AirplayExpress Launches Traditional Country Chart

AirplayExpress Launches New Traditional Country Chart

Traditional Country Lives on as AirplayExpress keeps rolling on the Traditional Tracks

Twenty Five years ago the writer of American Heritage, Tony Scherman declared traditional country music dead and done with, asking, “How far from its social origins can an art form grow before it loses meaning?” It is now 2019 and it seems Traditional Country is dead on the Terrestrial FM/AM air waves and now only lives on Internet kept alive by an army of Online DJ’s. After listening to fans of Traditional Country Music complain for years about the slow disappearance of Traditional Country music, AirplayExpress has decided to try and do something about the situation.

Starting this weekend a dedicated Top 20 chart will be send out which will include only the latest Traditional country songs recorded by Independent Artists who have allowed AirplayExpress to promote them to Radio Worldwide. This new chart has been supported so well by new and current AirplayExpress artists that they can safely say that all 20 entries will be performed by Traditional AirplayExpress artists who care and support the survival and the future of Traditional Country Music.  If this will help support or perhaps even save Traditional Country music amongst the Independent Country artists is  not known but time will surely tell as the first Chart goes out this weekend. AirplayExpress hopes to send the chart out weekly and if the interest continues to grow the Top 20 will grow to a Top 40.

Ironically enough, critics who focus on how far country music has moved away from what it was when first recorded nearly a century ago are in a real sense simply affirming how remarkably attuned it has remained to its ever-evolving base, yet to day there seems to be no place for Traditional Country in the so called ever evolving musical sound of New Country.

In protest, fed-up neo-traditionalists Alan Jackson and George Strait took center stage at the Academy of Country Music Awards Ceremony in 1999 for a duet be moaning the “murder” of real country music down on Nashville’s “Music Row.” Alan and George tried but music row still ignored the musical protest and still buried the tradition.

AirplayExpress would like to thank the following artists and songwriters for supporting Traditional Country on AirplayExpress : Bobby G Rice, Allen Karl, Donna Cunningham, Keith Bradford, Larry M Clark, Mike Contoni, Luanne Hunt, Barbara Blevins, Steve Hunt, Todd Souhrada, Eddie Cunningham, Tammy Kendrick, Rita Faye, Kent Gill and Terry Crabtree

The forth compilation is almost ready to be sent out which also includes Terry Crabtree plus extra songs by Keith Bradford, Eddie Cunningham and Larry M Clark.

“AirplayExpress would be proud to be called “The Home Of Traditional Country Music’ from this day on forever and ever, but then I know there are more deserving people than me. But then maybe just one of the homes.” Frans Maritz

AirplayExpress will do its best to keep Traditional Country Music alive no matter how small their contribution may seem to be, look or sound.



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