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WCTR Christmas Time Radio on air for You Christmas

ChristmasTimeRadioPromo01sWCTR Christmas Time Radio Broadcasting All Year Long

Wildhorse Entertainments Christmas Time Radio broadcast’s

24 hours a day 365 Days a Year for as long as Forever Is

Click Icon Above To Tune InSoon it will be Christmas Eve, followed by Christmas Day and then it’s over and everyone looks forward to a new year. Then without fail a few days later everyone starts packing Christmas away for the next year and carries on with their normal day-to-day routines, forgetting about the joy that Christmas brings to the world. That’s where WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio takes over with the compliments of AirplayExpress.

Christmas Time Radio wants to remember Christmas and wants to keep your Christmas wishes alive, by airing your Christmas wish year after year after year. We want to make sure that when you wish your wife husband, daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandson, granddaughter, sister or brother-in-law, friends, fans or even your favorite dog, cat or horse a Merry Christmas, that your wishes will play every Christmas for as long as forever is.

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio add’s Christmas music from Independent artists featured on AirplayExpress with a small pinch of major artists,  short Christmas stories, poems and everything that is Christmas. Once we add anything, be it your music, your Christmas wishes, your stories we will never remove it from WCTR it will play randomly for as long as forever is. Once your wish or music is added you can be assured that with or without you for all the Christmas’ to come, your wish and your music will be broadcast worldwide on WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio.

All Christmas Wishes Are Free On WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio

We offer various special Christmas Jingles to all, most being free with the exception of the Worldwide Radio Promotions

Christmas Heroes #15 just one of our AE Radio Promotions

1. Add your personal Christmas wishes on WCTR to be aired for as long as forever is, you need to send an audio clip of your Christmas wish and we will master it for free and add it to our forever playlist, for future generations to listen too. So make your wish count you can mention everyone that you care for, if your wish is way too long we may have to edit it but will never do that unless we really have to.

2. Keep adding music and wishes on WCTR and keep WCTR on air 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so that whenever you feel you are missing Christmas too much you can tune in to WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio.

3. If you are an artist and want to add your Christmas song to WCTR  all you need to do to qualify is have one of your songs featured on our Christmas Heroes Radio Promotion compilations, and your song will be played for as long as forever is on WCTR. We guarantee that your song will play at least once a day 365 days year forever and will never be removed from the playlist.

4. We will forever respect the spirit of Christmas and what it stands for, and will also forever honor the Heroes who support WCTR Wildhorse Christms Time Radio.

We also post all new Christmas Releases on Facebook at this link  WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio we hope that you would go there and talk Christmas with all Christmas loving people. There may be more to mention here so during the course of my lifetime I will be adding more and more news and information to the WCTR articles on WHISNews21.

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio Brought To You Forever and a day by Wildhorse Entertainment as a Free Promotion for all AirplayExpress Artists


Larry’s Christmas Special Air’s Worldwide This Week

Larry M Clark’s Christmas Special to Air Worldwide This Week

Radio Stations Welcome To Download Larry’ Christmas Day Special Free link below

The Old Chief, as Larry M Clark is affectionately referred to, is a retired Navy Chief, a disabled Vietnam Vet, Hall Of Fame Member, Gold and Platinum recording artist, a Country Singer, BMI songwriter, Husband, Father, Grand Father and friend hosts his own AirplayExpress Christmas special this week.

Larry has lived a remarkable life spending most all of his youth in the military. Being retired now, Larry has concentrated on his songwriting and singing skills to keep his mind busy while enjoying the benefits of being a Retired Navy Man.  Larry lives everyday to the full taking full advantage of every day, every hour and every minute.

This Christmas special features Larry and his Christmas songs. Larry also wrote all but one or two of the songs he performs on this special. All the songs are introduced by Larry himself and gives us a short backstory about each and everyone of his Christmas tunes.

The following radio stations have confirmed a date and time to air Larry’s Veterans Christmas Special this week.

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio at 1pm (13:00) Christmas Day Nashville Time,  and 9pm (21:00) South African time. The show will also repeat at the following times: 3pm (15:00) and 5pm (23:00) also on Christmas Day.

Z Country Radio United States Scheduled for Christmas Eve on Z Country Radio at 7pm (19:00) EST Eastern Time. MGZC Media Radio Network.

According to the downloads at AirplayExpress there more than two dozen radio station showing up that they downloaded Larry’s Christmas Special. However only the above have confirmed a time and date for airplay. So don’t be surprised if you are tuned into your local radio station and hear Larry’s Christmas show on their airwaves. To download the Free Christmas Special click this link

Hope y’all enjoy the Christmas Special from Larry M Clark



Jack Blanchard’s Column: Pair of Christmas Shoes


A long time ago Misty and I took a holiday season job in a Miami
department store in a poor neighborhood.
She was the photographer who snapped and sold the pictures of the
children on Santa’s lap. I was Santa.
The Santa suit and the whiskers were hot,
but it was an unforgettable experience.

Little poor kids would tell me their dreams,
which I knew could not come true for them, at least this year,
but they had faith in Santa,
and even a “maybe” from me made their eyes sparkle.
Somehow, I felt guilty.

One little boy asked me how come Santa Claus is white.
I told him I hoped he wouldn’t hold that against me,
and he assured me he wouldn’t.

There were always a few raggedy strays
wandering around the toy department,
giggling and touching all the magical things
that would soon belong to someone else.

Some of them laughed and pointed at me, but never came too close.
Others showed off to their pals by climbing right up on my lap,
as if they weren’t scared at all.

One little girl, dressed in filthy rags, was too small to climb up on my knee,
so I lifted her up. She weighed nothing.
I wondered if she was old enough to talk, as she just smiled at me.

Obviously, she was alone and uncared-for.
I asked her where her mommy and daddy were and she said, “Drunk”.
Then she confessed her love for me.

I asked her what she really wanted most for Christmas,
and she lisped, “New shoes”.
She wasn’t wearing any this winter.
“Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho -Ho”, I choked,
as she climbed down to be replaced by the next in line.

When business tapered off I searched the whole store for the little girl,
to buy her a pair of new shoes, but I was too late.
She had disappeared and I never saw her again,
except in my mind every Christmas.

Jack Blanchard


Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan…

Home Page: Awards: Grammy, Billboard, CMA, BMI, ASCAP. Mastering & restoration studio: 352-530-2068.  Email:

© Jack Blanchard, 2016.

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