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Will The Truth Behind The Steve Ashley Saga Surface?

The Truth Behind The Steve Ashley Saga

What If This Is Just One Hugely Successful Publicity Campaign? 

Facebook has been very busy with the story surrounding one of South Africa’s best singers, Steve Ashley over the past few months. One day it’s all about Ebeth Loots who has a story to tell in her own words. Then it’s Steve Ashley telling his side of the story, and then it’s the turn of Steve Norman. Then finally there are the fans of Ashley, Loots and Norman who defend their hero. Now it seems there are Beatles involved, what next?

Everyone seems to be the victim, and everyone has their own explanation as to what was said and what was not said. How will the public be able to ascertain who is right and who is wrong, will we ever. It seems that we have to take our favorite and back our favorite and hope that we chose the right and honorable victim. Surly they cannot all three be right for at least one of the three must be wrong?

In the end Steve Ashley would have been history by now if it was not for the fact that he does possess an exceptional voice and stage personality. I could perhaps even say he is up there with the world’s best entertainers. Sadly performing and living  in South Africa he will find it almost impossible for a local music company to invest the money in him that International companies would for their artists in the same calibre.

This saga may not damage Steve Ashley’s music career in any way but it could in fact, just make him more popular, as he is being exposed to more and more people through the ongoing Facebook comments, thanks to Ebeth Loots, Steve Norman and his legion of fans. If anyone can shed some light on this to bring it an end, as our market in South Africa is so small compared to the International  one, please comment below as we just don’t have room for these kind of “Dog Fights” for lack of a better word.

Here is a question to all our readers, and I know y’all just don’t have the time to comment because y’all are just so very busy, but what if this is all just a huge publicity campaign?

– WHISNews21


One thought on “Will The Truth Behind The Steve Ashley Saga Surface?

  1. I personally think, Ebeth Loots should have backed off from Steve Ashley. She is lije a bkood sucking worm, that don’t care who she hurts. She wanted to posess him, and his wife of many years, knew that. She is fighting for her husband and their marriage. Steve is not a young man any more. She loves him, for who is. Not for fame or money. Ebeth Loots, just want her name attached to his for the fame, and she doesn’t care who she hurts to get her way


    Posted by Leverne | January 20, 2019, 7:40 am

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