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Forget About Joe Biden Check Out Obama

Does Obama Have A Problem as his Hugging seems a little intense

I could not help noticing that whenever Obama delivers a speech a young woman appears from nowhere to hug him, and if that does not happen he searches for a woman in the audience to go out and Hug. The pictures that i see of him hugging woman are a little over done it seems to me. So I am just wondering if the out going first lady should be concerned about the out going President and his hugging habit. I may be wrong but take a look at these pictures and you be the judge, and feel free to tell me that I am over reacting and if you are a woman, please if you don’t mind, tell me if you would be happy if your husband wants to hug this tight everywhere he goes.

Some more Intense Hugging below. Well there are more hugs on Google, but that’s all I had time for. Thank goodness not all Presidents are out to get the Hugging Vote, some want a give the ladies better futures instead a 15 second or more Presidential thrill in exchange FOR A VOTE.

Some of the ladies seem worried in some of these pictures.

 – First published in 2014

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