon Jennings, Guy Clark, Mac Davis, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and Buddy Knox, among others, were raised and first formed their musical careers in under the vast open skies of West Texas. When in Lubbock, I was privileged with my wife to see Joe Ely perform with flamenco guitarist. (http://littourati.squarespace.com/main_page/2010/4/18/on-the-road-dalhart-texas.html)

JOHN GUNTHER (August 30, 1901 – May 29, 1970) If a man’s from Texas, he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Author: Joshua Sundquist

May you live to see your children’s children….Psalm 128:6

When my sister Anna was a child, Grandma would come over to our house a few times a week to play games with her. Though they were separated  in age by some seventy years, they would sit together on the floor and giggle like best friends.

Once, Grandma looked down at my young sister and said, “Anna you’re .”so cute I could eat you up !” Worried, Anna said “But Grandma, if you ate me up,then you wouldn’t  have anyone to play with.

Over the years Grandma has recounted that conversation many times usually  on  holiday’s when families  gathered around the dinner table.  She always concludes by looking each of her grand children  in the eyes and saying,  Someday when I’m on my death bed, if you see me smile just before I pass from this world , you’ll know that I’m remembering that story and thinking of each of you.”

Fortunately for the grandchildren who love her, Grandma is still very much with us.  But hearing her say those words had shown me that at the end of my time here, the earthly thing “I’ care about. I try to thank God each day that He’s given me my family and not only that, he’s given me Grandma, who’s taught me how to love them.

Lord, thank You for my family.  Please give me the grace to love and care for them each and every day – Joshua



Meghan Trainor From Indie to Top of the Pops

Meghan Trainor: From Indie Acoustic Songwriter To Top Of The Pops

At [GTR] we are missional about helping equip songwriters. While artists like Meghan Trainor seem to explode out of nowhere, this is not always the case, especially with Meghan. We love her story because it reminds us how important it is for kids to play music, that music needs to be taught in public schools, and that we can break preconceived notions about what women have to look like to be commercially viable in the music business.


Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1993. Her father was a musician, and with his encouragement she got her start singing at church. After “messing around” with piano when she was seven, Meghan wrote her first original song when she was eleven.


Noting that she had her first hit by the time she was twenty, it’s no surprise that Trainor used her High School years to seriously hone her craft. Megan played in the High School Jazz Band, studied guitar with Johnny Spampinato of NRBQ, and did four years of club gigs with a local band. She also started writing and producing music in GargageBand on her laptop, and went on to release three self-produced records before graduating. The below video was shot when Meghan was a sophomore, and you can already hear her signature sound taking shape.

Not content to let summers pass her by, in 2009 Meghan studied Pop and R&B vocals at Berklee’s Five-Week Summer Performance Program, returned in 2010 to study Jazz vocals, and was a finalist in their songwriting competition.


During this period Meghan also entered various songwriting competitions, and in 2009 she won the Best Female Artist at the International Acoustic Music Awards. Other awards at the 2010 New Orleans Songwriter’s Festival and the 2011 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest. Meghan leveraged these experiences to develop her craft as a performer and gather feedback on her songwriting.


At the Durango Songwriter’s Expo, Meghan had a chance to perform for Big Al Anderson, Johnny Spampinato’s former bandmate in NRBQ. Anderson was so taken with Meghan that he introduced her to Carla Wallace from Big Yellow Dog Music, who signed Megan to a publishing deal. In the following video Megan visits the Expo and shares how one handshake changed her life.


After finishing High School, Meghan traveled around the country producing and singing on songs she’d penned with various artists. In 2013, she met producer Kevin Kadish with whom she co-wrote all the songs on Title including “All About That Bass”

Rumor has it that numerous labels turned the song down, so Kadish arranged for Meghan to perform it on ukulele for former Epic Chairman L.A. Reid in early 2014. In a few short months the single was released and rocketed its way to the #1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100. More singles followed before Title was released, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Title bumped Taylor Swift’s 1989 from the #1 spot, sold over a million copies, and set the stage for three Grammy nominations. Meghan deservedly won the Grammy for Best New Artist, and in her acceptance speech had this to say about Reid, “I have to thank L.A. Reid for looking at me as an artist instead of just a songwriter.”


It appears Meghan was paying close attention in High School, as her second album “Thank You” charted and sold quite well. She also recorded a single, “I’m A Lady” for the film “Smurfs: The Lost Village”, and continues to tour, write and be an encouragement to us all. Thank you Meghan!

 – By Doug Doppler & Bruce Adolph GTR

Country Top40 Airs at 9pm on WHIR South Africa

Listen to AirplayExpress’s Top 40 for the latest International chart countdown hosted by Ed Dailey on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio this morning at 9pm [South African Time]

AirplayExpress Top 40 Aired in 11 Countries on 6 Continents, United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, South Africa, Norway,  Panama, Austria and Ireland now listening to the AirplayExpress Top 40 everyweek.

This Week AirplayExpress is proud to Welcome Lee Williams of CMR Nashville Radio, Europe’s No1 Country Music Radio Station to our weekly Top40 Chart Family ….Welcome, welcome, welcome.


Click to listen to WHIR Independent Internet RadioEd Dailey will be counting down the latest AirplayExpress  Top 40 from Nashville Tennessee in the regular slot at the Nashville Broadcast Network this morning. To tune in right now click the NBRN banner to the left. Ed Dailey counts down the AirplayExpress Top 40 for the month of May in line with AirplayExpress policy of promoting the Artists on AirplayExpress.

This brand new Top40 chart features only the most downloaded and playlisted songs compiled from the last seven days on AirplayExpress playlists and from playlists sent in by Disc Jockey’s worldwide to AirplayExpress.

AirplayExpress thanks the following radio station for running our show: Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network NBRN.FM USA, Clogher Valley Radio Northern Ireland, Downsouth Country South Africa,  Strabane Radio United Kingdom, E.C.M.A. European Country Music Association Europe, Radio  NashvilleTN USA, Country Radio Irish Radio Scotland, WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio Radio South Africa, Radio Wellenflug Germany KATQ Radio Montana USA  ECMR Edinburgh Country Music Radio Scotland, Musical Venture Radio Panama, Trucknet Radio Sweden, Serena Beach Radio Germany, Phoenix Radio UK/Ireland,  Country Barnyard 305 USA, ICR International Connection Radio New Zealand, Belgian Country Radio Belgium, Country Tunes Radio-KWWQ-DB Texarkana Texas/Arizona, Norsk Country Radio Norway, CMR Nashville Radio UK/Europe

AirplayExpress Top 40 Aired in 11 Countries on 6 Continents. United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Scotland, South Africa, Panama, Austria and Ireland now listening to the AirplayExpress Top 40.  Even as Our family of DJ’s and Radio station are growing by the week, we are also aware due to the downloads that there are many more radio stations downloading and airing the show, but have not yet let us know, so that we can acknowledge their much valued support.

The Top40 is Edited, Mixed and Mastered at AirplayExpress and sponsored by Wildhorse Entertainment.

– WHISNews21

Gospel Top20 @11am Nashville NBRN.FM

Gospel Top20 Hosted by Keith Bradford debuts on Nashville Radio at 11am

AirplayExpress Gospel Top20 Aires in 6 Countries on 5 Continents

AirplayExpress welcomes Frans the CAO at Belgian Country Radio Belgium to our Gospel Top 20 Family thanks for airing our shows

United States, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Panama & South Africa Now listening

Tune in to AirplayExpress’s Gospel Top 20 for the latest International songs as counted down by Keith Bradford From Nashville on NBRN.FM at 11AM [CST] Nashville Time


RadioWorldNBRNFMKeith Bradford will be counting down the latest AirplayExpress  Gospel Top 20 from Nashville Tennessee in the regular slot at the Nashville Broadcast Network next week. To tune in right now click the NBRN banner to the left. Keith Bradford counts down the latest AirplayExpress  FatherDayTop 10 in line with AirplayExpress efforts to promote the Artists on featured on AirplayExpress.

Keith Bradford says it is his distinct pleasure and honor to host the Airplay Express Top 20 Gospel radio show.  Scheduled for 11am this morning, NBRN.FM looks forward to the very first broadcast with anticipation of a large audience.

This brand new Top20 chart features only the most playlisted songs compiled from the current week AirplayExpress playlists and from playlists sent in by Disc Jockey’s worldwide to AirplayExpress.

The Gospel show will be available every week at AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld for download by Radio Stations for airing on their radio stations and worldwide networks.

We are happy to announce that the following radio stations worldwide have confirmed that they will run the Gospel Top20 this week, Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network NBRN.FM, Nashville USA, Musical Venture Radio Panama, DownSouth Country South Africa, Radio Wellenflug Germany, Country Barnyard 305 USA, Country Tunes Radio-KWWQ-DB Texarkana Arkansas, USA , Belgian Country Radio BelgiumICR International Connection Radio New Zealand and WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio

If you download the Top20 for airplay please let us know so we can pass the information onto the artists who would love to know and support you too. For if you do we will all be really happy too.

– WHISNews21

View the latest TOP 200 Chart at AirplayExpressMay 1st, 2016
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